Playing the Game

Playing the Game
~ Blavatsky & St Francis ~

The school of life’s experience,
will introduce benevolence,
when actions create excellence.

San Francisco, California 2001: Another plane, another airport, warm greetings from my daughter as we reunite with a poignant hug. It’s always great to see her and as we talk and laugh it feels as though we have never been apart. On the road for five years, she’s determined to see the world.
Five years. It seems like yesterday yet it’s been years for me now too.
Years of endless travel, passing through cities and towns with sojourns in airports or bohemian coffee shops writing copiously in my journal, collecting stories to share on the road. Years of hotel rooms and seeing family in-between, loving each time I come home. Years of paparazzi and tabloids eager for a new tale. Years of trusting that seeds planted will find their fertile ground – countless interviews with audiences discussing and feeling the power of their DOW, that Divine One Within them – the all knowing, all powerful and all seeing essence that truly is sublime. Time spent inspiring some to know It, with others doubting or confused; time spent with angry skeptics who, assuming themselves to be just a body with a mind and emotions, cannot fathom the possibility of such a Divinely radiant power.
Anjie’s sunny face and obvious delight to see me fills me with great warmth, I forget how much I miss her until we see each other again. Sometimes absence brings forgetfulness of the preciousness of those we love.
I watch her as she talks, filling me in with the latest news. Glimpses of her birth begin to flash fleetingly across my mind – a face of such sweet innocence, wide searching eyes, small fingers clasping mine as she suckled hungrily from my breast – I recall how feelings of maternal love consumed me and how deeply that they consume me again now. A home birth, her head crowning at 8.30 on the Sunday morning as church bells chimed to welcome her to the world. And here she is now, 25, a beautiful young woman of the world. “It all seems like yesterday,” I sigh quietly to myself happy with this new view of her; children are born and grow and move on to explore the world, somehow becoming independent along the way.

“A natural cycle of life,” I hear the Masters say in my mind. After years of inner plane communication I am used to hearing them on the line, their Presence engulfing me often when least expected.
Again warm welcomes and sunny smiles surround me as we fulfill our programs in Mill Valley, sharing with enthusiastic people who are committed and high on life, people active in the creation of a better world, who are riding upon the wave of Grace that smoothes their way.
A few days later we meet with a wonderful research team at an Institute now willing to attempt to test and confirm our findings, that Divine Radiance when released within us, has the power to nourish cells and not just souls. All goes well and agreements are made to set dates for when our schedules synchronize although my mind keeps going back to India and the team so advanced in research there. India, a land with such extremes, where the ancient wisdom is struggling to be heard amid the modern day madness that has arrived with material allure as it masks what is real.
As we leave the research centre, I can’t help but wonder if we can ever use our current science to prove the existence of the Divine, or whether it is best to trust that as more experience DOW power, the proof will come for them via the transformation of their own lives. Personal experience will always upstage our mental wonderings and the Divine Radiance channel must be bathed in to be intuitively understood.

As my daughter and I drive in comfortable silence through the Redwood Valley, I think more of the game of life, of Divine communion and mankind’s eternal search for higher things. An esoteric dance that has been captivating many for so long, a dance of patience, beyond the mind, that demands experience and passion – a dance of trust, surrender, sensitivity and faith. This is the paradigm of metaphysics where for everyone; life is about learning to successfully live it, in a way that benefits the whole. And I think about enlightenment, that space that brings a knowing that makes our questions disappear.
I think about my work and how long the road has been to bring the focus back to science, how sifting through the minefield of religious dogma can be both a precious and distracting journey. I begin to think of all those born with a story to tell and the messengers who are pre-programmed to touch those open to their Presence and their words.

Fields of Formation:
As we continue to drive in silence, I think of my earliest memories and the feeling that came from my mother. Warmth, love, welcoming, safe, secure, cared for. I can still hear my father’s voice echoing in the ethers, the sound of young people laughing or quarrelling – sometimes both. Music. Lots of music filled the room – jazz, classical and later rock’n’roll. Elvis, The Beatles, but that was farther down the road.

It was a blessing to be born and raised in a small township, which was in essence, a giant social experiment. Thousands of post-war immigrants had come with their families to begin life in the ‘lucky country’ as Australia was called in the fifties. United by a common purpose they came to fulfill the vision and construction of giant hydroelectric plants that would supply Australia’s people with more power.
An enormous island surrounded by oceans, Australia has long been recognized as a successful multicultural community for its harmonious cultural integration. It’s true we began on shaky grounds – the decimation of the Aboriginal culture was not a good beginning and is one many have regretted. Nonetheless, over the last few decades our cultural integration and harmony has been generally successful.

I remember the feeling of unity as the migrants gathered in this new land and how the years passed so quickly as they tend to do when someone is fine with life. Church time. Sunday School. Questions begin to arise.
“Ask and you will receive” I am told. So I try it. The results become evident to me only later in my life.
“God is everywhere, all powerful, all knowing” I am told. I get excited thinking what God is, that God could be both within me, and all around. I decide to seek and experience God. At 7 I have my first mid life crisis – I am obsessed with the who’s and why’s of life. Who made the moon and what causes tides? Who thought to create sand and the sun? How did they come into being? How did we come into being and why? Cosmology excites me. I begin my metaphysical apprenticeship and the Shaman within me begins to reawaken as I learn to appreciate the silence and the time.
Spending any free hours and days in the Australian bush; I climb the tallest trees pretending to be some intrepid explorer pioneering un-chartered lands. I discover creeks and dams and bird life that make me smile in awe. I feel the Presence of love around me as unknown to my conscious mind, St Francis of Assisi has tuned into my field.
Exploring caves and climbing cliffs, I feel like the invisible ones are with me as I later lay amid tall grasses to blow seeds from their fronds into the air. Although I never see the Masters, their Presence settles over me like an old favorite coat, something valued and intuitively treasured.
Lost in the daydreams that come with such a magical time, I find myself growing older, a little wiser, then being drawn to world affairs. News flashes daily from the radio in our home where warm log fires blaze and the smell of fresh coffee is always found. Television is gloriously absent and rock’n’roll newly present. Visitors are sporadic but welcome even though I am rarely there. I need to be outside, to sit in trees, to feel the power and purity of the prana that hangs so sweetly in the mountain air.

* * *

As my daughter and I drive, my mind seems fixed on childhood memories and I remember how from around age ten, I became rabid about gun control, having followed young hunters through the bush, teenage boys who were proud of rifles that had been gifted to them at birthdays and Christmas.
I remember regularly sitting high in a tree watching the bird motels disperse and form with each dawn and dusk I’d see thousands of winged ones gathering excitedly to share their news as if it had been ages since they met. I could listen to them for hours watching the clouds roll by above them and feeling the wind God rustle through my favorite trees.

The birds began screaming, one fell to the ground.
Another gunshot, another bird fell.
I was horrified. The gunmen moved on ignoring the prey, happy to have scored. They called it ‘target practice’ and to them life was cheap. I began to follow them around throwing stones to get their attention, then yelling at them to shoot at tin cans instead, to not be so cruel.
They’d laugh and fire shots in the air just above me. It was a dance we did for years and I learnt a lot about strategy. Straightforward confrontation took courage and often had no effect. To them it was just a game of survival of the fittest, the hunter and the prey, one that had been played for millennia. I was just a girl – a kid-sister-type pest.
It made me think about fitness. What classified a being as fit? Brawn? Gun power? Even then it was obvious to me that both needed to be driven by good mentality.
“What about cruel minded people?” I asked some invisible force that responded:
“The human machine needs to also be driven by values, heart, ethics, Codes of honor.”

It was at this time that my idealistic nature rapidly expanded bringing to my attention the plight of others in the world. The continual senseless slaughter of animals, the needless death of malnourished children, the price of war on the human spirit and the continuing cycles of birth and then loss of life. It was the beginning of my life long quest to find positive solutions that would restore harmony among the kingdoms of man.
To me, as a child, there was an endless stream of life to watch, play in and ponder. It all paraded before me, sometimes catching me in dramas that seemed at the time to also offer treasure chests of innocent hope and expectation for perfect resolutions.
At thirteen, I found myself saying:
“There’s got to be something more. Whatever it is, I want to feel it, to know it and not just think about it. I can’t just grow up, maybe get married and have a career.”

I can still recall my first dance, my first real infatuation, both of us too shy to ask so we find ourselves asked by others instead. As loving looks drift across the table through the night I learn about loyalty to friends.
Then the dating game began in earnest as I have my first real date and my first real kiss, then later came the wet tongues and moist mouths of the wrong boy before the grandeur of it all … right boy, fluttering hearts, talking all night, kissing in back rows in movies, candle lit dinners, lazy drives on summer afternoons, bonding, trusting, the innocence of love. Naive and open we take long walks with Saint Francis in my world, feeling acceptance and appreciation; then came the parting, the moving on, the sad farewells and a new life, new beginnings, and a restlessness sets in.
‘The More’ was coming, I could feel it and it was a knowing that somehow childhood prayers were about to be fulfilled. At 13 I felt continually driven to find suitable meaning and answers to the ‘whys’ in life as if I am incomplete and always thirsty. Study, research, I read copiously. Sensitive to my searching soul, my English teacher recommended Dostoyevsky and the Russian greats before Tolken consumed me and the fantasy world of Hobbits became real. It was here that I began to feel as if I was living in two worlds.
Then, communism, socialism, democracy, egalitarianism and utopia are examined for their promises and their flaws. Economics and politics seem set to rule, banishing utopia as a dream as, swayed by research, my mind manages to banish the longings of my heart to the realm of wishful thinking.
I was all of 17.

Much later I do more research and read of Madame Blavatsky’s invisible childhood playmates, how the master El Morya had been with her all along slowly guiding her through life. The Master El Morya was a 19th Century Indian prince who taught the masters Kuthumi and Djwal Khul. It was on a visit to London that he first approached the young Madame Helena Blavatsky and revealed her life’s path. He directed her work, and assigned to Kuthumi the creation of the books she telepathically received.
I have come to see this type of ‘overlighting’ by the Masters as one that was always destined to be and stories abound about Blavatsky’s connection with the astral planes. Madame Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled and the Secret Doctrine elevated her to be considered as one of the finest channels for the Masters of Alchemy – the MA – yet her personal life was as colorful as many messengers throughout time, for those who come as the bringers of change often have unusual capacities and are rarely known to tread the middle line.

* * *

In Dimensional Biofield Science, in rebirth an initiate continues from the same state of consciousness that they acquired in their last life and hence can be very set in their ways. For example a child who was a committed vegetarian will usually insist on the same their next life.
I remember when the arguments began.
“You have to eat your meat,” my mother said.
“I just don’t want to”.
“You will get sick, everyone needs to have some meat,” she insisted.
“I don’t like it,” I responded, intuitively disliking the way it had been killed, as if I could sense the poison of the adrenalin in the flesh.
This seemed to go on forever, weaving a thread of discord amid the chaotic but basically happy family home. Nothing was resolved for more than a decade for I’d first rejected eating meat at two when my sensitivity began to assert itself along with a deep desire to remember something that I knew I already knew.

There are so many children today who seem to have it all – good families, good looks, good minds and good hearts and yet still they feel as if they are somehow not enough. These are the ones who have been imprinted to be the bringers of change, to reject the superficialities of material life and discover something more. Seeming ungrateful, they are driven by a different drum, an inner call, a feeling to question and explore, to never settle for less than ‘the More’. What many are searching for is to live in the paradise world of their DOW, a world that the journey of life begs us to remember and explore, this a world where we feel all is one.
Encouraging our children to maintain contact with the inner world of their DOW, will allow them to blossom into healthy and well guided adults who are fit to rule their world in a way that honors all.

The Science of it all:
So often people ask me: “How can I tell the difference between my own mind and Divine guidance?” This is an interesting question as metaphysically all is One and all comes from the Divine, even our ability to think. Hence the test should be, does any guidance we receive feel right intuitively? Learning to trust our intuitive guidance is a basic requirement for a happy life and it comes when we open our inner DOW doors.

The Masters always encourage the use of gratitude with our programs, mantras and prayers as they tune our Biofields perfectly. For all those who walk the road of the Masters of Magic, mind mastery becomes imperative and meditation the key to understanding and experiencing the dance of the Divine, yet mastering our ‘monkey mind’ as the yogis call it, requires subtlety and dedication and surrendering our life back to the control of our DOW. The mind prefers to live in the past or the future as being in the moment gives it less room to roam. It also likes to feel as if it is in charge. Surrender, as I was soon to later learn, was not about being a victim or giving up, instead it involved the sweet revelation of the Divine essence that drives our whole system, and allowing ourselves to merge back into Its embrace, knowing the power that It is.

Perfect action:
Let your imagination flow, dare to dream into Being the perfect world that co-exists in harmony with all. This activity opens the doorways to limitless being and the world of our DOW.

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