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A brilliant Master of Magic, Lao-Tzu once said: “When man interferes with the Tao (the universal way), then the sky becomes filthy, the Earth becomes depleted, the equilibrium crumbles, and creatures become extinct.” We also lose the sensitivity to see behind the veils.

Along with Buddhism and Confucianism, Taoism is one of the three main religions of China. Created by Lao-Tzu in the 6th Century BC, the Tao is said to be the way of the universe, and in his book Tao Te Ching Lao-Tzu shares of the “whys of the universe” and the “hows of life”.

Lao-Tzu said there was only one virtue, which was to stay in harmony with the Tao – our DOW – and that this provided health, wealth and abundance.

He said:
“There is something undifferentiated and yet perfect which existed before heaven and Earth ever came into being. I know not its name, and if I must designate it, I can call it only Tao.”

Lao-Tzu promoted a simple, selfless life where one focused on the mystical union with the ultimate.

He said: “The wise man doth not accumulate. The more he expends for others, the more doth he possess of his own. The more he giveth to others, the more hath he for himself.”

Philosophical Taoism or Tao-chia, promotes the idea of a Sage ruler who rules through wisdom rather than force; while Tao-chia, promotes a more mystical understanding of the world, one that says that with proper practice people can be free from attachments and attain spiritual liberation and immortality.

Accepting the immortality of our DOW and other dimensions of reality, Taoism and Buddhism are similar, and are idealistically in harmony with each other and many of the differences in world religions simply spring from the differences in both the interpretations and the consciousness of those who have tried to capture the teachings of the messenger.

There is an intrinsic essence to be found among the Masters of Magic. A grace, a humor, an intelligence and logic, that makes their company addictive. They are compassionate, yet firm, loving and supportive, inspirational and also completely ideological.

They seem filled with visions of a life wave that some day may choose to express itself as Divinely Supreme. It is not elitist, it is just the potential within us all that refuses to be denied and this is what they see in us.

They are we. We are they. All is one. Their world is our future world and our world was once theirs. They come to us by our invitation to inspire us by their Presence and example to be better versions of ourselves.

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