Pranic Nourishment Interview

The below are the answers to an in-depth interview that I did with a very famous magazine at the end of 2017. In the end it was not published however we have decided to offer these insights here without referring to the magazine itself who were so open and keen initially and then failed to respond in anyway after assuring me it would be published quickly … hmmmm … trust the perfect time of things … smiles.

I also asked – can we not call this breatharian? It is a misleading title. We eat all the time just differently so I prefer the term in my work of ‘pranic nourishment’.

Q1 –  Looking back, what was your relationship to food before you began practicing Breatharianism? How has Breatharianism changed your relationship to food? When you do eat now, what is the purpose if, for the most part, you don’t rely on it for nourishment?

Answer Q1 – Before my system converted to being nourished by prana, I loved mainly raw food, healthy food, fruits, salads, anything that felt like clean fuel that I could feel my body was being energized by … I was born a natural vegetarian and with a sense that food was fuel. I spent 14 years, after my bio-systems conversion just enjoying this new way of being, then once mastered, understood and locked into, I relaxed a little on social occasions with family. I generally eat in one year what most people consume in a week or two and because there is no need for sustenance from food since “I am constantly fed by prana which is always flowing through my system”, then if I do take any external food it is purely for pleasure not need and so I generally keep it very light – a few mangoes or peaches in summer, maybe a little beetroot, soup or a potato in winter.

My enjoyment of these rare flavors is wonderful – and yes it has stopped the alienation that can often come socially when we never take physical food, as some people relax more around us when they see us take even just a mouthful. When I am with other people who are nourished constantly by prana like myself, it is so different as we never even think about food consumption or that it may be time for lunch for we know – by the living of it – that we are being fed all the time just differently. One of the biggest issues for many around being nourished in this way can be social alienation so many – if they do take any physical food – do this just for social enjoyment. Most have now found that we can be just as addicted to not-eating as others are to eating and this is a path of love not addiction or denial.

Q2 – Do Breatharians have a defining set of agreed upon spiritual beliefs and if so, what are some of them? I’ve read bits and pieces about 3rd and 5th realms etc. but I’m unclear if that’s actually core to understanding Breatharian ideology.

A2- No there are no core set of beliefs among us. Nor are there any leaders, although we do try to support each others research when it is done safely and intelligently – right now we have around 80,000 people experimenting with 80,000 unique models of reality and belief, with various degrees of success. To me this is a path of self mastery – self responsibility and self sovereignty. Some approach this from a mind over matter view, others from a Christian or Buddhist or Taoist or Qigong background or model, but all seem to have an inner calling to move into this that just feels right for them, almost like an inner call.

I have long been calling for better statistical analysis re short or long term success, that people keep journals, and get feedback from any groups they may be working with and also to write books of their journeys once they are locked in. All of this helps re better education.

Q3 – What is your take on Wiley Brooks, in particular some of his views on 3D vs 5D foods, etc. Is there anything about his approach to breatharianism that is consistent with yours? 

A3 – I think it is most honoring to talk to people directly if they interest you as they know what they do and why – everyone’s calling and expression of this is unique. People need to use discernment, follow their intuition while also being open-minded to this possibility – that way we honor our own intelligence and also respect other people’s endeavors and the roles they play in bringing in new paradigms. Wiley played an important initial role in bringing this into mainstream USA thought in the 1970’s, I do not know what his take is on this reality today, perhaps check with him directly?

Q4 – I’m curious how you feel about the attention drawn to Breatharianism by articles such as the one about Camila and Akahi? The response is largely negative, because the focus is on the more extreme aspects of the practice, taken out of context and misconstrued. 

A4 – Think Copernicus and what he went through when he dared to suggest the earth revolved around the sun! This negative reaction is natural when something begins to challenge the status quo and people do not yet understand it – our job, as bringers of change is to provide good education which removes ignorance which removes fear.

I was given this gift quite unexpectedly after more than 20 years of living a deeply spiritual life with regular meditation, so when it occurred to me I also had no idea exactly how it was possible so then I began another 24 years of intense experimentation and research to be able to share the how’s with others. 7 books later on this very subject and I am still learning so much!

So while over 45 years of research in this field of exploring human potential through consciousness, has taught me so much, I still feel that my exploration is just beginning into the magnificence of the human design and what we truly are capable of!

We live in the most complex bio-computer ever created, just what is its potential once we are living in a deeply unified and harmonized state within ourselves and with each other and our planet? This is my field of research and interest and being nourished constantly by cosmic-micro-fuel is just a small by-product of this.

Q5 – Is there a Breatharian origin story? Are all humans Breatharian, we just don’t know it?

A5 – Yes and yes – the first records of this go back 6,000 years in China among the Qigong masters who went into Bigu, then 4,000 years among the yogis in India and also with their solar gazing practice which I also do. This alternate way of being nourished is a very ancient tradition in the east, just new in the West, like yoga and meditation which came to us from India during the 1960’s and 1970’s, then in the 1990’s this ‘being pranic feeding reality’ started to make more noise through our work in the western media.

Everyone is being nourished every second by this life-force or we would not be alive. Its pulsations within us are either strong or weak. If too weak, we get sick, we age, we die. If its pulsations are stronger we remain vital for longer, we stay healthy, happy, strong and we thrive.

Q6 – You used to advocate the 21-day process, but in recent years have pushed for a shorter, less extreme version — can you explain why, if 21 days worked for you and others, like Ray Maor?

A6 – i have never advocated the 21-day process, I just shared my experience of it and how it was instrumental in delivering this unexpected freedom to me. However people then assumed that it was like a magic wand, they forgot or did not see that they had to do the work, to tune themselves into this zone and that it can take a lifetime of preparation just like an athlete must train to handle the stress of a triathlon or to climb Mt Everest.

While many have used this sacred spiritual initiation to receive this gift – those it works for are already in or close to the frequency zone so it is easy for them. When people died around this process, I realized I could not support it as I cannot support anything that presents a risk to those people who are unprepared or attempt to do this for the wrong reasons.

Our bodies are precious, we need good education and preparation to succeed long term in this so yes we have developed slow, safe steady and sustainable methodology that some don’t like as it takes time and they want a quick fix! Many still seem to think that doing a 4, 8, 10 or 21 day process will deliver this but only our personal frequency emanations can safely lock us into this field.

Q7- You’ve written that your DNA has evolved from 2 strands to 12, and you’ve rid yourself of hereditary illnesses — can you explain how you know this is the case and how it is possible?

A7 –  This DNA 12 strand discussion was a misunderstanding by a journalist in 1998 who did not read my book correctly. I added an article in my first book on this topic that was written by someone else as I had found the idea interesting. He assumed it was a claim I was making. I have no idea what my DNA strands are doing and no interest. I think many now know that a good holistic lifestyle can cure us of many hereditary and sedentary lifestyle illnesses.

Q8 – You say that Breatharianism could be the solution to world hunger — can you articulate what you mean?

A8 – Pranic Consciousness brings us deep into the compassionate heart where we naturally have a bigger picture view – things like ‘we are one people living in harmony on one planet’ and how to exist like this interest us. Ideas like ‘taking care of basic human rights and making the feeding of our children our no.1 priority’ or ‘making sure that every man woman and child has shelter, food, clothing, plus good holistic education to break the cycles of poverty’ and that we redistribute global resources to ensure this paradigm is fulfilled.

We spend trillions of $ on weapons of war because people live in fear and lack the knowledge of the human design and what we truly are capable of when we focus on higher paradigms of unity and care for each other – we outline this in more detail in my Prana Program manual as it is a huge subject we cannot do justice to here.

So it is the consciousness that this state brings that is important, we would never suggest telling starving people to live on prana, as they need healthy food, clean water and heart-felt care … it is interesting that for the first time in our world obesity numbers plus the health, death and cost issues around this, are higher than the numbers of those dying from lack of food.

Q9 -I’m afraid I must ask about the infamous “60 Minutes” episode and ask for your response to the claim that the show had to shut down your demonstration after four days because your body was starting to shut down. Were you being monitored by machines that gave them that impression? Did you feel okay at the point when they shut down the cameras?

A9 –  60 Minutes handled this in a way that reflected their own beliefs and that was that I was delusional so that is what they set out to construe. To me they missed an incredible opportunity to investigate this intelligently and work with me to present a good educational paradigm and warning for people not to do this unless they are well prepared. I have had extensive dealing over the last two decades with amazing media – the documentary “In The Beginning There was Light” is an example of doing what 60 Minutes was unable to do or grasp.

The above is my short answer to your 60 Minutes question …

Here is more that may be good to know but is it worth talking about after 19 years?

When they saw they could not ‘break me’ through not letting me sleep, and other potentially debilitating tactics, they closed the experiment down as they needed me to ‘lose my cool’ so to speak so they could prove this idea I was deluded. I was deeply peaceful but admittedly a little confused as I really thought they would be in integrity with this, as they were told I would lose weight in that environment and from not drinking which I normally choose to do, so ending the experiment due to weight loss was also strange to me. Perhaps I was delusional in how I expected them to handle this???

However the end result was great as it has kept all those not ready away from this field. We all know that when something is beneficial for an evolving world – imagine the health and environmental impact if it is true – then it will continue to rise one way or another. This reality is gaining strength and we will all continue to educate in the best way we can as we learn more ourselves by the living of it. I have had extensive dealing over the last two decades with amazing media – the documentary “In The Beginning There was Light” is an example of doing what 60 Minutes was unable to do or grasp.

Q10 – Breatharianism is, for the most part, viewed by doctors and scientists as being an unhealthy, dangerous pseudoscience; they say the belief that humans are capable of being nourished by light/air/prana alone is contradicted by the very basic biological understanding that humans are not like plants and don’t turn sunlight into energy. So while modern science doesn’t believe breatharianism is possible, I’m very interested in knowing more about how YOU view science and whether there is any scientific evidence in support of pranic living? You clearly have some regard for scientific thinking, and have referred to yourself as an “inter-dimensional energy field scientist” and a “bio-field grid scientist” — what stops modern science from having any regard for breatharianism?

A10 – We agree with them but we eat all the time just differently. If we do not get enough nourishment from cosmic micro-fuel as prana, or from physical food, we will all die. So there is no disagreement of discussion to be had. However, our research has shown that once a person lives the 8 point lifestyle we recommend, our body physiology behaves differently – meditation is key as is keeping our brain-wave patterns anchored in theta, Mind mastery and recoding is important as well as this complete lifestyles changes how we interact with quantum consciousness and it also changes our frequency emanations and what zone of reality dominates and where we are anchored as energy beings.

Being nourished by prana takes training, care, intelligence and an awareness through experience of our core nature. We test this lifestyle every year in a highly controlled environment where we take blood tests and more and after just 9 days and 9 nights of this we find that everyone’s health improves.

Q11 – Without water, how does the breatharian body flush out toxins?

A11 -Firstly our bodies aren’t toxic, those who live in pure chi-filled mother nature environments find this non-drinking easier. Because I have lived nearly half of my time over these past 24 years, in polluted city environments, hotel rooms from traveling extensively and working in over 55 countries around our world, I do choose to drink as I do find my body still enjoys and sometimes seems to need this … perhaps, if I just lived all the time in mother nature than I would eventually not drink as well. Did you know that in a humid environment our bodies naturally drink in up to 2 liters of moisture a day through our skin?

So much to learn!

end of responses ….

Just a final note …
I have met many wonderful insightful journalists who have no control on the final work presented as their editors change things for good sales figures by taking things out of context as you mentioned …. or I have done interviews with journalists who have lost their job insisting their interview with me be presented with integrity … I hope your magazine will treat this with the respect that it is due. We are not a cult, we are not deluded, we live this every day, our lives are filled with Grace and peace … and this reality will not go away as benefits to our health, global warming etc are huge … and … the earth is not flat either as we now know … thanks for your questions – smiles.

Ta Jas