The Storm Before the Calm

The Storm Before the Calm

Another Message from our Intergalactic friends …

In deep meditation on the 5th November 2017, they shared …

We have been where your world is now in this now moment that some would call choice point, yet others have already chosen well. We have been where you are now and we decided among ourselves that we were ready for an upgrade into a new way of being.

For many who speak to you now represent evolving worlds who are in a new zone of reality now by choice and in our zone, we run by a different rhythm in a different harmonic where all serve the greater good and all are served in turn.

To anchor in this new zone, we did apply Universal Law and the understanding of re-coding our energy systems through clear intent, thought and words of power, while also changing the way that we were choosing to spend our time.

There are realities in your world that continue to dominate the masses in a way that is not supporting their development or their reaching their highest potential.

To do so one has to consciously decide to enter into a new way of being and then assess honestly the use of the current pattern of time and ask, “does all that I am doing and all that I am involved in and give my time to, does it all allow me to live in the rhythm of health and happiness and harmony with all life?” if this is what you are seeking.

There came a point in the evolving of all of our worlds where we realised that there was great power in the collective and that we needed to work together, to no longer operate as fragmented individual life forms and instead to unify with clear discussion about the directionality of our evolving world – where we saw ourselves in the future, where we would like to go and what we would like to achieve – not just for our generation, but for the many generations that would follow in our footsteps.

Many decisions were made.

We decided to explore free energy systems. We decided to explore the balance of right-brain intuitive flow and creativity and left-brain logic and to see when a human being became harmonised with both brain hemisphere’s and stabilised in the theta frequency zone or brain wave pattern as you know it, to be anchored more consistently there.

We found that many creative – previously undreamed of, unthought-of – solutions could come into our minds that could be applied in a positive way for our evolving worlds.

This is something that all sentient life has access to whether you are living deep in density and duality as you have been for so long or whether you have been moving through all the patterns of exploration that those in the unified realms are continuing on with, for our journey like yours in never ending.

There are realms within realms within realms that we can explore through the changing of our own personal frequency alignment spectrums and emanations for all operates via biofeedback looping to greater or lesser degrees, a concept that you are just beginning to understand in your world as you recognise what drives the quantum field and what is infused through quantum energy flows.

There are many frequency spectrums as yet still unexplored or unimagined in your world for these can only be entered into by a frequency matching process which is why again we decided to utilise our time and adjust ourselves on frequency levels to see what could then be presented to us.

Our journey continues to this day with many realms still yet unexplored that we have begun to glimpse, as we ourselves continue with our own evolution.

You have managed to come in collectively to part of our zones of operation, you are beginning to merge naturally your fields with ours and we have become aware of your presence.

We have also become aware that this merging and ability to match frequencies in these zones of our fields has come about through the visionaries, the dreamers, the meditators and the pure hearted ones in your world.

This matching and merging has now begun and you will see much evidence of this in the coming time as everything that is not operating for the highest good in your world is infused by the frequencies from our zones.

And so naturally everything will be upgraded in your world now as the energy infusion from the merging of our realms is going to act like fertiliser for seeds that have long been planted to blossom and the plants that have been struggling to survive will now begin to thrive.

At first it will appear at first that you have entered into a more chaotic time than ever before but this is just the storm before the calm you could say.

So again, we welcome you into this merging state with us and we will continue to share various communique with you through the various visionaries and channels that are open to our frequency and are able to then bring this message into your world.

End transmission.

This is another message coming through Jasmuheen on the 5th November 2017 from our Intergalactic family.