Now launched – A Life of Effortless Ease and Grace online course!

Online Course – Living a Life of Effortless Ease and Grace

A powerful intensive with videos, meditations plus a detailed work book to transform life into a magical, effortless journey of great joy and Grace by utilizing Higher Light Science principles. This methodology has literally transformed thousands of lives over more than three decades. See more in the below video introduction. Please note we expect this course with its exercises to take around 2-3 months for you to get the best long term results! Do it slowly and you will see the changes!

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There are so many zones we can live in on Earth – from the Shambala Matrix of constant joy, peace and Grace to the more fractured field of the dual-natured world with it’s up and downs and all it teaches. Being able to re-vibrate ourselves into the zone of our choice – once we know what is there and how to do this, is an amazing science and skillset to learn and apply!

Utilizing Inter-dimensional Energy Field Science and basic Alchemy practices, this powerful series will cover things like:-
  • Living in a zone of reality of our choice, the how to of experiencing deep and permanent peace and
  • exploring the “more than everything you can imagine” zone of awe and wonder that is overlaid in duality and the denser Earth zones!
  • Being truly free from so many human limitations, accessing endless wisdom via the perfect inner teacher – guide,
  • being a nourishing presence in all realms,
  • experiencing our multidimensional nature and literally feeling as if we live in Heaven on Earth.
  • Pragmatic Coding to achieve this while working with Quantum Benevolence.
  • Plus so much more!

Why should I undertake this Course, how do I know it will deliver results?

Our techniques, meditations and methodologies have been tested for nearly 30 years with around 55 countries adopting our programs, changing the lives of hundreds and thousands of people.
As long as you take your time and apply everything we suggest in this Course, you will see great results in your life and the way your experience it.
But why not choose with your heart?
See if what we offer feels right for you and then dive in!