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A New Beginning – 冥想新起點 Meditation

Jasmuheen in China via Zoom  26-02-2022

冥想新起點 – 與 Jasmuheen – 現場直播 – 慶祝中國新年 02-2022 – 英語和中文口語翻譯。

Meditation on New Beginnings – with Jasmuheen – Live on zoom – celebrating the Chinese New Year 02-2022 – in English with spoken Chinese translation.

Meditation of the event only.

This meditation can be found at this link advertisement free –

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Interview with Jasmuheen for Chinese online magazine

Interview with Jasmuheen for Chinese Online Magazine

 Q1: We’ve learnt from your story that you’ve experienced hardships that most women on this earth have never gone through, e.g., divorce, rape, threat of murder, cancer…

Answer-1: – People find the most amazing strength and resilience when they have to and we never know how strong we are or how fearless we can be until we are pushed to discover our limits and then hopefully find the courage to go beyond them. Like all who are confronted with difficulties in life, I went through so many phases with each experience from the “why me?” question to the “life’s not fair!” statement, from confusion to sadness, then to surrender and acceptance that it was what it was, and then to asking what there was for me to learn from it all. I then moved mentally on to choosing to still see the good in life and the good in people instead of just focusing on what was going wrong in my life. To me each experience helped me to see and re-experience all the positive things in life and to be grateful for simple things like sunshine, or people who love and care for me. To finally come into peace required the mastery of my mind and how I chose to see life.

Q2: What kind of torture did you experience inside because of the above sufferings?

A2: Because I have been in regular meditation since I was aged 16, my suffering did not last long as I knew the power of forgiveness, that everything happens for a reason and every hardship we experience gifts us with insight, wisdom and hopefully virtues if we are open to these.

When life is tough and not going ‘our way’, we can go into the ‘blame others’ game, we can come into sorrow, confusion or anger, or seek revenge or retribution, or we can choose to assess, learn, forgive, move on and discern what we could have done differently and then actually do things differently from then on.

For example, I came to understand the power of asking, in prayer, to see the potential learning of a situation anytime something challenging arose in life and so I could quickly recognize the learning that was there to be gained. Sometimes it was to be more patient, or to act with more kindness towards myself or others, or sometimes to decide to never be in that situation again and so clarity and self-empowerment were gained.

Also, things feel like torture emotionally and/or mentally when we fight or resist what is happening, but when we become detached, as we do through meditation, we can often see why things are manifesting as they are and what we have contributed to that situation. The bigger picture is that everything we experience gifts us with learning and virtues that make us who we are today, which is always – hopefully – a better version of ourselves, kinder and more compassionate with more empathy to assist others in need, if and when this may be required.

Q3: How did you manage to walk out of the shadow of these sufferings?

A3: For me it helped to come into a state of acceptance of each situation without judgment of it being a good thing or a bad thing and seeing instead that it was just another opportunity to grow and learn.  It was as it was, it was before me and I could either fight it mentally and resist it emotionally or I could accept each situation as it arose for the potential it brought for gaining insight and wisdom.

It is also important to honor our feelings, to not deny or pretend something isn’t real for us and so for me at times I cried, I prayed, and eventually I surrendered and in prayer I asked to see the situation from a higher perspective and to then gain both the wisdom and the virtues that all difficult situations can bring.

I also sought help from alternate medicines like homeopathy which allowed me to release emotions that needed release from my body. Usually very independent, I opened to the support of friends and those who cared, I accepted more help from family and gave myself time to heal, to forgive myself and any others who were involved in each situation.

A4: Can you tell us a real story of yours?

Q4: In light of what we have been sharing the below story demonstrates this beautifully. Also anxiety and depression affect one in four people today and suicide is the most common way for people between 15-44 to die, especially males.

In 1999 I met a man in Paris who came up to me at the end of an evening talk and with a look of desperation in his eyes, pleaded:

“You’ve got to help me!”

“What’s the matter?” I gently asked aware of his distress.

“I’ve been so depressed for the last ten years and I just can’t stop it. I’ve tried everything,” he said and then went on to list all the routes he had taken from the established schools of thought to the alternative, and how analysis and self-exploration had failed to lift him from this dark, dark spell.

As I listened patiently to him, I began to chuckle to myself as the solution suddenly seemed so obvious. Looking at him intently, I was guided to ask:

“Have you got a nice home?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“A good job?”

“It’s okay. I guess, it pays the bills.”

“Do you have people who love you? You know, some friends and family?”

“Enough,” he muttered, eyes downcast to the floor.

“What about your health? Are you fit? You look good.”

“Yeh I like to stay in shape,” he grinned shyly.

“Okay! I’ve got it.”

The young man smiled expectantly. “Yes?”

“Each morning we want you to stay in bed until you have thought of at least a dozen things to be grateful for, and then allow yourself to really feel grateful for them.”

He looked a little perplexed.

“You know like ‘Thank you God for the sunshine’ if it’s a sunny day. Or ‘Thank you God for my health. Thankyou God for my house. Thankyou God for those who love me.’ That type of thing, but stay in bed until you begin to feel it, just saying ‘Thank you’ over and over as soon as you’ve found something in your life that you can be truly grateful for. This is an exercise in feeling and acknowledgment and it’s designed to lift your spirits and put your attitude to life back into perspective.”

“Remember,” we said again, “hold an attitude of gratitude!”

Thankfully he got it. A month or so later I heard that he was no longer feeling depressed.

This is the magic of a universe that operates under the Law where like attracts like. When we wander the Earth, giving thanks and being grateful, the quantum intelligence in the universe looks at us and says:

“Oh there’s a grateful little bunny, let’s give her/him more to be grateful for!”

And then the blessings come.

Personally, I am eternally grateful for this life, grateful for those who I love and am loved by, and grateful for the opportunity to even be aware of the power of gratitude and how the simple act of being grateful can put us into a different zone of experience.

Q5: Though going through so many sufferings, you look radiant today. How do you view those sufferings in the past and those people who hurt you before?

A5: I feel very blessed by all that I have gone through as I have gained so much insight into the nature of human suffering and how we only suffer until we change our perspective around what is happening in our life and seek to understand why it is happening.

Everything that does happen is an opportunity to learn and everything we endure can also make us stronger and more compassionate if we allow this. When we blame circumstances and others for what is happening we stay powerless as other people change only when they are ready. And while we cannot change others we can always change ourselves and how we are choosing to deal with a situation.

Sometimes life delivers things to us that just are as they are and we cannot undo them or stop them from coming or change them when they come but we can always change the way we choose to experience something. Acceptance without being a victim, choosing to learn, forgiveness, surrender into a higher state of understanding and awareness, all of these things are incredible gifts to be given through the living of life.

Also, those who inflict pain, sadness, suffering on others do so out of ignorance and from lack of awareness and love, these ones are in pain or they would not behave that way. They need love and support and when they are ready, re-education into a different way to be in this world. All can walk the path of harmony with all life, when they are ready and open to exist like this for when we are truly ready for change, that change will always come.

Q6: How do you see women’s suffering in today’s society?

A6: The incidence of heart dis-ease, diabetes, depression, obesity and suicide are rising in many countries in our world and women are being affected more than ever before. Traditionally it was mainly men who suffered from heart dis-ease and we thought that this was because women were good at sharing their feelings, that they communicated better than men regarding many issues in life, so they didn’t bottle up their emotions. We know from in-depth research that emotional, mental and physical toxicity all aids in the creation of disease and an unhappy state of being.

Countries and cultures where women are well educated with holistic programs that promote a balanced lifestyle, are helping to combat this rise in physical disease and many people are also now living much longer.

In other countries, there are strong patriarchal cultures where women are still seen as the property of a man and they have very few basic human rights, they are there to breed, to take care of family and, if they are suffering in any way then they have to suffer in silence, unheard and sometimes violently opposed if they do seek greater freedom.

In my country Australia, many women’s magazines talk about the importance of a healthy diet, how good communication, yoga and also now meditation, are helpful in creating a balanced and happy life. Many understand now how it is so important to create this balance by spending the right mix of time with family, friends, and even in looking after ourselves on all levels, as well as finding work that we are passionate about, where we can even contribute in a positive way to society.

Yet suicide and depression affect more men than women with one in four men being affected by these and so even our men’s magazines and programs are now sharing of the need for better communication, non-violence and living a balanced life, enjoying the things they work so hard for, like family.

Lack of balance in life creates suffering as does lack of awareness of who we really are beyond our ego personality nature. As we have shared, to me, suffering is just a tool for us to grow and learn by, an opportunity to change our perspective and having learnt, gain virtues. Good holistic education can also help alleviate peoples suffering as can living a balanced life that honors who we are at our core. By this we mean experiencing and knowing our true nature, that energy that gives us life and breathes us which meditation allows us to explore. Self-knowledge and self-mastery can alleviate all suffering.

Q7: Some people say hidden in our bodies are the collective sub-consciousness which is an accumulative of sufferings through generations. What do you think?

A7: It is true that our dominant thinking and feeling patterns determine our future and drive our evolution as a species yet when each individual comes into peace so does their society.

Knowing this, I choose to focus on which part of myself that I wish to develop and experience.

For example, a person may come into a garden and only see the weeds that are there and then they may spend all their time eliminating those weeds, after judging them or seeing them as bad or restrictive.

Another person may go into a garden and see all the beauty that is there and lovingly spend time developing that beauty, making the garden even more amazing for others to enjoy.

We have all suffered, we all have had so many challenges, this is a natural part of who we are.

The question is what do we want to experience, the beauty or the suffering? Universal law and quantum intelligence degrees that what we focus on will grow and I know this to be a truth in my own life.

So, can we accept all levels of our being – from the sub-conscious, to the conscious, to the higher more divine consciousness that we carry? Each is as it is and we are only as limited by what we choose to be limited by. I choose to live a life that allows my higher nature with its purer consciousness to express itself and be the strongest, most dominant part of myself. To do this means we end up radiating a very nourishing energy to all we meet in our world, for we have gone beyond limited realities and have chosen to identify with that part of ourselves that allows us to know and express true freedom.

Q8: While lecturing throughout the world, what do you see as the common impact exerted by collective sub-consciousness on women?

A8: A common issue that many western women deal with is lack of self-worth which often expresses itself as having a poor body image, an inability to love and appreciate themselves just as they are, or seeking refuge in various emotional addictions. This lack of self-worth sees some accepting relationships and ways of being that are less than honoring of their true nature.

However, most people that come to my gatherings have meditated enough to know that at our core, we are neither male or female, Caucasian or Asian, old or young. Through meditation we have experienced our Essence nature and found that we are all one energy expressing a little differently in many different bodies on earth. I believe and have found that self-knowledge and meditation frees us from many limited influences including what the mass collective is projecting.

Q9: There’re many Chinese women at your workshops– what generally are the issues they bring with them to workshops? What’s the difference between Chinese women and women in other parts of the world that you came in contact with?

A9: Women are women all over the world, although there are some obvious cultural conditions that can affect us if we choose to be affected in this way or don’t know we have a choice. I have spent time in many different cultures from tribal cultures in South America to Muslim cultures in Turkey and Morocco, where some women still wear the burka. Despite existing in what appears to be a strong patriarchal society, the women I met with held great power, they were strong, loving, intelligent and happy, for they knew that freedom comes from a state of consciousness, from self-mastery and knowing who we are at our core. They were dignified and Queen-like despite their cultural circumstances and their men treated them with honor and respect.

In China, I have met the same, strong women who love wisely and well, while also maintaining a life of balance.

All around the world and also in China I have also met sad and disappointed women who are less self-empowered and who still seek happiness from outside of themselves, expecting that wealth, health or a good man, will make them happy rather than taking responsibility for their own happiness through holistic living that brings self-knowledge and self-fulfillment.

Sometimes we have to suffer enough to then rise and say, “No more! How can I live my life in a way that brings out the best in me, the best in my husband and the best in my family, I am open to learn this now!” Once we seek to live life in a way that is for the highest good of all, our loving universe supports us to manifest this wish, for to live like this, in harmony with all life is beneficial for human evolution. This is something we will share more of in our True Love Pure Love Program in Beijing.

Q10: What do you think are the common issues facing the Chinese women? How do we confront and resolve them? e.g., the majority of Chinese leftover women (girls not married beyond the age of 27 or 28) are discriminated against in the Chinese society.

A10: I have just begun to spend more time in China and with Chinese people in general so I cannot be specific in my comments on this matter. However, sometimes we all have to assess traditions that are so judgmental that they create harm and limitation or unhappiness. I had four wonderful daughters, three now as one died a few years ago. Two of my daughters married in their thirties as is common in the West, yet my 38-year-old daughter prefers a life of celibacy. My only wish for my children is that they are healthy, happy and living a life they find fulfilling. I know and trust that if it is in their pre-birth plan they will connect with the right one for them at the right time as has just happened to my 40-year-old daughter. I would rather they wait for the one that is just right for them, than have them try to fulfil other people’s expectation of what is considered correct.

Q11: You mentioned in your book we have a permanent and sacred goddess; you mentioned triple goddess: virgin, mother and crone. In your understanding, what qualities should a goddess carry? How can we turn ourselves into goddesses?

A11: The triple Goddess represents the stages that women naturally go through and the gifts we carry from each stage. Our virgin self is our androgynous innocent child self, the one who trusts and is perhaps naive, unworldly, the one who has not yet learnt to fear. The mother aspect of the Triple Goddess represents our nurturing self, the mother taking care of others, of her family, her children or animals she loves, or the nurturing, caring father who may do the same, the man who lovingly takes care of his wife, his business and co-workers. Then we have our third stage in life where we have gained wisdom through the living of life and sometimes this ‘wisdom gaining’ can take a long time, although the gaining of wisdom is not age related. However, being alive for a long time it is assumed we have learnt enough to be called the crone or wise-woman.

There are so many Goddesses who offer different gifts and who embody different virtues, so we can find the ones we like and ask to also embody that which they carry. For example, in meditation we can tune to Kwan Yin who is the Goddess of mercy and compassion, and we can send her a beam of love while giving thanks for her Presence in the world, we can then ask that she overshadow us and imbue us with her virtues or teach us how to be more merciful and more compassionate. Or perhaps we wish to know more of love and so we can tune to the Goddess Aphrodite.

However, it is important that we do not give our power away to forces outside of ourselves and to know that we also have a God/Goddess nature which is there for us to connect to as the perfect guide, via silent stillness and meditation.

It is interesting to note that the Gods and Goddesses can be seen as archetypes as per the teachings of carl Jung. When some people are confronted by a situation that they are unsure of, and they love the teaching of a wise one, such as Kwan Yin, Lao Tzu or even Buddha, they may often ask “How would Kwan Yin of Buddha act in this situation?” or “What would Lao Tzu do in this situation?” and then they emulate that behavior.

Q12: You are a breatharian attracting attention from scientists worldwide and you are called “grandmother of breatharians”. But it’s really hard to believe that a person can survive without relying on food, and hence there are many people who question this. How do you explain scientifically to people about this quality of yours?

A12: It is important to note that I eat all the time but from a different fuel source, what the Chinese term Chi or the Indian yogis call prana. Being in a state of Bigu is a 6,000 year old tradition in China and in the west and we are just beginning to understand the science of this as more people live the lifestyle required to attune to this field of possibility.

Usually we explain that the freedom to do this comes from consistent immersion in the perfect channel where this is possible. By spending time in a certain way, we get immersed in stronger, deeper, more consistent chi or pranic flows.

Time spending is about lifestyle, and how we utilize our day by day time which then determines our frequency and which energy zone we can stay anchored in consistently enough to be well nourished. This lifestyle also makes us healthier and happier and is a great preventative medicine or even healing program and we will share more on this in our seminar in Shenzhen.

Our day to day lifestyle also changes our brain wave patterns from the busy beta to alpha to the theta zones where the bio-system behaves differently. To be free from all hungers, we believe that our brain hemispheres must be balanced so that logic and intuition are both honored and utilized, and so that our brain wave patterns stabilize in the theta zone. Our master glands – the pituitary and the pineal – need boosting and alignment to produce more DMT and Amrita which feed the brain and keep the body healthy.

A balanced brain helps to activate our intuitive sense which is how our higher nature communicates with us and guides us through life and through this transition.

Breath awareness is also key, along with experience of that which is breathing us. Breath is utilized to both oxygenate and energize the system with prana.

Being physically nourished by pure prana as Cosmic Micro-fuel is a wonderful freedom of choice and once mastered and locked-in to the channel, many find the joy of taking physical food just for pleasure rather than for need, to be so liberating.

 Q13. Nowadays many people advocate vegetarianism – some people are pretty healthy with vegetarian diet while others look lean and haggard and suffer from mal-nutrition. How do you see vegetarianism? Do you encourage people to be vegetarians?

A13: A balanced vegetarian diet can help the body heal and make us healthier but some people do not have a balanced diet that ensures they receive the right minerals, vitamins and proteins which is why they look haggard or too lean. Also some vegetarians do not exercise and we recommend that people do Tai Chi, Qigong and/or yoga to help build and maintain muscle mass.

A vegetarian diet also tunes us to the fields of kindness and compassion, which provide a nourishing frequency spectrum for our emotional body and allows us to exist in a deeper level of harmony with the animal kingdom. Enjoying animals as friends rather than food is a beautiful shift in consciousness that brings so many rewards.

Many years ago, when I was engaged in a regular spiritual counselling program, one of the tasks we suggested to help lift people out of depression, was to have them engage in regular acts of kindness and selfless service, which always had an immediate impact on how they were feeling. Suddenly they moved from the self-absorbed realm of ‘me’ to the broader ‘we’ reality, where their acts of kindness also nourished them emotionally.

Many people also love the idea of having a minimalistic carbon footprint regarding consumption of our worlds resources as it takes 20 times the worlds resources to put meat on the table compared to vegetarian food.

Q14: Many people believe that spiritual practice can bring longevity, health, perennial youth; but in fact many spiritually enlightened people suffer from cancer and die in agony. How do you see the relationship between spiritual growth and physical body?

A14: To me it is so important that our bio-system operates in harmony on all levels within itself and with all the realms – within and also around us. This means harmony on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and we know when we are in harmony, for we are healthy, happy and we feel whole and complete.

One of the problems of some people who dedicate their lives to full time spiritual service, is that we can access energies that are so creative and inspiring that we can become so absorbed by these that we forget to rest and stay in balance. Being in balance seems to be a challenge for so many.

Personally, I have found that a life of pure-hearted service can bring great Grace which can be quite addictive so it is easy to forget everything else. Sometimes people forget to eat, to sleep, to take time for themselves, as they become so entranced by the joy of giving that they just do not think of these things and I have met many spiritual leaders like this including many monks and nuns.

Then of course there are people who are so inspired by their spiritual journey and so tuned to other realms that they are almost not here, not fully present in the body and so they are unable to feel its changing rhythms, until it has manifested its discontent at being ignored with some type of dis-ease.

Others are conditioned by some spiritual traditions that say the body is unimportant and only the spirit matters or they are impatient to achieve a more enlightened state so they dedicate all their time to this to the detriment of enjoying life in general.

Everyone’s body creates cancer cells and the rhythm of cancer can rise and fall according to our lifestyle and how in balance we are. When the vibration of cancer rises to become potentially life-threatening, it is the body saying, “hey something is out of balance in the system!”.

Also, cancer is a quick way for a soul to exit the world when their work is done here and so many choose unconsciously to go this way. This is something we will address in-depth in our Shenzhen seminar on Healing and the Lifestyle for Health, Harmony and Happiness.

 Q15: You mentioned: I treat my body as a temple. The body is a grail in which the holy spirit dwells so it needs care and attention to live in freedom. What are the practices you adopt to treat the body as a temple?

A15: In the life-style we recommend, we do invite people to treat the body as a Temple, to learn to hear its voice and to treat it with respect and care. This means having a good diet with lots of high life-force unprocessed foods so that the digestive process is minimalized, enjoying regular exercise, rest as required, plus giving the body system lots of love and appreciation.

Everything responds well to love and appreciation, whether it is our children, our partners, our family and yes even our body consciousness which is a living awareness that can tell us exactly what is wrong if we take the time to listen.

The body consciousness and the body itself is an amazing bio-computer that has the capacity to self-heal, to regenerate and also be self-sustaining as it knows how to access enough chi directly to do all of this naturally, once we allow it and can trust it to do so and once we align to the right channel for this. Imbedded within the body is also our chakra and meridian system which is part of the Matrix of our Light body which also holds specific templates that can be activated more powerfully to deliver all of this as well.

Q16. Some people believe “true spiritual practitioners do not care about making wishes come true, or the laws of attraction, or the books of the kind like “The Secret”, because such books belong to the realm of worldly dharma, not unworldly ones. Such books focus on how to attract a desired result through mental power.” However, many spiritual workshops recommend laws of attraction, and talk about connecting with universal energy to make your wishes come true. What’s your take on these two opposing viewpoints?

A16: We have so many people in our world with such different levels of awareness. Some are focused on applying the highest spiritual teachings that they can manifest, others are interested in this as well and yet they may still be trying to come into a happy life balance. Others believe that manifesting love, health and wealth will make them happy and fulfilled and so they naturally want to know how they can do this. All stages are part of a person’s journey and so it is good to respect and honor each stage for what it is and so, in honor and respect there is nothing that is opposing, all just is.

There are three main Universal Laws operating powerfully on earth right now that we can work with and applying these laws personally, can bring great Grace and support and also ensure a more enlightened evolutionary path for our world. Understanding Universal Law can make life much easier and living by these laws selflessly can make our presence in the world an uplifting one.

Doing anything solely for personal gain is very different to applying these laws in service for the greater good. When one is complete and whole then we are agenda free for we need nothing and in needing nothing, it seems we are given everything, simply because we do live life via Universal law in a pure-hearted, agenda free, way.

Also, it is unfortunate that in order to bring some people to a spiritual gathering, there must be an element of seduction to draw them and answer their unspoken question of “What will I gain if I come?” Everyone wants love, health, wealth, good relationships, passion and purpose in life and so they seek tools to manifest all of this. It is much rarer to find people who are agenda free and are pure-hearted in their desire to just be a nourishing, loving, kind, compassionate person in the world although more are coming into this state of being. In the West more people now come to spiritual gatherings just to add their own pure presence to the field and enjoy the company of like-minded people rather than seeking anything personally for they know the power that gathering like this can energetically have on the world.

Q17. There’re some negative comments about you on the internet. How do you see such negative comments from other people?(e.g., they called you leader of a cult that encouraged people not to eat and someone died because of this…)

A17. All throughout history, anytime someone has challenged the status quo, there has been a range of various reactions from those as yet uneducated into the new reality that is being offered. Some are extremely open-minded and look deeper at the research, others are skeptical, still others can become angrily opposed if what is offered is unacceptable to their model of reality.

I understand that this is natural so we do not get affected by this.

Our job is to educate and the more we do this in an intelligent and loving way, the less resistance we receive, for example Bigu is accepted in China but not in the West until we began our education program as to how this is possible. These days we get so few negative comments compared to twenty years ago regarding people’s ability to be nourished by chi, so we can see that our education program is working and the benefits of this on our worlds health and environment are amazing so the research will continue.

Also, it helps to remember that many people have died from attempting to do things their system was not ready for, for example, in 2015 twenty two people died trying to climb Mt Everest. Then we have people dying from medical mistakes or misdiagnosis which accounts for some 400,000 deaths per year.

However, knowing how people can push themselves to do things before they are ready, we have continued to refine our programs so that they are as safe as they can be as to me, one death is too many.

Insights from China and Bigu

Kwan Yin Island, (Mt Putuo in the South China sea) is an amazing place filled with monasteries and sweet, sacred energy. It is said that the island was established with its monasteries around the 10th century although the island became neglected with the cultural revolution. Now it has again been established as a major tourist destination, with millions coming to meditate and sit in the ancient temples where monks and nuns hold the space with such love and reverence for the Buddha Maitreya and Kwan Yin.

jas-mt-putuo-6-small jas-mt-putuo-5-small

There are stories of history here that are so poignant and beautiful to hear, just like all of our cultures in the world have so many stories of explanation of how things came into being, yet there is a deep peace everywhere I walk on the island and the architecture, the photo opportunities are so prevalent as every corner I turn I see such beauty, a Feng Shui delivery that is absolutely stunning in its arrangement.

I have come to love China so deeply these last 2 years that I have been invited to be here and enjoy the pleasure of a deep cultural exchange.

There is so much propaganda about China in the West as there always is when cultures are feared because of their strength and their ability to deliver so much, yet Buddhism is rising here again as is the practice of Qigong.

Then we have Bigu – the ability to be nourished by Chi or Prana – which has become the one of the most popular things for people to focus on, especially regarding reclaiming health.

And so there are thousands of Bigu networks, with a lot of things happening online with WeChat and other chat groups, that offer online support and training. China’s online technical abilities seem to far surpass a lot of what I’ve seen in the West as do many of the ways that they operate.

The infrastructure here is incredible to see, clean cities, gardens so beautifully, lovingly attended, everything presented so well, even though we know that China is hardly ‘green energy focused’ and yes many cities suffer from extensive pollution, yet still there is a government that has become so much more aware of the need for this; a government that keeps changing, that is becoming more interested in globalisation and using resources more wisely.

The people themselves are loving this return to Qigong, to Taoism, to Confucius thought and also of course to the exploration of the depth that Buddhism itself offers to so many. There are many layers in this country as there always are.

And yet I am blessed to be able to walk among networks of sincere, loving and open-hearted, peaceful people here as well, as has always has been the way as I’ve travelled around the world connecting with incredible beings who share the same agenda of enjoying unity consciousness.

The science of Unity Consciousness is forming the basis of so much that we now do, where diversity is honored and respected, where we are one people living on harmony on one planet and so our work goes on, flowing deeper into China as more of a cultural exchange.

And so I find myself being more deeply immersed in China, learning, understanding, sensing, witnessing – being a cultural ambassador so to speak – sharing when invited of our research into being nourished by Chi and how for us it’s a holistic system of being so deeply anchored in this infinite essence ocean so that we lose physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hunger.

Bigu here focuses a little more on the phenomena of the healing aspect that happens in a body system when people go deeper into Bigu – whether it be for a week, 14, 21 or 40 days. So the phenomena of doing this for year after year after year is something strange for them, as many do not understand how we can maintain this state of being nourished in this way while still travelling extensively and living as much as we do in polluted cities as we travel this world.

And so our time there is an exchange of information and energy and research with all of us benefiting – those that we share our research with and those who share their research with us – blending research, blending our cultures, discovering different methodology and what each one has been assigned to do in this service pattern.There is criticism of course because some are deep in their Buddhist understanding and feel that Buddhism is the best way, the only way and everything else is an illusion – a judgement that we also find with some in Christianity.

Yet those in unity consciousness can see the perfect pattern that each one carries and have no need to judge or even to compare, for we know that all patterns are perfect and the Essence within us all, is allowing us to experience different flavours as we live and grow together in this world, with pure hearts guiding us to that which we know will manifest for the highest good of all, for that is our intention and our program and so the quantum field responds.

So I will come back next year for our next Embassy of Peace retreat, with Ambassadors of Peace gathering in China, from all over the world, to share their experience of sharing our programs which allow people to go into a permanent state of being hunger free.

dancing-small shenzhen-1-smallHence, I am inviting all of our Ambassadors of Peace to contemplate joining us in China next year for our Embassy of Peace retreat, and then to join us in Tibet!

Of course we will also be offering our Embassy of Peace retreat in Brazil in November as we have so many beautiful Ambassadors blossoming there as well, so tune in to your heart and feel what’s right for you and join us if you can!

Tell this incredible quantum intelligence to bring you the time you need off work or from family responsibilities, to bring money you need to manifest to come, to make sure your attendance with us is easy and joyous for we would love to see you there.

China is calling so many now and my heart is just so happy to be in this field, join us in China in 2017? Sending you all so much love – Namaste – Jasmuheen.














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Sacred Art Retreat with our Chinese friends


  大家好, 我是来自广东东莞的潘彦匀,寂静师父起的名字叫马拉花,我一直都是个异常自闭的女孩,从不敢与任何人交流,所以只能用羡慕的眼光去看别人。今年,我参加了空瓶子的澳大利亚亲子游学,感悟到了更多,希望与大家分享:


       在这里, 我们遇见了一位世间所有奇迹中最大的奇迹人物:洁丝慕音老师。据说她二十多年没有吃饭了,这使我吓了一大跳,我发现她讲课一口气能讲一整天,显得比正常人还健康。我曾是一个十分爱画画的孩子,可不知从什么时候起,我的画不再上色,直到有一天,我提起笔,再也难以画出事物。我认为这是成熟的表现,但洁丝慕音老师已经是六旬的老人了,年纪比我大多了,她所作的画确是那样美妙而富有灵性,完全的展示了一个丰富的内心世界。
















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众神之食 第1章


自由书“神的食物”的Jasmuheen – 点击这里下载

对权力的渴望让我们征服他人,而对知识的渴望让我们寻求自身的成长。对财富的渴望让我们剥削他人,而对无私的追求使财富得以重新分配。对沟通的渴望让我们与他人联结,而对真正食物的饥渴经常让我们处于匮乏之中。对智慧的饥渴让我们更加深入内求,而同时生命会试探我们,看我们如何应用智慧。对真理的渴求让我们发现圣杯(Holy Grail)在我们之内,圣杯中盛的灵丹妙药就叫做灵魂(Spirit)。
对灵魂的渴求向我们揭示了内在的圣者(Divine One Within)——这是一个主机控制器,管理着非常复杂的、包含有6.3兆细胞的生物系统,该系统以特定的速度振动,并与有生命存在的场域共同脉动,从而决定了我们在整个一生中会经历哪些不同的实相。
成功地满足我们的饥渴,从而在任何层面上都免于饥饿,需要整体全面的教育,需要我们认识到自己真正是谁。忽略我们这个6.3兆细胞系统的任何一个方面的运作,就像生活在黑暗之中,并否认我们拥有视力一样。如果我们从来没有看见过,我们就不知道自己缺失了什么;但如果我们有视力,我们就有更大的调整空间。事实上,是内在的圣者(DOW),即我们的神圣本我(Divine self),希望我们认识祂,因为在我们呼吸生存的机体背后,祂才是真正的驱动力量。



在我们进入神圣营养项目(Divine Nutrition Program)前,让我们深入看一下我们可以获取的3种营养级别的分类。我并不喜欢分类,这让我们的物种更加分离,但在本书中进行如下分类能让叙述更为方便:

2级的生物系统在各个层面都有足够滋养,因此个人会在健康、幸福、平和和富足等方面获得持续性的满足。2级的人倾向于将脑波模式保持在Alpha – Theta 频域。

一个有3级生物系统的人不再需要很多的地球资源,如果愿意,他们也不用依靠物质食物维生,同时能保持机体健康无病。有些3级的人也可以避免死亡和衰老的过程。一个3级的生物系统也能运用许多自己的超自然能力,并倾向于将脑波模式保持在Theta – Delta 频域。





《众神之食》这本书及其研究和建议适用于任何渴望爱、健康和幸福,以及/或者平和与富足的人。我把这种渴望在神圣营养项目(Divine Nutrition Program)中称作“1级”。在“2级”中,我们满足了这种渴望,获得了健康、幸福、平和以及富足;在此级别,我们获得并使用工具,得到了所需营养,并吸引这些事物来到我们的场域。此后是神圣营养项目的“3级”,我们在此进一步提升净化自己,学习如何摆脱对物质食物的需求,以及如何在Theta – Delta频波的紫外光谱中更自由地生存。本书中对两者均有论述,并提供了成功实现这两种范式的工具。
许多关注我故事的人知道,在经过一辈子的训练后,我从1993年开始了自己的体验性研究,此后记录并报导了我进入“众神之食”领域的旅程。在长达22年多的时间里,我一直都在有意识地进入这个领域,以收取无尽的爱之流及疗愈指导,但是这个领域的天赐普拉纳营养仍有待开发。我们在本系列的前两本书中描述了这个旅程,以及该旅程在个人以及全球层面上和我们的关联。前两本书是:《普拉纳滋养——新千年的营养》(另名《以光维生》)以及《光的大使——世界健康及饥荒议题》。(Pranic Nourishment – Nutrition for the New Millennium (also known as Living on Light) and Ambassadors of Light – World Health & World Hunger Project)
在这第三本书中,我们将多维生物场科学(Dimensional Biofield Science)的观点引入了神圣营养的现实。当然,我在本书中也进一步阐述了我最热衷的主题——我们所有人内在的神(God within us all),这股全能、全知、充满爱意、无处不在的力量,这股给予我们呼吸和指引的力量,这股孕育所有场域的生命并滋养和维持所有生命的力量——这股力量也表现为神圣母亲之爱,被我称作玛利亚频域(Madonna Frequency Field)。对于这股力量,我奉献出我所有的忠诚、爱和时间,因为了知祂即爱祂,与祂合一让我们所有的问题消失,让我们的内在存有(inner being)感到真正的滋养与满足。
a) 做一个活生生的典范,向自己证明我的肉体可以仅仅依靠普拉纳或神圣营养而健康存活,让自己了无疑惑,得以在一片争议和怀疑(之前我不知道这些注定会发生)中昂然挺立;
b) 收集并分享我可以找到的所有研究,以支持这个旅程,并让其他人更容易明白;
c) 为世界健康和饥荒问题找到解决方案;
d) 分享任何新研究,以继续桥接灵性领域(metaphysical fields)以及主流的科学和医学领域;
e) 现在提供一种安全、实用而简易的方法,让感兴趣的大众能获得另外一个层次的自由—— 无需使用过多的世界资源;远离疾病和饥饿;拥有选择自由,并最终免于我们情绪、心智和精神上的厌食状态。
(a)、(b)、(c)三点在本系列的前两本书中已经说明,(d) 和 (e) 将在本书中阐述。虽然如此,这个领域不是一个人可以攻克的,因为桥接不同的世界是全球进化游戏的一个部分。要看懂我们在本书中分享的内容,并不需要先读其他两本书。
我在此呼求,请在任何行动中都带有尊敬之心,并怀系所有众生的福祉。如果我们行事正直并重视荣誉,像《生物场与极乐》(‘Biofields & Bliss’)系列丛书中讨论的那样,追求一个多赢的解决之道,我们的世界可以前进到真正文明的状态,饥荒、贫穷、战争和暴力将成为前尘往事。
《众神之食》中提供的有些信息是我们在处于Theta – Delta 区域时直觉接收到的(因此有的信息只能被特定的人所验证:即可以进入这些频道以及愿意去体验这个独特天赋礼物的人)。此外,我们也提供了足够多的基础性多维生物场科学信息,以桥接不同的领域。

a) 您相信有这一股全知全能、充满爱意、无处不在的力量(也存在于我们每个人之内)。没有这个信念,我们的大部分提议看上去都是不着边际的;不过在多维生物场科学方面,我们至少还是能提供一些实用的内容,可供您未来深入思索。
b) 您愿意更多地去了解这股力量,您可以信任自己的内在本能,并运用自己的辨别能力,因为在我们探索的领域中,只有您自己的直觉可以确认到底何为真实。

这是我灵性话题的第18本书了,许多基本的神秘性教导在《共振》(In Resonance )这本书中有说明,相关的科学原理在《生物场与极乐》系列丛书(包括地球和平项目)中有详细解释。我们并不想去说服读者相信本书中的任何内容,所以如果您之前读过一些灵性书籍会更加容易,不过我们会以相对简单的方式来呈现我们的研究。



洁丝慕音在中国- 和平使馆宗旨



洁丝慕音背景 – 和平使馆创始人 – -洁丝慕音老师有超过42年的静心历史,也是位于印度的全球灵性科学家大会的终身主席。她擅长使用炼金术般的静心过程来深化内在世界的旅程,能让人们更深地融入自己的开悟本质。作为和平使馆的一位和平大使,洁丝慕音老师在全世界旅行教学超过20年的时间,并以她的专长为哥伦比亚的部落文化、亚马逊及巴西的贫民窟等等这个世界的众多地方促成许多正面积极的美善之事。她也曾协助不同层级的政府工作,包括2013年在维也纳某联合国集会中再度呈现她的工作给世人。在这段期间,她藉由发展与内在神圣资源更强的连结,不断致力于协助教育数以百万计的人们能更善用全球资源;而她个人从1993年起也已经转换成藉由生命能普拉纳(prana)来滋养自己的生命,在超过20年的时间里她不需要依赖实体食物。洁丝慕音深度平和、轻松幽默,总是充满了爱,她的聚会也总是充满了灵感、富于启迪的!





除了这些项目以外,洁丝慕音的专长是每年一次的11天的黑暗静心营 —— 其中9天9夜完全在黑暗中度过,没有任何外部光线或物质食物。该课程一般每年3月份在泰国举办,这也是和平使馆普拉纳生活项目的一个部分。在黑关中,洁丝慕音与一小群意愿一致的人聚集在一起,关注于转换内在营养供给体系,以增加内在层面的普拉纳流动,实现个人觉悟,并从人类的限制中解放出来。在黑关中,洁丝慕音会涉及许多其他的议题,例如永生不死、永葆青春、扬升与开悟,今日世界的服务,心灵感应,享受更高维度的创造,以及团体神性通过每日讨论和静心所下载的其他任何内容。还有深沉静默独处的时段,以及每日的深入静心和身体系统的能量工作。这个黑关也是给人们提供机会,来活出那8点甜美生活方式,并实际感受到这个有效生活方式的益处。



• 通过体验洞察到我们的自我维持模板——激活并强化模板
• 如何测量你的普拉纳滋养比例,以安全实现身体系统的转换
• 光体本质滋养的静心—— 调整和允许的模型
• 内在和外在和谐、和平的生活方式以及普拉纳生活
• 有效地获得和使用其他资源—— 通过我们自己光体本质的辐射来滋养地球
• 工具和技巧,来实现充满恩典的进化,并消除我们的所有饥饿——如何测量我们的普拉纳比例,提升我们的气和本质辐射
• 基于洁丝22年的个人体验性研究之上的最新资讯——宇宙微燃料、普拉纳生活,以及这些是如何应用在个人和全球健康等各个领域的!

和平使馆的实用项目—— 以下是和平使馆的提供的主要课程项目,经过培训认证的和平大使也可以与其社区分享。

1. 甜美生活计划 —— 在身体、情绪、心智和精神层面上享受健康、快乐与和谐的韵律。甜美生活计划是由我们的和平大使提供的,作为一个深刻转化的11周课程,个人和社区得以从各种受苦中解脱,并大幅度提升他们的健康和生活质量。
2. 12条和平路径 —— 旨在让个人和全球都能体验到永久的和平。这12条和平路径包括成功密码,可以显化爱、健康、财富、热情和目的,以及共同创造更为互益的友谊和家庭关系模式。这些路径的宗旨是在我们准备好时,让我们个人和全球进入永久和平的韵律。这是一个12周的课程,可以由和平大使在他们各自的社区内分享。
3. 健康与疗愈 —— 一个预防医学项目,并可以实现和维持更为健康的生活韵律,同时在个人和全球层面上有效应对所有疾病。
4. 普拉纳生活 —— 消除所有的健康与饥饿议题,支持长期的可持续性利用资源,正面影响并逆转全球变暖,改善健康并通过扩展个人的觉知意识和重新分配地球资源而关注个人的基本权益。这种方式可以实现我们个人存在的各个层面的和谐生活,以及我们与地球上各种生物的和谐共存。
5. 跨维度的能量场科学项目 ——与宇宙法则以及高级光科学协同运作,以实现在同一个星球上作为合一人类和谐生活的宗旨,同时应用科学原理来有效设立个人、全球和宇宙的和谐化过程。进入并生活在人间天堂(使用香巴拉矩阵并与其一致)。这个项目也融合了玄学和奇妙的宇宙法则,在许多课题上引入了更高维度的观点,比如我们内在携带的模板、我们的多维度本性、其他体系内的生命、外星人、内在层面的沟通网络——这些能影响进化,并让所有的人都获益,而且益处不仅于此。
6. 真爱生活项目 —— 该项目会提供强有力的方式来转化我们的所有关系——我们和自身(有形体的神圣存在)的关系,以及我们与其他所有人的关系,这样我们可以体验健康、快乐与和谐的韵律,这些都是我们合一意识的自然组成部分。这个项目会让我们进入我们所能知晓的旷世爱情。

和平大使集会 – 和平大使每12-18个月聚集一次,培训新的大使,同时活跃的大使可以与大家分享,以利于我们项目的持续优化。洁丝老师期望在中国也能培养出更多的和平大使。

洁丝老师在中国的联络人及和平大使:吴玲 [email protected]


洁丝慕音在中国 – 优酷频道

所以,一如既往,用心感受什么是适合你的,如果你感到想与志同道合及其他参与我们的人们共聚,那就问宇宙再次给你带来所有你需要参与这个聚会的一切,以开心,轻松和感恩的心 – 时间,金钱,保姆和其他任何可能需要的东西。我们真正期待和你共渡这个宝贵的时光,我很想有你们来到我们2015年在你们城市举行的聚会,陪伴我们一起。
只有在那里你才可以获得下一步真正的意识……要静止,沉默,安宁……“洁丝慕音 – 神喻之殿 – 2015年2月9日
“亲爱的…通过你的身体系统和你的世界上所有的能量通道,门户正在扩大…您的多面性和他们的脉冲和流动的能量正在大量涌入,并逐渐和你和你的周围变得 更加一致… 对于很多人,你现在可能会感觉很累,或可以说是身体不适……所以我们希望你好好休息,保持静止……由于你的身体的光体更闪亮,你的世界在很多方面都正在重新配置……这不再是只顾忙碌做事的时候,而是只要当这个真正的你的实相……你会不断感觉到有所挑战,直到你接受了这个事 实……温柔的对自我,温柔的对所有人……“洁丝慕音 – 神喻之殿 – 2015年2月19日
“命运就像DOS,一个操作系统,运行多个由我们的头脑创做的软件程序,而这些又与宇宙意识的主机链接 – 一个无限创造性思维的头脑”
给大家很么多的爱、光和笑,这是洁丝慕音 – 和平大使


在爱情当中我们常常想要这种体验,实际上许多人都有这样的渴望,却没有意识到真正的挚爱是一种共振,只有在合一与完美结合的场域中才能发生,即内心深处神 圣婚姻的状态;我们越多地进入合一的场域,在那里没有高我/低我——在那里我们似乎与存在或觉知之流相遇,而觉知也会镜像这一切。不过很显然它们还是会保 留某种类型的个体觉知,因为我们整个系统会通过直觉为每个人携带的主题贴上标签。
然后在跨维度和多维度的层面上去连结其他生命流动的表达,也就是那些跨星系文明、处于不同能量波段的存在及更多,通过他们的眼睛、他们的观点看待地球的生 命,他们看到的就是我们未来的进化之路,意识到我们现在是如此之近地进入纯净觉知合一的状态,在这种状态下我们尊重一切至善,激发所有人的至善并学习如何 冲破二元性局限的流动与游戏——所有这些都是如此地鼓舞人心!
对我来说2015年的这次旅行是令人兴奋的,因为我再一次发现这些存在与我同在,新团队的能量再一次环绕着我,正如近来我在暗室中的经历一样,我知道团队 的支持不仅在我周围,也在地球上很多人周围,新的团队正在帮助我们重新定义进化,帮助我们发现完美的道路,散发完美的光谱频率,这样他们就能清晰地看到很 多人心底渴望的进化——所有已经准备好的人都能够让其在真实生活中显现。
我看到我们世界最美好的未来,或许它仍仅存在于平行现实波段中,还未完全在地球显现,但是它就在那里,每一天都更加光明、更加强烈。通过宇宙法则我们知道 你关注什么,什么就会成长,所以很高兴能够知晓现在场域的潜力越来越大,它带着力量、智慧与清晰同所有其他我们在地球上创造的现实振动,将我们带回至纯之 心所渴望的状态。


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Embodying Truth – Living in Mastery with Jasmuheen
体现真理 – 掌握自己的生活——与洁丝慕音一起
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Vegetarian Benefits – Breaking Habits – Comfortable Adjustments with Jasmuheen
素食的好处 – 打破习惯——与洁丝慕音一起进行舒适的调整
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Loves the World – 爱世界 – Jasmuheen’s Chinese Name


洁丝慕音在中国 – 优酷频道

和平大使洁丝慕音幸福论坛精彩摘录 – (link to interview)

人 们对灵性进行了很多层面的探究,但我经过42年的冥想,得出了一个结论:灵性和仁慈、慈悲有关。生活是一个令人惊异的灵性旅程,其中的每一件事都和灵性有 关。比如,做一个母亲、做一个妻子、做社区很好的一员等等,这些都需要灵性的觉知。从做人这个角度来讲,想要努力做得最好的话,我们需要用爱、善良、慈悲 来对待自己和他人。
而 冥想的美妙之处就在于它让我们处在一个寂静的状态,然后去感知我们的呼吸,去拥抱我们纯粹的本性,再让我们纯粹的本性充盈自己。体会到本自具足的美德之 后,我们就会感到平静和满足。因为幸福就在我们的内在,而不是外在。我们的内在有着无穷无尽的幸福,所以我们要通过灵性之旅,学会如何和我们内在的幸福频 道相协调。
但 是我们有时需要在生活中挣扎一番才能获得这些内心中本有的美好品质。例如,生活富裕了,我们各种各样的角色,母亲、妻子、丈夫、员工、老板等等。当我们花 时间去了解拥有不同角色的我们到底是谁的时候, 我们就会更有效率的生活和工作。所以,不要把生活和灵性分开。在人们像佛陀一样真正地认知自己之前,是不可能获得永恒的幸福。


那 最佳的提升灵性的技巧是什么呢?要在我们的生命当中去培养一些东西,让我们的心更加富足,同时让他人的心也更加富足。比如,我们可以去培养慈悲,那我们就 需要花费更多时间在培养慈悲方面。在西方我曾遇到过很多人说,当他们无私地帮助别人的时候,自己的悲伤马上就会消失。当我们情绪失衡时,就去做一些慈悲的 事情,这是一个能够很快改善自己情绪的方法。
曾 经有段时间,我感觉自己好像同时在过着三种生活,那时我在金融公司上班,每周工作60个小时,还要抚养孩子们,同时还是一位女瑜珈士。但很快我就意识到抚 养孩子是获得美德的一种方式,我的孩子教会了我耐心、不放弃、保持觉知。而我能够处理和孩子一切问题的唯一方式就是越来越深地进入自己的灵性。
当 我更深进入自己灵性的时候,我变得更健康,从来都不生病。而作为一位母亲,如果我生病了谁来料理这个家庭呢?所以对我而言,保持健康非常重要。除了身体之 外,情绪,心智,精神等等也都非常重要。我发现,随着灵性生活中各种修行的进展,它并没有花费更多时间,反而给我节省了很多时间。
如 果我的孩子6点起床,我就5点钟起床,花一个小时去冥想。在孩子们睡觉之后我还会冥想,而那个时间其他人可能会看电视。一个深度的灵性生活可以让我们生活 得更好,业务也会变得更好,因为灵性的修行会让我们的心智和思维变得更清晰,且具有更多创造力。当面临问题的时候,我们可以很轻松获得解决方案。



如果你真的想很好的去拥抱对方。首先,你们要进行眼神沟通,要去认可双方要交换的是纯粹的心的能量。如果你们都是身体右边接触,就好像在说我不想要和你深入的亲密接触。因为你们两个人的心没有在一起。对 于女人而言,做出这个决定很重要,你要成为观音代表,像个女王一样。我们从女性视角,当你拥抱的时候,敞开你自己整个的存有,让你成为神圣母亲,神圣女性 的无限爱的代表。请求流经你的是纯粹的爱,你将要拥抱的这个存有,准备好接收了,然后带着最大的爱。你另外一个手要放在他/她心轮后面,微笑,这是一个带 着满满的爱的拥抱。你就会在这个神圣的拥抱当中融化。当你成为好的拥抱者的时候,你就感觉好像两个人在共进一顿很好的晚餐。你的心有纯粹的爱,他们的心就 开始融化,他们有可能哭,也不知道什么原因。你的意图就是把对面这个人带进最神圣的爱当中,在神圣怀抱中他们可以休息,他们在那里找到安息之处。如果她们 需要哭就会哭出来,所以有的拥抱可能会花很长时间。有的人就是需要抱着他/她,直到他/她停止哭。
然 后来自你心间的神圣母亲的爱进入对方身体每个部分,融化他的内在,以及准备好放下的所有的一切。因为他们所有的这些伤痛,所有这些感受,就会从你这里吸引 过来,吸取进来无尽爱的源头。他们所需要疗愈的东西,都有威力。我们并不是通过人类本性去拥抱的,因为如果通过人性的拥抱,过了片刻,我们就会非常疲惫。 但是你如果能在当下临在,作为一个女皇,为一个代表,做为神圣女性无尽爱的代表,然后就可以一直拥抱,一直拥抱下去,一直拥抱下去……


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而这仅是整个灵性进程中的一部分,因为玄学一直是有关于生命的科学,而且玄学借用新时代(New age)实相或者认知,甚至是神经系统科学对于人类能量系统在更深层次的知识;这一切如何善巧利用到一种程度,能够让我们的生命成为一种非常动态的体验,如此可以产生丰富的充满情感的心的能量,







我很期待能够与你们一起,也满怀爱意期待今年行程中我们能够面对面相逢,也期待当我完成《真正的爱,纯粹的爱》(True Love Pure Love )你们会喜欢,以及期待你们喜欢所有通过我们管道流经的一切讯息!