What’s New 2020

Welcome to 2020!

Every year we add a page for what we are sharing that is new – either on our YouTube channel or Facebook pages, or our newsletter or our websites. We begin this year with links below to new YouTube playlists where we have lodged 98 videos since January 2020! Phew! Not all are live as some are part of our new Online Courses Freedom Series- launching soon!

Plus new meditations on our free YouTube playlist for this

Australian Bushfires – video insights plus recoding action – click to watch and participate effectively.

We have upgraded our Embassy of Peace website – many new videos!

The Baseline Beat – a one minute video insight on being nourished differently – click to see

Source Feeding Visual Insight – click to watch

Jasmuheen sharing on …

Our new Corona Wisdom data -Uplifting support during this surreal time – what we can do for self care and to care for others but from a different perspective than what some are offering – please use your discernment as there are so many offering amazing support! Our videos are displayed as we have released them – 3 for insights then some pragmatics.

In our wonderful Light Being Friends Playlist we offer many new messages of both Insights and Support during this Covid-19 pandemic on Earth – click here to tune to these.

To support people energetically to have strong immune systems and to flood our bodies with great energy we also have our Personal Energization playlist at this link.

Our newsletter on The Alchemy of Clarity & Shamballa’s Rising Matrix – click to view