Insights from Beijing – 10th May 2015

I sit on the couch in my hotel room looking out the window in a meditative, contemplative silent state. For days a flock of birds have been encircling the air over trees that are just outside my window. They fly around and around and it’s a reminder to me of the beauty of Mother Nature and the perfection that is everywhere to be found if we have the eyes to look even in busy cities.

I’m quite surprised in a way, at the energy in Beijing; it’s a beautiful city. Yes the air is heavy and not particularly clean and I feel this in my nose and throat as the days go by, grateful for the puffer I carry that coats my throat and lungs with a special salt that comes from deep under ground that is healing. I have learned over the years of my travel to look after my body as well as I can, sometimes using external aids, often just recalibrating myself in meditation.

I realise that the birds are pigeons, that they belong to the pigeon keeper who has a home for them on the roof of a building beside my hotel and that a few times every day he allows them to fly free to exercise their wings. It is interesting to note that they don’t go far. They fly until they are exhausted and then gently land back on the roof, happy to be back where they feel perhaps that they belong, where they are fed and taken care of.

I feel a little like that myself as I fly constantly around this world, visiting different countries, witnessing what is unfolding there and the energy here in Beijing, China is very peaceful. There is a nice sense of order here with people just like people anywhere else around the world – walking the streets, being in the markets, laughing together, friends gathering in restaurants, mothers and children playing, babies being admired.

The people here are so friendly, they smile when I walk by, perhaps sensing that I too am light of heart and friendly. We know of course that the universe rearranges itself to reflect our own consciousness back to us so if we walk through this world open-hearted, loving, friendly, smiling, looking for the good and the God in all then this rises to be reflected back to us. 

The harmonics of human relationships all around the world are so interesting to witness and yet they are all much the same regardless of culture, country or religion.

I feel deep within this land the energy of Confucius and a comfort here as if somehow I have come home. I know that this too is because I work so closely with the energy that was once known as Lao Tzu that now manifests itself around the Western world as Saint Germain. It is so nice for me to feel this one once more in my field as since Darkroom we have reconnected again.

I love the flows of consciousness that weave in and out of our fields when we are open, when we sit in the field of love in deep awareness of the Matrix of Creation and all that she contains. So many flows of individualised consciousness, so many flows of wisdom, all of it bubbling out of that field of pure love and when we sit in this field, when we access it through our lifestyle alignment and our breath, there is so much that comes to fill the field, to fill our hearts, and also to nourish our bodies that goes way beyond the physical plane. To be able to walk through the physical plane of cities or countries and to feel that pulse of peace, that pulse of pure vibrant divine love washing through us constantly is such a joy, such a gift and yet our hearts must be open, we must be ready for the more or else none of this can be revealed.

For me it has been interesting this weekend in Beijing, working with people who have come to our gathering, to sense the differences among them all and yet to sense beyond this that common pulse of everyone’s pure enlightened essence nature.

photo 3

[Image: Our Beautiful Beijing gathering]

Like in all gatherings, for some they go deep in our meditations and receive so much while for others their monkey-mind draws them away for the monkey-mind still is the boss of their system, keeping them locked in the external world, their hearts not as full as they could be, their lives not yet a consistent flow of Grace. To understand that the monkey-mind is a wonderful servant but can never be the boss of the bio-system, that the essence we carry within is the true master waiting to be revealed, guiding, loving, doing all that is required to care for us as we experience life in this dense dimension, to know this is so liberating for then when we master this we can more easily experience the multidimensional world and the interdimensional world and all that it contains.

And so I close my eyes as the pigeons continue to circle and allow myself to let go again of all that is obvious when I look with physical eyes outside my hotel window, and as I let it all go I sink deep into that ocean of pure love within, to rest before another day begins.

This is Jasmuheen reporting from Beijing for the Embassy of Peace.


[Image: Jasmuheen visiting the Temple of Heaven, Beijing China]