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We Stand For Peace

Online Course – Pathways of Peace for Personal and Global Peace

The Pathways of Peace Program has been taught successfully by our Ambassadors of Peace in so many countries – literally transforming the lives of thousands of people.  In this online series Jasmuheen – as Embassy of Peace founder – will take you through each step of this life enhancing program on a week by week basis so that it is a 12 week course or longer, of transformation on many levels.
As part of this course you will receive …
Video insights, audios, a workbook to record the changes in your life and your insights plus regular tune ins and updates with Jasmuheen as she answers any issues and questions that you may have.
She will also be working with the Angelics to guide you through very specific meditations that are relevant to these current times as many on Earth seek now to stabliize themselves in the rhythm of peace.
Please note that pricing is in Australian dollars and payments can be made monthly as well.
Pathways of Peace and The Freedom deep Peace Brings
In the following video Jasmuheen shares of the joyous energy behind this course plus the benefits of this course!
This is a program given to Earth by the Angelics through Jasmuheen and so it carries a very particular frequency spectrum which is very different to our other Programs with the Embassy of Peace.
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It’s Complicated yet Support Comes

Hello everyone,
As I go deeper into filming and receiving data for our latest online course on the Alchemy of Health and Healing – that I know so many of you are waiting for – all I find myself saying and thinking is …
It’s complicated … and yet … there is quantum benevolence that seems to ensure we always receive what we need when we need it … and as this intelligence is everywhere and pulsating through and around us, we can relax more and trust that all will come to us all as required … whether it be a pause in a busy flow of life through being grounded from travel or in some type of lock-down, I prefer to see it all as just another opportunity to play in a different way in our lives on Earth!
While I am so grateful for this extended time period of being off the road, where I can research and study and bring myself up to date with the latest findings on human health … all I keep feeling as I study more is that it is complicated …
It’s complicated because we are all such unique systems of energy and so our journeys back into that state of health on all levels are also so unique as is the wisdom that we gain through this deep immersion we have all had by living in duality!
So for those of you whose time zones don’t match some of our interviews, you can enjoy it all now here – Free Online Global Events – in this section we will be posting videos and meditations plus audios of our free Global events that we hold from time to time via Zoom gatherings and in other ways. You will also find mp3 audios of the incredibly insightful Light Being messages from our YouTube videos that you can download and listen to any time that suits you! Also there, is our recent Zoom meeting with Dr Edith Ubuntu Chan where we share various Global Insights in response to many questions for the gathering. Also see Global Upgrade Meditation plus Light Being Message with Jasmuheen that follows this as Part 2 of Global Insights – at this link.
Also you may enjoy our recent podcast discussions and more Source feeding focused insights with the wonderful men from Alfa Vedic at this link. The audio of this is available for download from our Free Online Global Events.
Recently I discovered the work of Dr Zack Bush who has one of the best insights into microbiology and viruses and more and on what Mother Nature is offering via viral updates – yet his statistics on health and also solutions for becoming healthier as a people and as a planet are well worth absorbing so we trust you will enjoy the video links below – we know the videos are long but they are jam packed with great information!!
As many of you know, we have created a Corona Wisdom YouTube playlist and so we have placed some of his findings there yet his research offers so much more including answers to why some people have a hard time transitioning into Source Feeding which is due to their microbiome being out of balance which we have long noticed during our darkroom retreats especially over the last 5 years!
According to research at the University of Washington, “The microbiome is the genetic material of all the microbes – bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses – that live on and inside the human body. The number of genes in all the microbes in one person’s microbiome is 200 times the number of genes in the human genome. The microbiome may weigh as much as five pounds.”
Our microbiome forms 90% of who we are and our human self is just 10%! It also determines serotonin levels, talks constantly to and programs the brain which operates more as a CPU or central processing unit and it also determines our physical health and dis-ease levels … when our microbiome is out of balance we see so many levels of dis-ease including obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression and feelings of loneliness.
In fact as many of you already know, our gut health – our microbiome – determines much of our physical health and also people’s general dis-ease patterns, yet even this is just one small aspect of health for we also have our mental health and its effect on our emotional health and stress levels which then effects our physical health.
As we all now know, our perceptions always trigger emotional responses of some sort – when we see the bigger picture we tend to stay relaxed, at peace and calm, when we dive too deep into social media and general medias holographic realms, we then tend to feel more concerned regarding life on Earth today …
Then we have the lack of experiential awareness of our core Essence nature so that there is no clear master of the complete bio-system which – lacking clear mastery and direction from our unawakened state – tends to send out more random signalling through the Unified Field which results in a more random based experience of life as is the way of the Universal Law of Resonance.
Now more that ever we need to be both mentally and emotionally stable and anchored in and operating from our core Essence nature … we achieve this anchoring through our lifestyle and so it is wonderful to have our online Luscious Lifestyle Program available now! (See link for this below.)
On a nourishment level, Source feeding is so simple compared to the complication of bringing then keeping the human bio-system into a state of health on all levels via other methods as Source Energy, when strong enough, naturally revitalises and recalibrates the complete system including our microbiology signalling!
Yet for those not interested in being so extreme, we also have other methodology for bio-system harmony … and as unique beings, we all find our way into that as our hearts and minds seek to be in this more harmonious state.
Still our programs at the Embassy of Peace can also help to facilitate this as well so you can see more on these below …
So please enjoy wonderful quotes below and also links to amazing videos including the fun beatbox guys!!
Biggest hugs to you all – Jasmuheen and Anjie


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Contact and Clarity




Hello everyone,
So many choices, so many online courses or movies to watch on Netflix or Gaia TV as so many are deeper now in lock-down – whether you are in a country with closed borders as I am in Australia or whether travel has become so difficult due to quarantining, or you are just in a country that is again in community lock-down – never before have we had so much choice and also time regarding how to keep ourselves healthy and happy during this major transition time on Earth for as we all know we feed what we focus on!!
For those who like to keep it very simple, here is my personal formula for staying in a great space both mentally and emotionally throughout these challenging times!
  • Daily meditation in silent stillness
  • focused on my breath
  • using the Name it Claim It Meditation and power mantras that we talk of in our Online Courses and have offered freely on YouTube at this link
  • keeping my heart filled with gratitude for all that is good in life …
  • staying focused in the now moment as much as I can – not living in the past or the future as the past is done and we are weaving in a new future by what we are giving our energy to today …
  • being kind to myself and self nurturing
  • doing the same to others – being kind and nurturing to all … and also
  • acknowledging that we are in huge blending times so to keep out of too much mental analysis as all patterns are changing!
  • Therefore, I try to feed myself physically, mentally and emotionally with the most nourishing rhythms of energy that keep me in the zone of my choice!
While this is my personal formula, yes it works so well for many! Clarity, nourishing choices and good communication are essential for us all right now!
We hope enjoy the links below to our insightful videos – and from others – and also our links and data regarding our various live gatherings and also for a little more insight to our latest online course that is now available which is The Alchemy of Contact!
It was so nice to sit together and be with people, broadcasted live in Brazil recently, to meditate, share and just generally support each other. In our sharing and meditation we were shown that beautiful mandala energy matrix that we each carry above us that is linked to the Unified realms, how that same mandala pattern is below us and forms part of the Shambala Matrix and how the two feed energy in through our body of light as we reside in density on Earth. It was all so beautiful to see, sense and acknowledge as such is the power of group gatherings where so much can come through. This meditation is now available in English and Portuguese languages!
For those of you who love the Ascended Masters, we have created a YouTube playlist that we call “Ascended Masters & Others Inspiring Messages” (Messages of Hope) – at this link – with new insights being added weekly. The latest message from Arcturius on the Magic of Merlin, is below.
Biggest hugs to you all – Jasmuheen and Anjie

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Meeting Babaji and Inner Net Power


In this third very personal story of Jasmuheen’s life she describes the magical web of the innernet that supports us all to fulfill what we are born to do. She also shares of how it was Babaji who helped to launch the Pranic Nourishment reality among his ashrams in Germany in 1997-98. Within a year there were 5000 people in Germany who had this freedom.

This video is part of her Inspiring Real Life stories playlist where in the previous 2 videos she shares about a deeply challenging time in her life and then connecting with St Germain who supported her emergence onto the global stage to share her source feeding experiences in the mid 1990’s.

For more inspirational insights and to watch the previous videos 1 & 2 ….The Inspiring Real Life stories playlist is at this link

Effectively Dealing with a Challenging Life

In this video Jasmuheen begins this series of inspiring real life stories, with sharing of a time in her own life of many big challenges and how she dealt with them and also what she learnt .

So many people in our world today are also dealing with huge life challenges – people dying, disease, loss or work or finances, ignoring our hearts call and dealing with the consequences – and as you can see by this video and series, all of this is part of Jasmuheen’s journey as well which she shares to help uplift those who may be suffering …

For more inspirational insights ….

Life Quality & Quantity

plus The Intergalactic Way & the Way of the Intergalactics with Jasmuheen

It is so fascinating to be at that point in my life where I am watching so many in my family go through what some would term the usual declining of physical abilities due to age. My mother would have been 100 this year had she still lived, and as my brother moves towards his 80’s he too is so surprised that he is still alive, considering that he had open heart surgery in his 40’s. Since then he has struggled with many health issues as a direct result of a lifestyle that he has chosen and enjoys fully to this day.

We know that until somebody is really done with an old way of being, nothing will change for them and yet for me I am surrounded by so many in the work that I do who are prepared to make that shift and who are ready to live a much higher quality of life, not focused on quantity perhaps but quality.

My brother is an interesting case because he is surprised at the quantity of life he has enjoyed, considering the health issues he has had for so long and yet at the same time his quality of life has not been good. We have spent many hours in deep discussion about so many issues especially regarding the change of lifestyle that can halt disease and also reverse the process of disease in a human system.

We recently watched together the documentary Forks over Knives which I’d shown on my latest tour in China. It was interesting to find there that still many who had come to our Cosmic Bigu retreat were enjoying eating animal substances and were still ingesting quite a lot of animal protein. For them, the movie was revelational as they hadn’t been exposed to its wonderful research that proves so clearly that too much animal protein can trigger many diseases in the human body and that the right amount of protein to not trigger these diseases is around 5%, a lot less than is in the Western diet.

My brother and I then watched That Sugar Film which also is very significant to see a person choose to submit them self to demonstrate what a diet of so-called ‘healthy’ foods is like, foods that are high in hidden sugar and to watch the impact of that on his physical body over a course of time, to see the weight gain plus the various triggers of diseases beginning to rise in just two short months was quite revelational again. And yet while my brother enjoyed the research, no change will be made in the way he chooses to spend his time. As he shares, he loves his spiritual life so much and he also loves his food choices despite the fact that they are slowly killing him. Still food and his spiritual path are his great loves in his life right now.

And so for me, it is about unconditional love, to just love my family and friends regardless of any of their choices in life.

This reality of unconditional love despite each other’s choices is a very consuming one to be involved in and to just focus on all the gifts that each one brings into our field is a wonderful learning, for each one’s life is just that, their own personal journey.

As a visionary I can see so clearly the dropping of a body and the standing back in spirit form assessing the life just lived in linear time and being responsible for every choice and the outcome of every choice made, and yet as we open more to our multidimensional nature we can see all of this so clearly without the need for death and seeing it then. We can see how each choice we make leads to that path, and that choice leads to another and that we can not only just affect the quality of our lives through our daily choices, but also the quantity of our life to a large degree.

It has long been said that the lightworkers are no longer coded with an exit time that we literally can live on Earth for as long as we want, the only thing determining this is our day to day choices and how we are spending time which has a direct correlation on our health and so for me it is so interesting to see so many people in our world struggling with so many issues that are so easy to resolve to bring not just quality but quantity of life as well.

For years we have shared the Luscious Lifestyle program which we all live together in the darkroom retreats each year and, testing people’s health before they enter and then after, we find a 98% improvement in the health of everyone who comes. Those whose health does not improve are still in the detoxification process nine days later having not prepared their bodies before they came into the field.

This detoxification of the body can happen so gently and naturally just by going into a sugar free and plant-based diet and then to maybe even slowly replace different fuel choices until we can tap into being completely Source fed, which is another freedom altogether.

I love this journey of life for I find myself always learning on so many levels especially this lesson of just accepting that each one’s journey is so uniquely their own and loving them despite their choices because it is their personal journey and nothing to do with me; to love them instead just for all the gifts that they bring to my life in every exchange; to go beyond all the differences and find that common ground where we can be together and just enjoy the moment shared for however long we may have them in our lives.

For some this life is passing too quickly and many will drop their physical form in the coming time – to have not just a lightbody upgrade, but also a DNA upgrade and so their time out from this Earth plane will be quite brief as they then come back in the upgraded system to continue on in this life and to share the gifts that they have been already pre-encoded to deliver to the Earth and her people at this time.

This is the way of the Intergalactics which will be our focus for the next few months and also as part of the third offering of the Embassy of Peace Programs – for we have shared personal harmonization programs and also global harmonization programs and now of course we are more focused on the Universal ascension reality and the way of those of the unified realms.

We are facing this triple level ascension program right now, first the personal unification and harmonization of all levels of our own being which then naturally spills into the global, which spills into the universal and so as a result we are also going through this time of the human sandwich with its shaking up of so many systems.

We will continue to share of the way of the intergalactics in our gatherings in Paris, Zurich and also in Brazil and Argentina and then Japan this year and when we meet in Rishikesh, India for the next Embassy of Peace training retreat in October of 2020, we will have solidified this third layer of this triple ascension process.

We call this the way of the intergalactics, or the intergalactic way simply because there are paths we can follow to come into this state of unity consciousness within ourselves and also within our world so that we will find ourselves in a higher state of awareness of what exists on the multidimensional levels within this universe and many others.

What I find so fascinating is I am meeting more and more people who are now being guided from star systems way beyond our universe, beyond the Pleaides, beyond Sirius, beyond Arcturus, Andromeda and more for these are common influences we have long enjoyed, yet now they are beaming in from other universes again. Some would call these ones our future life selves who, having dropped this physical body, have now incarnated in linear time into different worlds and different universal matrices – for the multiverses are vast and yet of course in the eternal now as we relax fully into this present moment where all of this can be revealed, we realise that linear time no longer exists at all.

And so we continue with our amazing ascension process, this triple ascension game that is being played out by so many on Earth and with this we wish you all the love and all the joy, all the happiness and all the fun of the moment by moment choices we can make to improve the quality of our life and to have our frequency as a result improve the quality of life of all.

This is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace.

An Enlightening Evolution

22 years on the road, traveling constantly all over our world, meeting with thousands and thousands, reaching millions more through global media, all of this has now seen me take some well overdue ‘long service leave’, a time to be in my mountain ashram, enjoy family and nature and all that surrounds me.

Yet around me such great change continues to rage on as people are now being challenged  over the world to assess exactly how they wish to live as we enter this new phase of evolution. And so I have been called to create our New World Affairs playlist and to ask questions like, what is an enlightened evolution.

Here is a video on this insight with pragmatic and relevant coding that you may enjoy!


Can it be that simple?


once we understand quantum intelligence

and how energy responds to our dominant thoughts and feelings!

Successful Living – One People in Harmony on One Planet

I sit in my meditation room with such beautiful sounds of Ashana singing Ave Maria in the background as I listen to her CD. I feel so blessed to live in a world where we have such incredible musicians, who through their own spiritual life journey are tuning in to channels that are so nourishing for our hearts.

Like many, I love inspirational music that touches the heart and makes us relax and feel more at one with life and creation and I also love how this oneness and deep connection with a more gentle harmonious rhythm in existence, comes naturally to us all when we stimulate into perfect harmony our left and right-brain activity, to honour the fact that this human energy system has been encoded, imprinted, programmed, and created to experience a multitude of realities in each existence, and that becoming aware of all of this is such a life changing experience and offers a momentous leap in our evolution.

When we add the ancient art of meditation and the awareness, the alignment to an experience of that pure force of creation, that is breathing us, then our life becomes so rich. For me personally I’ve experienced this unhooking of human hungers, this satiation on such deep levels as this true nature reveals itself to us, when we are curious, open, aware and wanting to experience our highest potential.

We live in an energy field that M-Theory is just beginning to understand and investigate. Our scientists are involved in ground breaking research that will one day match the experiences of a harmonised system whose intuitive nature is as strong as it’s logical nature, whose emotional intelligence is strong, who ethically is clear, who is a visionary of dreams that will allow people to just feel fabulous again, without any dependence on anything outside of ourselves, a state we can all achieve just by the spending of our time in a particular way.

There’s no secret to a successful life, and the determiner must begin with each individual just taking time to look at life honestly and assess questions like: ‘Am I fulfilling my dreams? Is my heart happy? Am I happy? Am I healthy? Do I have a life that I am just so pleased with the creation of, and a life that allows me to experience true heart richness, pure heart connectedness, higher more mature relating with everyone in life?’ Even questions like, ‘Just what is available to an emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically well-fed system? ‘

In other words we have learned enough on Earth in our existences to play, experiment personally and bring ourselves, as self-responsible people interested in self-mastery, into rhythms that create mutually beneficial flows; so for many now this may mean dancing in existence in a very fluid, flexible yet passionate, heart singing more enlightened way.

The rewards that come to each one of us when we elect to run the human bio-system in rhythms that are beneficial for the whole, could be described as miraculous, and so life on this planet offers us many incredible opportunities to play and experience, dance and sing, and be joyous, or go to the other end of the spectrum and suffer greatly. Everything is here for us as creative beings, every rhythm that we can step into and enjoy, every rhythm that we can pull back from and sit in stillness, detached and then decide which rivers of energy we want to play in and add to, contribute to, enjoy, float in, and gel in. We can play deep in duality which we have done for a long time or we can go beyond duality and play in a very harmonious, strong, passionate, peaceful and fabulous rhythm, for this is here too.

So planet Earth is growing up, it’s people are maturing, more and more people are saying ‘yes, yes, yes’ to more uplifting rhythms. If I like all of what I have just read or just heard then I can say ‘yes, yes, yes, I’m happy to now step in to this new paradigm, I am happy now to flow in, enjoy, and play. I am happy to also let people do what they need to do in this world, trusting that if they’re deep in duality, that this is a game that is important for them as they will gain virtues from this, they will become richer of heart just like we all eventually do, but our choice is here right now, and so we choose to let the past go, it’s done and each new moment is here for us to create with love and wisdom the life our hearts call us to live.

As I’m always travelling this world and meeting the most amazing people, I also always hearing their stories, hearing of the games that they’ve been playing – their life games and family games, the spiritual splendours, they’ve been enjoying and so much more and there are some very incredible rhythms of energy now that are so easy to step into, so all we have to do is say ‘yes, yes, yes, I’m ready, let’s just crank this game up a little, flip up the notch, take it to another level, we’re ready, let’s have fun on Earth, let’s create wisely, let’s take care of our children, let’s take care of everyone in this world in a very kind-hearted loving way, let’s put aside our differences, let’s honour the first nation people from all continents, our Indigenous Elders, who are telepathically connected with Mother Earth, telepathically and energetically connected with other indigenous elders, who are all also in those same unified brain wave patterns of the harmonized left and right brain hemisphere.

This too is part of the mystery schools training, this too is part of the ancient wisdom, this too is part of the indigenous understanding, as all acknowledge in their way, the need to honour and be in balance, to honour the rhythms of existence, from Universal Law to the masculine/feminine flows, to our intuitive/logical nature, to so much more, so that we can all walk in balance and harmony with each other and with the land, with the universe, so that we can all be open to experience the highest possibilities of our dreaming. in our own way, rhythm and time. It’s there for us, all of us, and this unified state is so easy to access, we just need to say ‘yes, yes, yes’ in this now moment, ‘yes, yes, yes, I’m ready, I’m open, lock it in, let us play’.

So I hope that you’ll come and join us on tour. Go to www.jasmuheen.com and you will find our tour schedule, see where we are, come and join us this year before we take some quiet time in the next few years and travelling a lot less. I have some books I’m writing and I need to finish and I want to spend a bit more home time too next year.

So loving you all, so wonderful to talk to you and just say ‘yes, yes, yes, to a greater more loving, kind and fun game,’ let’s finally move out of all of those old patterns of duality of the hate and the anger, greed, warfare, violence, poverty games and all of that, let us do what we can to open educational pathways for people to move out of duality when they are ready, let us redistribute resources with consciousness and the ‘We are One People living in harmony on One Planet’ agenda.

So how do we do now co-create this? Can we honour the best of all, of everyone what we are all offering, can we do this? Can we just say ‘yes, yes, yes, let’s open now to the rhythms of harmonious existence and harmonious co-creation in our world, let’s now move into that paradigm where everything is mutually beneficial and operates for the highest good of all, where everything is harmonised so that we are in that rhythm of health, happiness and harmony when we are ready for it, when we are open to it, when we want it to be consistent, when we want to live permanently anchored from that baseline. We can do this also by being open and asking for the perfect formula for everyone to come through to them in their way, in their time, with each one adding beautifully to our global matrix all the gifts they’ve come to bring, sharing freely yet in balance all their talents, their trainings, and all the things that people are good at. Some people are just so kind-hearted, some people are just so wise and gentle and loving, some people are so patient and all around the world there are people radiating specific virtues and when we blend all of that together we come into such an interesting space of honouring the diversity we each bring, regardless of race, colour, gender or creed or culture or religion.

This is what the one people on one planet living in harmony agenda is about, it’s about honouring that which each one honours, respecting that which each one is giving homage to and respecting all while co-creating realities that unify us, and allow us to live in rhythms of health, happiness and harmony within ourselves and with all life in mutually enhancing ways.

These are all such simple agendas of the Embassy of Peace. We would love to see you in our Embassy of Peace retreat that is coming up in Sardinia in September, we’ll be doing this annually somewhere around the world, so come and be a part of what we’ve talked about, commit to these paradigms, maybe become an Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace.

This is Jasmuheen, look forward to hearing from you soon, or seeing you on the innernet in deep meditative states where we can connect on the internet or on the outside world as I travel with this physical body and get to enjoy all the incredible people in our world as I do so. Namaste. Big hugs, love to you all!

Insights from Beijing – 10th May 2015

I sit on the couch in my hotel room looking out the window in a meditative, contemplative silent state. For days a flock of birds have been encircling the air over trees that are just outside my window. They fly around and around and it’s a reminder to me of the beauty of Mother Nature and the perfection that is everywhere to be found if we have the eyes to look even in busy cities.

I’m quite surprised in a way, at the energy in Beijing; it’s a beautiful city. Yes the air is heavy and not particularly clean and I feel this in my nose and throat as the days go by, grateful for the puffer I carry that coats my throat and lungs with a special salt that comes from deep under ground that is healing. I have learned over the years of my travel to look after my body as well as I can, sometimes using external aids, often just recalibrating myself in meditation.

I realise that the birds are pigeons, that they belong to the pigeon keeper who has a home for them on the roof of a building beside my hotel and that a few times every day he allows them to fly free to exercise their wings. It is interesting to note that they don’t go far. They fly until they are exhausted and then gently land back on the roof, happy to be back where they feel perhaps that they belong, where they are fed and taken care of.

I feel a little like that myself as I fly constantly around this world, visiting different countries, witnessing what is unfolding there and the energy here in Beijing, China is very peaceful. There is a nice sense of order here with people just like people anywhere else around the world – walking the streets, being in the markets, laughing together, friends gathering in restaurants, mothers and children playing, babies being admired.

The people here are so friendly, they smile when I walk by, perhaps sensing that I too am light of heart and friendly. We know of course that the universe rearranges itself to reflect our own consciousness back to us so if we walk through this world open-hearted, loving, friendly, smiling, looking for the good and the God in all then this rises to be reflected back to us. 

The harmonics of human relationships all around the world are so interesting to witness and yet they are all much the same regardless of culture, country or religion.

I feel deep within this land the energy of Confucius and a comfort here as if somehow I have come home. I know that this too is because I work so closely with the energy that was once known as Lao Tzu that now manifests itself around the Western world as Saint Germain. It is so nice for me to feel this one once more in my field as since Darkroom we have reconnected again.

I love the flows of consciousness that weave in and out of our fields when we are open, when we sit in the field of love in deep awareness of the Matrix of Creation and all that she contains. So many flows of individualised consciousness, so many flows of wisdom, all of it bubbling out of that field of pure love and when we sit in this field, when we access it through our lifestyle alignment and our breath, there is so much that comes to fill the field, to fill our hearts, and also to nourish our bodies that goes way beyond the physical plane. To be able to walk through the physical plane of cities or countries and to feel that pulse of peace, that pulse of pure vibrant divine love washing through us constantly is such a joy, such a gift and yet our hearts must be open, we must be ready for the more or else none of this can be revealed.

For me it has been interesting this weekend in Beijing, working with people who have come to our gathering, to sense the differences among them all and yet to sense beyond this that common pulse of everyone’s pure enlightened essence nature.

photo 3

[Image: Our Beautiful Beijing gathering]

Like in all gatherings, for some they go deep in our meditations and receive so much while for others their monkey-mind draws them away for the monkey-mind still is the boss of their system, keeping them locked in the external world, their hearts not as full as they could be, their lives not yet a consistent flow of Grace. To understand that the monkey-mind is a wonderful servant but can never be the boss of the bio-system, that the essence we carry within is the true master waiting to be revealed, guiding, loving, doing all that is required to care for us as we experience life in this dense dimension, to know this is so liberating for then when we master this we can more easily experience the multidimensional world and the interdimensional world and all that it contains.

And so I close my eyes as the pigeons continue to circle and allow myself to let go again of all that is obvious when I look with physical eyes outside my hotel window, and as I let it all go I sink deep into that ocean of pure love within, to rest before another day begins.

This is Jasmuheen reporting from Beijing for the Embassy of Peace.


[Image: Jasmuheen visiting the Temple of Heaven, Beijing China]

Renaissance … To be reborn … with Jasmuheen

Renaissance … To be reborn … with Jasmuheen

A phoenix rises from the ashes transformed from what was, to a new version of itself, having been stripped bare, remodelled and made new to then rise out of seeming devastation and chaos. Yet without the chaos the rebirth could not take place. In his “New Earth” book and DVD’s, Eckhart Tolle talks about the need for people to identify more with their Essence nature – what he calls the stream of life – and less with their life situation, that stepping back into that stream, allows us to be more detached and able to see clearly what we can adjust in our life situations so that we are less affected by external situations and thus more effective in life. Like so many of us have shared, Eckhart encourages us to relax and also enjoy all the changes in our world as everything is stimulating a rebirth for our civilisation. To Eckhart, the loss of money, of loved ones, or health; are only frightening when we get caught up in that particular life situation to the degree that we no longer experience the true Essence of life that we can feel when we stay present in each moment.
As metaphysicians – those who study the science of life – we know this. We’ve read all the books, applied all the wisdom they contain, that spoke to us in some way and inspired us.
Or have we?
As if almost just to check that we have applied the wisdom experientially, until it has become a living truth for us, it seems that the laws that govern the quantum field test us to see if we can stay anchored in our vital Essence nature.
Losing my step-daughter last year to cancer was one of my tests as our family all dealt with this in different ways and so required different levels of support. Yet detachment was vital for us as we took her choice of transcendence to the bigger picture level of understanding. Knowing that her Essence was having a very particular experience this life, we all grew so much as a consequence of living through this with her and then lovingly letting go as her Essence left this plane.
Like many I have watched and also experienced financial situations atrophy with the Global Financial Crisis and changing markets as currency and property values, and investments generally, have fallen in worth to reflect the uncertainty of our changing times as our economic structures are rebalanced and reborn.
To be able to sail through the chaos that can come in life, and remain relaxed, clear and unaffected, knowing that true riches come from the heart of our Essence nature, is an incredible gift of freedom.
Life situations change yet our vital life stream does not; for at Its core It is consistently powerful and pure – only our experience of It changes.  When this vital life force of our Essence is strong within us we are richer than we could ever imagine, when its pulse within us is ignored, our lives reflect this as the changing situations in life draw us into their flows of illusion and limitation.
We know through our experiences in meditation that when we still ourselves, be present in the moment – open to, and aware of, and basking in, our Essence energy centre – that not only are we more creative as a result but that we also gain greater clarity and insights so that we can deal with all life situations much more effectively without the emotional highs and lows that can come when we identify too much with this illusionary world of our personality’s creation.
Throughout our 2012 tour time this was very much the theme that kept coming through – identification. When we identify ourselves as pure Essence beings having a human experience and align with and be that pure presence, nothing can be a problem, as life in this world is seen for what it is and so we are emotionally held in a space of deep peace and contentment touched with spontaneity, creativity, clarity and even bliss and joy.
When life situations engross us too much and pull us back into our personality self and this becomes our main identification, then at times our humanness and the challenges of life can overwhelm us.
Now more than ever before, in this period of rebirth and renaissance that humanity is undergoing, the greatest service we can provide for ourselves and each other is to stay anchored – via our lifestyle – to the Essence channel. It is in this energy stream that we are the most effective.
Consequently, this year we will be gathering our first intake of Ambassadors of Peace who will be trained to offer the Embassy’s Luscious Lifestyle Program (L.L.P) around the world. This education program has the ability to alleviate all suffering in the world as the Luscious Lifestyle Program aligns people back to their own pure Essence channel. Click here for data on this retreat.