Cosmic Banking, Heart Richness

Cosmic Banking, Heart Richness and so much more!

This audio is only for those open to unity consciousness and understanding earth’s current evolution from a metaphysical view.

A 20 minute message with German translation making it 42 minutes.

Topics in this audio-message – Cosmic Banking – Galactic family, intergalactic genetic seeding, DNA influencing, Earths Influence on the Universe, the gathering of virtues through the power of experiencing fully the emotional body spectrum, lightbody blossoming, the energy of the True Beloved, our changing cellular structure, free will, the choices of other evolving planets and the outcomes on their evolution, experimenting with density plus in Part 2 of this message, various Light Beings who have incarnated on Earth discuss their journey here, the play of form, amnesia, remembering divine Beingness, transcending sorrow into joy, respecting the journey of all, the impact of heart richness of creation, nuclear devastation and much more …

Light Being message through Jasmuheen – in English and Deutsch

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Spiritual Science Gathering India


INDIA – GCSS – Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

1st-4th October 2015 

As President of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists, since 2008 when the events first began in Pyramid Valley, in Bangalore, I have been privileged to witness so many wonderful things at this annual event, as so often happens with gatherings of like minded people.

 There are so many special people who are called to each years GCSS event – to either present their personal research in the metaphysical field, to those wonderful light filled souls who come to mediate in this amazing pyramid, and also to the vibrant young ones who are part of the Pyramid Society Youth groups as well as the participants who come seeking solutions regarding how to live a healthier, more balanced and harmonious life.

To be amongst all of these ones and to feel their love and listen to their wisdom is so enriching in so many ways.

Patriji – the founder of GCSS and constant loving supporter – also adds his flavour to the event with his sharings and insights about life and also his brilliant flute playing that can completely rewire the neural pathways in the brain, and of course we all love his mischievous fun Krishna like energy which is such a delight to witness!

I also love the way that Patriji encourages everyone in his network to do their own research, read lots of metaphysical books, apply daily meditation plus a vegetarian diet, all of which can be seen to have such a positive impact on people’s lives.

The supporting staff at GCSS are so loving and sensitive to people’s needs, the pyramid itself is such a powerful place to accelerate all group and personal meditation time, and the whole environment of Pyramid Valley is such a restful, peaceful and supportive place to be.

Then of course we have an array of dynamic and interesting presenters from both India and more often from the West, who as Spiritual Scientists present such interesting work, so I love having the opportunity to listen to these ones at their presentation time and to then also to be able to mix with them individually as they also enjoy their stay at the Congress.

Like everyone at GCSS, with the greatest love we extend a kind invitation for you to come and join us each year, to play, to sing and dance and also do deep meditations while enjoying the sharing of inspirational information … All of which allows us more easy, joyful access to that realm of being that Buddha calls the Pureland, and Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven and others call the Shamballa Matrix for as so many now know, these realms already exists around us, we do not have to create them,me just need to align to them.

Accessing, aligning to and enjoying the Shamballa Matrix will be the focus of my own presentation at GCSS this year, as well as tuning to its channel of the True Beloved energy, an energy we know – through deep, personal experience – that can eliminate all human hungers!

Come join us if your heart responds to what we have shared, it will be wonderful to enjoy your presence and all the brilliance that you are as well!

With Love, light & laughter to you all – Jasmuheen, Lifetime President of GCSS.

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INDIA – GCSS – Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – 1st-4th October 2015  – See more at:
INDIA – GCSS – Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – 1st-4th October 2015  – See more at: