A Fabulous Festival!


By now I am sure that you all have heard the AMAZING news about the upcoming PRANIC FESTIVAL – August 8-9-10 in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA where I will be one of EIGHT speakers presenting during this truly phenomenal event!

The PRANIC FESTIVAL is an intimate 3-Day Mastermind Gathering, with some of the most beautiful and Awakened Teachers, Yogis, Masters, Visionaries & Human Pioneers from around the world.
3 Days, 8 Teachers, 100+ Conscious People ~ Immersing in the New Paradigm ~ experiencing the most potent tools for SELF-HEALING*, REJUVENATION*, and ILLUMINATION*. Opportunity to be with like-minded friends, to ask any Questions live and in person, and receive Powerful Guidance and Insights to take your Life to the NEXT LEVEL of MASTERY!

This is a true Gift* you can give yourself ~ a rare opportunity to study with Living Masters from around the world, to learn practical tools to take your life to the Next Level!

Full details: PranicFestival.org

My presentation will be about The TRUE BELOVED and The End of All Human Hungers, and a new system downloading in recent weeks that I look forward to sharing for the very first time!  See a brief video on this here. I will also do a one day post workshop gathering on the 12th August that Edith is organizing – see her email below!

A fabulous offer – PRANIC 2015 is hosted by our friend Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan! For those of you interested in attending all 3 days, please know that we have made special arrangements for you to receive $111 off the full 3-day experience! (Simply enter Discount Code – ” Jas111 ” on the Registration page and the price of 3-day ticket will be discounted — http://pranicfestival.org/registration/ ) PLUS – there is a “PRANIC BUDDY” option before July 28th – you can bring a friend for ONLY $111! That’s a generous 2-for-1!

You may also enjoy the below Videos highlighting the diversity of teachers at PRANIC 2015

* Stress – vanished! Experience “The Non-Time Experience” with OBEROM from Brazil, and KEY discoveries facilitating 1000+ 21-Day Processes since 2001. A video on this is at – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv4YF6je5Xs

* Learn from WIM HOF (26x Guinness World-record Holder from Holland) how we can all access “Health, Happiness, Strength, and Power” ~ experience his scientifically proven breathwork to Control our Nervous System & Influence our Immune System;

* Explore “Prana, Fertility, and Conscious Families” with CAMILA CASTILLO the Pranic Breatharian & Womb Yoga Master.

* Experience powerful Pranic Breathwork for Self-Healing & Rejuvenation with Pranic Breatharian AKAHI SALAS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weTxobWPjkE

* Discover the “secret sauce” , the essence of ancient alchemical tools for our modern lives, with MAX CHRISTENSEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb7In17fWYo

* P.A. STRAUBINGER will be sharing fascinating deleted scenes from his LIGHT documentary, including the Chinese Military research into “supernatural” possibilities like Telepathy, Psychokinesis, etc. Could it be we all have access to these?

and much much more! See PranicFestival.org for full details and introductions to all the speakers. The PRANIC FESTIVAL is a truly rare & monumental event – not to be missed!
LOVE to see you there!

Full details: PranicFestival.org