Angel Realms

Angel Realms, Djwahl Khul and Dimensional Doors

excerpt from my book Divine Radiance

Angel Realms:
One of the first fields of revelation for many is the angelic realms. I remember years of telepathic and kinesthetic communication with the angels, asking if I could see them physically in my world. I knew that it would require more effort on their part but I didn’t care. I just wanted to finally see them in my house, not through my inner eye, but for real. So I tuned in to their realms with my breath changing my frequency, refining me to their beat and then asked, and prayed and waited.
Slowly as I watched, five streams of golden light seemed to materialize before me as shimmering fields that looked like the Star Trek transporter in operation as beings beam on in – just before they take on solid form. With the visuals came the feeling, which was bordering on ecstatic, for to be in their Presence brings pure joy.
Excitedly I asked, “Is that you, is that really you?”
Immediately they responded, “If you think it is, it is.”
How apt I thought.
“Do you need us to continue?” the five angels asked, pausing their visual transmission before morphing back into their virtual realm.
“No I’m fine thank you,” was all I could respond.
The feeling has never gone away. I remember and I feel, which is enough.

My life is filled with angel stories; their beauty, their power, their simplicity, their magic, their Grace, and they too belong in the realms of the Masters of Magic for the angelics are also the messengers of the MA.
Shortly after the above visitation, I gave the angels an assignment to find me the perfect house and to bring it to my attention in the perfect time. It took them three months and every detail, every moment will be forever etched in my mind, for the day that they presented us to Camelot was an experience so profound.
At that time I never read the newspaper, yet early one Saturday morning my husband invited me to look in the ‘Homes for Sale’ section. I did and my eyes kept being drawn to a particular advert with an unappealing photo, still I kept being attracted back to the image. As soon as I started to read it, the angels telepathically chimed in:
“We’ve done our best, we hope you like it!”
Sure enough it was all that we had asked for and more. It was great to make no telephone calls, to do no house inspections and still find the perfect place. The experience of magic that flowed around us as we first surveyed the house was completely unforgettable as it felt as if we had moved into a future time where every room was imprinted with our presence and spoke to us with visions and ideas as we walked through. The lessons for me in this way of house hunting were numerous.
Firstly I discovered that there are millions of unemployed angels who are happy to serve those who have committed to serve to manifest the higher good. I learnt next that telepathic communication via the C.N.N., the inner plane Cosmic Nirvana Network, is very real and great time management; and thirdly, I learnt to never limit my dreams. The angels had brought us to a house that I never would have chosen to look at, as buying it was beyond our financials means. Knowing this we employed a team of finance angels and discovered in a week that we had everything that we needed to make the dream house ours.

Due to my extensive tour agenda our TWA (Travel With Angels) team is always with us to keep our transit time running smoothly, making sure all connections are made. It is in these simple daily tasks that I get to witness miraculous feats as they come to pass effortlessly and with Grace and style. It is easy to prove if we are truly in service to a higher divine power as when we are, we are always supported by the Grace, that flow of magic that effortlessly weaves Itself through life making all it touches appear to unfold with a joy and ease that soon becomes addictive.
Trains or planes seem magically delayed by weather, allowing us to keep appointments after being delayed ourselves. Synchronistic and fortuitous meetings occur with unknown people who fit so perfectly into the Paradise Plan – the basic blueprint of creation that births pre-written possibilities like songs to be sung across the waves of time.

Dimensional Doors and Djwahl Kuhl:
People love the idea of contact with the Masters and not only are our bodies temples for the Divine to radiate through but so are our homes and once we have our base, opening doorways within our fields for the visitation of the Holy Ones is easy. Just as our physical body is the Holy Grail for it houses our divine essence; our homes are also Holy places. where we as spiritual beings are having a human experience. Changing our perception and expanding our consciousness sensitizes us to see beyond the veils.

A few years ago, I was intuitively guided to begin to use icons as portals and dimensional doors and so I created what I call the Masters Wall. After applying basic Feng Shui through the apartment where I was then living, I selected a big wall and proceeded to fill it with large framed images of psychic drawings of the Holy Ones.
Sitting down to meditate when the job was finally complete, I humbly began to talk to each Master’s image, to officially invite them to shine their wisdom into my home. As my eyes connected with the portrait of Djwal Khul, his radiant image began to emerge from the painting as if he was stepping out from the wall, and his face began to move before my eyes, like a vision being magically scryed from water in a bowl.
Over and over he repeated as if in song:
“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you …” as simultaneously, waves of pure love radiated from his image and pulsed throughout my body. The experience was sublime for the energy exchange was so strong and unexpected that it kept me anchored to my seat. As is always the way with magical moments, it seemed as if time stood still as the energy of love surged through me and my tears flowed as feelings of humility and gratitude slowly overwhelmed me.

Also called ‘The Tibetan’, Djwahl Kuhl is a beautiful being who achieved liberation under master Kuthumi’s guidance. Said to be profoundly learned and knowing more about the seven rays and the spiritual hierarchy than perhaps any of his peers, Djwal Khul was part of the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood and together with El Morya and Kuthumi, was one of the primary instructors of Madame Blavatsky. While he connects with many who serve on the second ray of love and wisdom, he is not someone that I have been consciously tuning to this life, although obviously from the above interchange that we have spent some time together somewhere.

The Science of it all:
Dimensional Biofield Science contains realities that mirror the potential of Universal Law as individuals and forms of consciousness interact. Sensitizing ourselves includes expanding our consciousness to gain a more refined view. It means getting ourselves fit enough – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – to explore an amazing range of options. Perception releases potential and this can attract Grace when used wisely. Clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience are the usual communication tools of the Dimensional Biofield. So if we want Holy communication we need to find the Divine Channel and sensitize ourselves to its beat.

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