December 2015 Newsletter

Hello again, I can’t believe it is nearly the end of yet another year, a time for me of family holidays and gatherings to celebrate the Christmas season and so much more. This year has been so intense for so many of us as our lives continue to unfold in sometimes surprising new directions, for me diving deeper into Chinese culture while taking the time to say poignant goodbyes to those we have come to love and connect with so deeply in Europe over these last 20 years.

Unsure of when I will be back holding gatherings in the Western world, I know that when we do return we will have new programs to offer. Still we are all connected on the inner net and through social media and these newsletters, however irregular these may be.

In early 2000, I received clear guidance for our Wise Women’s Work Series which we will launch in China then later India, two countries where women are calling for a chance to gather together as part of the sisterhood and to explore private space as open hearted women in need. As statistics continue to rise regarding the abuse of women and children in many western countries, the same problems are also in the east, with many feeling so sad and broken hearted as they seek love that is true and pure; the type of love that can only be revealed as we all merge deeper into sacred union with that wise and loving force that brought us all into existence.

Hopefully we will soon finish our new book called Pure Love True Love that is filled with stories, deeper insights and pragmatic exercises that can bring us deeper into the true love, pure love channel so that all our relationships can be more fulfilling, peaceful and rewarding as we all dive deeper into true unity consciousness. And so I am happy to be home to have a little more time in this coming year to complete many things that I now need to attend to – smiles.

I think I could write a book about all that I have already witnessed in Eastern cultures from India and now to China, and yet I know there is still so much for me to learn and understand as the merging of all that we carry continues.

Like many in the West, many in China feel that theirs is the best culture in the world, that the Chinese Buddhist teachings are the most profound and pure, just as so many in India feel that their ancient traditions are the most profound and pure. Some in both cultures feel that the New Age western spiritual traditions are like adding pretty things, decorations into a house whose foundations can only be strong via the ancient wisdoms which as many now know, actually came into our world from higher dimensional flows to those who could align to and tap into these pure realms.

For me it is strange to be labelled as a western spiritualist – or even a breatharian – when I have long chosen the path of the Higher Light Science, a path where there is no need to compare, as we recognise that all paths are there for us to use our discernment and find what resonates with our hearts. Many know that the right path for us allows us to create a life of health, happiness and harmony within ourselves and with all life, a path that calls us deeper into an experience of the purest love and peace. In this channel all is perfect, and words are no longer required as what transmits through us nourishes, inspires and uplifts all who are open to this flow.

Results are key with all our life’s choices, we are all intelligent beings, blessed with free will to choose, and we know that when our lives are filled with Grace and our hearts are filled with gratitude, and when we are kind, loving, compassionate beings, (to ourselves and to all others) then obviously the path we have chosen is in alignment with our already enlightened true nature. Alignment to, merging and union with, our true nature is in itself such an amazing reality regardless of any of our cultures, conditionings, genetics and genders.

For those who keep asking when I will do events here in Australia, it truly has been wonderful to be out of the public eye here as a very private citizen, something my family has also appreciated, but who knows, we may look at this in the future.

In the meantime, why not join us sometime in China? With four almost consecutive darkroom retreats in March/April 2016 – three specially for our new Chinese friends – I will be back in China in June, and September and then India in October.

So we hope you all have an incredible Christmas season, enjoying your life’s creation and sharing the perfect most nourishing flows of love with your family and friends as I do the same this summer time in Australia!

Wishing you all so much love, light and barrels of laughter! Big hugs Jasmuheen and Anjie …