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Conscious Evolution: Our Next Stage – Barbara Marx Hubbard

In the video below … “Barbara will explore the meaning of the planetary shift from self centered homo sapiens to spirit centered homo universalis and discuss the similarities of our process of spiritual growth that parallels how our planet is going through its own phases of evolutionary growth. Her work is a synthesis of a…

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Interview with Jasmuheen for Chinese online magazine

Interview with Jasmuheen for Chinese Online Magazine  Q1: We’ve learnt from your story that you’ve experienced hardships that most women on this earth have never gone through, e.g., divorce, rape, threat of murder, cancer… Answer-1: – People find the most amazing strength and resilience when they have to and we never know how strong we…

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Pranic Nourishment Nexus Interview

INTERVIEW FOR FRENCH NEXUS MAGAZINE ON PRANIC NOURISHMENT WITH JASMUHEEN Below is the original interview we did but this may differ from what was actually published in the Sept-October 2016 Edition no. 106 1a):- Have you an idea of the number of pranic people all over the world now ? I am advised that…

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Insights from China and Bigu

Kwan Yin Island, (Mt Putuo in the South China sea) is an amazing place filled with monasteries and sweet, sacred energy. It is said that the island was established with its monasteries around the 10th century although the island became neglected with the cultural revolution. Now it has again been established as a major tourist…

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Quantum Love Recoding

For those who wish to bring in the Star King – Lord of Love and/or the Star Queen Lady of Love energies more powerfully into life – utilizing quantum intelligence and clear coding … just for fun but with great results! Chant or-sing with heartfelt sincerity – smiles!

Perfect Health Recoding

This video is for those who wish to reprogram their body back into health or to maintain health through conscious interaction with their bio-system. Working with quantum intelligence and body consciousness. To do daily or as required. A fun way to work with body consciousness to recode everything back to perfect health! Repeat with feeling…

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眾神的食物:食氣三部曲1 以神性養分「普拉納」為食, 從此不再受制於「身體、情緒、心智、靈性」四大飢餓。 食氣界一代宗師,推廣「神性養分」、「以光維生」逾三十年! 中文版終於登場!已授權德國、法國、西班牙、葡萄牙、比利時、瑞典、義大利、希臘、匈牙利、克羅埃西亞、羅馬尼亞、波蘭、俄羅斯、日本等14種語言譯本! 超實用!36個祕技大公開,「眾神的食物」隨時供你取用! 每個人都在飢渴些什麼,財富、地位、情感、性、健康,甚至靈性上的滿足⋯⋯。然而,多數人忙於追逐生存層次的渴望而虛耗精力,無暇與真正滋潤生命的養分相遇,不知不覺落入「飢餓和止餓」的迴圈。 驅動我們的四大飢餓:(1)身體的飢餓:不吃實體食物,胃就會感到空虛難過;(2)情緒的飢餓:尋求他人注意、被喜歡、被認同,甚至被討厭的情緒性回應;(3)心智的飢餓:對於資訊、知識與動腦思考的需要,不斷餵食心智食物;(4)靈性的飢餓:渴望遠離紅塵俗世、獨處修行、意識提昇的需求。 「食氣者」顧名思義,就是不需要實體食物,靠呼吸就可以存活的人。然而,「食氣」並不等於「不吃」,食氣是以神性養分「普拉納」為食,一步一步從「身體、情緒、心智、靈性」四大飢餓中解脫,回歸生命本該有的自由狀態。 本書透過科學化的研究架構,以四種腦波頻率來說明何謂「神性養分」,並提供了可實踐的三階段練習:透過36種簡單技巧,幫助調頻自己的腦波。對於準備好調頻至特定頻率的人,不論你是否選擇要脫離攝取實體食物的慣性,都終將體驗同時滿足細胞層次與靈魂層次飢餓的內在平安狀態。 什麼是神性養分「普拉納」? 「普拉納」是一種支持生命存在的精微養分。在歷史上,各種信仰體系對其皆有不同命名,像是:「嗎哪」、「氣」、「宇宙生命原力」、「聖愛之流」,或煉金術所稱的「恩典波動」。以科學方式量測,當人類的腦波調頻至深度德爾塔波(Delta)時,「普拉納」的滋養就會自動發生於生物系統內,同時餵養靈魂與身體細胞層次的需求。 本書的立意,即是要帶領我們回歸於「能自由取用普拉納」的人類初始狀態,藉由書中的各種技巧,逐步練習將自己的腦波調頻至深度德爾塔波,並且學會從阻擋神性養分流動的事物中解脫開來,成為一位發散光芒的典範,以慈悲服務眾生並經驗萬物一體。 To buy or find out more click here – 购买或了解更多信息请点击这里 现在也可以 – 田哲榮  Jerome Tien 橡實文化/大雁文化事業股份有限公司 ACORN Publishing, a division of AND Publishing Ltd. 10544 臺北市松山區復興北路333號11樓之4 11F-4, No.333, Fuxing N. Rd., Taipei 10544, Taiwan Tel:886-2-2718-2001 #303

Essence Ocean Insights – new Videos on YouTube

Jasmuheen on her first conscious experience of the Essence Ocean Jasmuheen on The Essence Ocean and the Matrix of Creation Jasmuheen on Choices and Elevated Consciousness Jasmuheen on a Lifestyle recipe for Health, Happiness and Harmony


Energiemuster – Jasmuheen – August 2016 Es ist so interessant, die unterschiedlichen Energiemuster zu beobachten, zu denen wir uns jetzt gerufen fühlen, damit wir tiefer in sie eintauchen. Manche Menschen engagieren sich mehr denn je für globale Anliegen und folgen dem allgemeinen Trubel des Lebens. Andere halten inne und bewerten ganz genau, womit sie ihre…

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New! Our Luscious Lifestyle Program

Just published now! August 2016 – our Luscious Lifestyle Program! For those who enjoy the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony – a powerful and pragmatic program to deliver this! Now in manual form – go to this link to download from this website or buy in hardcopy, or electronic or even audio form!  

August 2016 News

Our August 2016 Newsletter Read at this link! Knowing the formula for a truly luscious life is such a gift! To be able to experiment with rhythms of energy to the degree that our lives are filled with Grace and our hearts are filled with gratitude is also an incredible gift!  To be alive right…

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Roots or Leaves – Patterns of Energy

Patterns of Energy Jasmuheen – August 2016  It is so interesting to watch the different patterns of energy that we are now being called to step deeper into. Some people are more active than ever before in global affairs and just the general busy’ness of life. Some are standing back and assessing exactly how they…

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An Enlightening Evolution

22 years on the road, traveling constantly all over our world, meeting with thousands and thousands, reaching millions more through global media, all of this has now seen me take some well overdue ‘long service leave’, a time to be in my mountain ashram, enjoy family and nature and all that surrounds me. Yet around…

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Future Insights – the Exponential Age

A friend recently emailed me the below – such interesting insights by Robert Goldman, re A.I.’s, driverless cars, health, education, agriculture and so much more … Future Predictions In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt….

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Books on Pranic Nourishment – Living on Light

SOURCE FEEDING – LIVING ON LIGHT MAIN BOOKS ON THIS TOPIC BY JASMUHEEN The main books we recommend for this are :- The Luscious Lifestyles Program – click here for more on this The Food of Gods – click here for more on this Unity Reset Program – click here for more on this The…

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Pranic People – Pranic Living

Pranic People – Step by Step Pragmatics A free online training audio series has now begun at this link!!! We are also currently writing a new book and audio series on Pranic People – Pranic Living that will be a pragmatic step by step process. Here is the introductory video to this series … This…

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Our Creative Future

Our Future – Cosmic Creativity When a world becomes unified via the expression of higher principles, creativity blossoms. While I personally adore to be involved in the process of Sacred Art, a true master in this field is Alex Grey. “To me, sacred art is also the process of creating Dimensional Doors for energy to…

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Silent Stillness

GRACE & SILENT STILLNESS with JASMUHEEN   “I must admit that more than ever before, I have come to appreciate those times of silent stillness, of peace-filled solitude, to just be, where there is nothing to do or to say, yet where there is everything to gain. When I was young, I never knew that…

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Darkroom Retreat Insight

After each years darkroom retreats, people always write in with some insights of their experiences, here is one from Corina. A Journey Through The Dark with Corina I arrived in Thailand ready for my second stay in The Darkroom where for nine days and nine nights, I would be without light or food, only liquids….

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Sacred Art Retreat Uluru Australia

Sacred Art Retreat – 2016 Uluru Australia When: August or September 2016 Investment: To be advised. For more data and to express your interest email: [email protected] For the past few months I have been receiving such a strong call to go to the Sacred Aboriginal space of Uluru in Australia. A huge crystalline structure, Uluru…

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