Monthly Archives: June 2018

Great Insights

Mental Nourishment … Recommended videos, articles & magazines! Good mental nutrition is crucial for us all and we know that like myself many of you receive so much inspirational data from various channels on the internet. So, before we offer insights on our Health, Environment and more from various sources, we just want to mention…

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Meeting the Mamos

I have just been advised that the Mamo are holding another event and have put out the call for us to join them – while it will not be possible for me to join them this year, we add this here for those of you who may feel the call in your hearts to go!…

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Meeting Kwan Yin

Life Insights – Being a Living Example – a surprise meeting with Kwan Yin The theme of unity through merging and blending has been with so many of us for so long, as has the idea that we can take ourselves into any zone of existence we wish to explore via personal vibrational shifts. These…

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The Wizard’s Toolbox

Jasmuheen – May 2018 As one friend or family member after another tackle some very powerful life challenges, many also share how grateful they are for what I call our “Wizards Toolbox” that cache of techniques that are tried and true that consistently deliver results to bring harmony and balance back to life. It’s not…

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Holographic Living

The below is an excerpt from our new Unity Reset book – coming soon! Holographic Living is part of Unity science and it is based on the awareness that everything springs into being by our focus and attention upon it and that we have an innate power of creation. When we are engaged in heart-centred…

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Embassy of Peace Retreat

EMBASSY OF PEACE Shanghai – China 24th – 28th October 2018 Achieving Personal & Planetary Ascension & Pathways of Peace Email : Wu Ling – [email protected] For our Internationals email : [email protected]