Meeting the Mamos

I have just been advised that the Mamo are holding another event and have put out the call for us to join them – while it will not be possible for me to join them this year, we add this here for those of you who may feel the call in your hearts to go! Being with them it truly a life changing experience!
The Mamos, the Sierra Nevada’s indigenous wise mensaje, have lived on their land with health and well being, in perfect harmony with nature. They have preserved this knowledge in their cultures for millenia and now they want to share it with the world.
Event date – 11th to 15th of September 2018
“The energy of our universe and Mother Earth calls upon us to
reconnect as cultures, as brothers and sisters from different parts of the world; to exchange knowledge about life and well-being, to balance and harmonize ourselves in a single language of unity at “SEYKUN,” a sacred site where the forces and energies of fire and thought reside. We’re waiting for you”   Arhuaco Mamos