May Newsletter Intro

Welcome everybody to May 2019!
Already our year is unfolding in such an amazing heart centred way and now having just come back from Darkroom Retreat, I find myself in the deepest state of silent stillness, a place that I have come to enjoy more and more. There is something about solitude, silence and stillness that calls us to go deeper within it. It’s almost seductive I find, maybe it’s just getting older as I am now in my 63rd year on this planet this life. Or maybe it’s just a natural consequence of the energies that are flooding in through our world, coming from the universal core, through the galactic core and through our sun, a stream of energy that is carrying a very particular spectrum of frequencies; that green healing light, so much of that blue love energy, the gold of wisdom and that red of the power – to apply love and wisdom so much more easily in our world and our lives – and then there is that final violet fire flame of transformation.
These energies are coming through the universal core in response to the change in the human heart as more and more people want to go deeper into the harmonic of that which their heart is calling for as we share in our Naming and Claiming article below.
Recently I was standing in a shop waiting for a friend to do a few things she had to do and the shopkeeper began to speak of how tired she was of superficial conversation and how she was realizing that there was so much more to life and that perhaps meditation was the key and for whatever reason she decided that she could confide this with me.
Most people where I live have no idea about the work that I do in the world, to them I’m just a simple woman passing through their space and this is something I really enjoy and yet our frequency does so much in the fields around us all the time whether we intend this or not. Who we are affects all surrounding fields, as we all now know which I witnessed again with this beautiful soul who was ready now for more.
And so we began to share very simple methodology for meditation that focuses on the breath, of allowing the breath to slow right down and be deep yet conscious and to make every breath a meal almost, to be able to just drink of the purest chi and the purest love and the purest peace that is pulsating everywhere within and around us.
To then also add the mantra ‘I AM’ with the intention that we claim the divine ‘I’ on the inhale and we relax fully into the isness of all that we are with the ‘AM’ on the exhale – for it is a time of absolute acceptance of every layer of our being, our humanness and also our divinity. To lovingly accept each part of our self while also allowing our Essence to thrive and dominate the biosystem – this is when the joy and the magic can come.
It was so beautiful to explain this in a very simple way with this woman, who understood immediately that we are inbuilt with all the tools to go deeper into that rhythm of the purest peace and deepest love that are within us and around us all the time.
To confirm that it is just a matter of being still, of being silent, of taking some solitude time as well if we can, to just be present with the breath and be present in the field as pure presence, just with this awareness. For it is here then where we can feel and know that we are already so pure and perfect on the deeper levels of our being and so there’s nothing to change yet everything to enjoy.
Obviously when the human personality self dominates when we choose to live in a beta frequency brain wave state, then life has its ups and downs yet that peace, that joy, that love, that bliss, that gratitude is always there within us and so easy to access with the breath because that is the magnificence of the human design.
We have such an amazing opportunity now to be so still and be silent and yet follow the call of our heart and let go of those more habitual patterns of mental analysis of looking for the why’s and the wherefores’ in life and relaxing instead to just enjoy every moment as it evolves so magically within us and around us.
To me it truly is magical to be fully present as Presence, to be fully aware in each moment and to not live in the past or future and instead to be open to the magic of the now. This is such ancient wisdom that we all know and yet to put it into practice as we have to do in darkroom each year – and as I choose to do in my life every day – brings so many rewards that are inexplicable and words cannot even begin to do justice to.
As I enjoy this now moment on my veranda, the grass and the gardens are all singing as they drink of this constant flow of rain, while my cat is on my lap snuggling and purring and giving me that constant stream of unconditional love. What a perfect moment.
This is also such a blessing, to be able to be engaged in this flow of unconditional love that is always so easy to share with animals and also with friends and those who grace our lives if we are open.
Being present in the moment, being aware of that which breathes us, sharing unconditional love, filling our hearts with gratitude, all of this is such a simple formula that allows us to feel as if this life on Earth is the magical kingdom that it was always destined to be.
In this heartfelt space of being present as Presence, there is no need to escape, nothing to fix, to change, to do, instead there is just the opportunity to be, to enjoy the wonderland that is here and everywhere within and around us.
This baseline of Creation is such a pure vibration that offers so much love and so much food for our hearts and souls and so we wish you a wonderful now moment and life in this incredible kingdom called Earth.
We will continue sharing more about the magnificence of the human design through our gatherings this year as I will soon be in Vienna and back in Romania in June while also doing a small retreat on Cosmic Bigu in China. After this we will come back to Europe and spend time Zurich and then Paris before I take some personal travel time in Italy with a friend so click on our links below o find out more re our tour time for the balance of this year as it is always so wonderful to gather in our groups. As Jesus once said, when two or more are gathered in my name, I will be there and our pure Essence nature is of course Christed.
This is Jasmuheen – and Anjie – for the Embassy of Peace.
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