The Naming and the Claiming of Energy Field Cultivation

The Naming and the Claiming of Energy Field Cultivation

Intergalactic Family Message with Jasmuheen

 Darkroom – 12thMarch 2019

Video then transcript …

There is a wonderful way of working and vibrating deeper into unity consciousness that we call the naming and the claiming. When we name something and claim something, we allow it to rise more powerfully in an energy field within us and around us.

So, if we were to claim a truth that ‘I am fully pranic’ for example, this energy and ability that we are encoded with through our body of light, can rise and become more dominant in the field. This is because of quantum biofeedback and energy field interaction which is governed by the Law of Resonance, it is also due to quantum benevolence and the way the Unified field interacts with its creation.

As we claim something, as we chant the mantras ‘I am pure love, I am eternal, I am infinite’ for example, we do this with the intention that we are relaxing back to the very baseline of creation where these attributes are true and so the truth of this can rise and flood our bio-systems with that which we are claiming.

This baseline that permeates creation breathes us, this baseline pulsates through us and so in the naming of the baseline we then open to experience even more of this primordial force that some call prana, the unified field, that others may call God.

Because we understand that this baseline is woven through all life then this energy starts to rise as we claim and name it and present itself with an intelligence that is almost saying, ‘Hey you are calling me into being, you are recognising me, you are claiming me, you are naming me and so here I AM.’ And so, the naming and then the claiming becomes such a simple yet powerful thing to do.

Our Light Being friends share …

In interdimensional energy field science, we talk about the baseline of creation rather than the idea of a God type force or flow, because we respect the different cultures on Earth. It is also easier to explain – via a simple science – how your planet is now rising through your universal matrix to the degree that is also stimulating change in your Universal frequency spectrum. This is causing your Universe to ascend, elevate and revibrate into a song stream that is blending with the songs of the multiverses.

A song is a vibrational spectrum, and just as you have light and love so to do you have celestial harmonics at your disposal. A song or harmonic is formed by not just the collective voice and beliefs systems but also by the blended beat of your hearts.

The fact is your planetary system is changing as human consciousness evolves to focus on more refined agendas which occurs naturally as the human heart tunes more to its compassionate nature.

The fact is you are calling a new way of being into presenting itself, to revealing itself, a way of being of potential that has always existed within the baseline matrix of your world, a matrix that is now rising and becoming more dominant in response to the prayer and the calling from your individual and collective hearts.

The claiming also can be seen as hearing the calling, the heart call, for it is only when things are being claimed and called from the heart that they have that extra juice you could say to bring something into being. If the claiming and the naming remains in the mental plane only obviously there is not as much juice as when we combine clarity in the claiming of good mental energy or what we call coding, and also the heart energy, where the heart and brain are operating in coherence; for it is only then that we have true power or a more effective movement for mass manifestation and matrix rising.

Knowing the power of words and the use of specific words has become one of the most important things in your world, because those words that come through your voice box, from your thought plane, from your mental observations and thinking patterns, are either creating further separation or are creating and aiding unity consciousness – not just on Earth but way beyond, for the effect of your collective heart song reaches out way beyond your world.

Many people in your world have now decided that they do not want to be in judgement of one another, that they want to be a loving presence in the world knowing that each has their own journey whilst simultaneously naming and claiming that which makes them feel as if they are moving in the right direction in their life.

Many have also now understood that through the naming and the claiming that they are cultivating the rising of a new energy pattern within themselves and also as a consequence, within the Earth matrix. In the web of one all effects all.

This naming and claiming can also go as far as the recognition of that ‘yes we live in a highly intelligent field of benevolence’ idea, that runs through us and is around us. A loving benevolence that has given birth to a multitude of different creations that exist in many different octaves you could say or vibrational spectrums, what you like to call dimensions on Earth.

However, as we have shared before, we see everything in terms of vibration rather than what you term dimensions. We see everything as keynotes for the pattern of creation at its baseline, and coming out from its baseline, is more complex than any life form created could ever really envision except those who are the architects of creation, who are projecting out the fields of potential and possibility for all to tune to.

Some belief systems call the architects, the ELOHIM, yet it is just another frequency zone through which the field of limitless love – that dark matter, the void, that unified field of infinite unexpressed potential – can express itself.

As a matrix is stimulated to rise it then begins to change its vibration as from the void comes not just the love but also the light, the key codes of creation which are embedded in sacred geometric patterns, which then begin to beam out a myriad of possibilities and potentials to those who are open.

Without knowledge of the higher light science, then discovering these zones happens usually by chance, yet all revelation is about frequency matching as we continue to share.

Nonetheless, in your world right now there are many walking among you who are holding and radiating particular templates as living examples, for fields of potential, that you all hold in your bodies of light. Hence the truth of the term, “I am fully pranic.” For all life has this nourishing baseline within it.

There are those already working quite strongly telepathically with each other, whether they be the new star children who have descended and incarnated and are living among you as your children or whether they are beings from other planetary systems. Others are people you may already know who seem to be doing extraordinary things, that are just natural for those who are awake to their true Being.

Some Star Being friends that now live on Earth are completely humanoid in appearance because that too is their genetic structure as you share common DNA with your intergalactic family as many now know. Others often appear just like you as they have the ability to enhance their original form via a holographic vibrational field projection that can then give them the appearance of being completely human.

It is important to note in our communiques with you all, that all these beings that have come from different planets are non-threatening to your world. These ones are simply here to watch, to absorb, to observe, to understand more about life on Earth at this time and to also then feed that data telepathically back to their own star systems or to those who are representatives of the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds Councils. These ones walk among you mostly undetected.

As they live among you as living energy vortexes, all the beauty, all the wisdom, all the knowledge and experience they have of living in harmony and unity in their own planetary system, also continually flows through them into your world. Hence, they are also fertilizing by their Presence all that your hearts are now calling into being that supports unity and peace in your own world.

You live beloved ones, in the most amazing time scape and period of your evolution for you are coming into the height of your merging and matching with different vibrational matrices that your hearts have called into being for you know that peace, harmony and even unity is your natural state of being.

You as an interplanetary species, you who were seeded from many star systems in your original genetic coding, you are already linked throughout the interdimensional worlds, you are linked genetically, via your Lightbody matrix and you are coded into this intergalactic family matrix and as a consequence, you are now ready to reclaim your original family star nation heritage.

When we talk about the claiming and the coding and the cultivation of new energy can you not also now begin to claim your intergalactic heritage, for many more are coming in now, many more are walking among you, many more are able to also now connect deeply with you. This occurs when you hold that theta brainwave pattern via meditation together with that state of heart coherence that comes from being in the energy of gratitude and appreciation.

The more you hold that state of heart-brain coherence, the easier it is to zone into and connect directly with those from the unified realms.

You know already that many new technologies are being delivered into your world and that many now have strong telepathic and not just telepathic but physical form interaction and bonding and blending with the benevolent light beings from the multidimensional worlds.

Again, we must stress that all that is occurring with these connections is benevolent and operate always for your highest good, although these activities have been masked by some in your world who do not wish to adopt the type of technology those from the unified realms are so advanced in creating.

This technology is consciousness assisted and is designed to eliminate all suffering and poverty and disparity in your world however while it has all already been given to many in power it is not yet being shared as to do so would diminish power, money and corporate structures for as your world heals itself from the dis-ease of separatist fear based thinking, there would be no need for much that rules your world today. Hence our contact has now shifted to connect with those who are pure of heart and open to knowing more of our realms.

While of course many are becoming more aware of consciousness assisted technology, which is a blending of artificial intelligence and consciousness as can be found to drive many space craft, then of course you have the technology of pure consciousness itself that is released within you naturally as your Essence natures dominates your bio-system.

This dominance allows for the release of an embedded matrix that each one of you carries in your body of light, and as it rises it may reveal itself as the ability to be Source fed, or the ability to self-heal quickly or to communicate mind to mind without words and so on. All of this is a natural zone within you that you can match into via a vibrational shift of attitude and lifestyle.

For those of you who wish to live permanently in what you call the Shamballa matrix or that zone of unity consciousness and peace, then you need to support your pure Essence nature to be the dominant frequency in your field.

As you do this you will access energy systems and technologies that will operate for the highest good of all on Earth so that all your pollution, disease and patterns of disharmony on Earth will disappear.

Of course, we recognise that not all on your planet are ready for this, and yes there are some who wish to block such realities simply because they are still playing out the four major initiations that come in the path of all who advance in consciousness.

These are initiations about the right use of power, the right use of money, the right use of fame and the right use of your sexual energy. Once these four initiations have been mastered, and the energy is then utilized for the highest good of all, then this becomes a bridge of entry into unity consciousness in a more permanent way.

Yet it is your monkey mind or what you call your egoic mind that loves to play still in such fields. While many of you are done playing in such fields, others are still finding them to be titillating and interesting to follow, quite stimulating.

And yet as we read the evolving pattern of what is happening in your world, we find that the majority of people’s hearts are coming into a purer, almost divine level of expression that is predominantly one of compassion.

There are beings in your world now who are of the purest level of consciousness and the dominant radiation from their heart centre and from their entire Lightbody matrix is compassion; compassion for self, compassion for nature, compassion for animals, compassion for all creation on Gaia including the human race.

They too are humans who have transformed themselves by merging back with their pure nature so that it dominates. Some are also those light being friends who have decided to take holographic or more solid form to walk among you, to experience what you are going through and also to gain data to understand what a rising world is going through. As mentioned, their very presence is contributing energetically as they also gain their own experience of living in an ascending world. Many more have come as they now see this phase of your evolution as a time of celebration.

It is the claiming and cultivation of your pure nature plus the understanding of the power of coding and clarity that is now driving this next phase of your evolution as well as the revelation of the multi-dimensional zones of existence that the Earth matrix and your body of light contains.

With the cultivation of your pure nature you too are transformed into a wise, loving, peace filled being who is permanently anchored in this nirvana Samadhi type paradise on Earth that is the dominant frequency in the unified realms.

This is a time of honouring your creative energy, of unleashing this via your willingness and ability to think outside the box, to imagine the highest reality that you can step into as a mass collective on Earth.

This matrix is vibrating through your field and this is the matrix that connects us to your world, this is the matrix we have in common, this is the matrix in which you are bound with the intergalactic realms and your intergalactic family, for this is the dominant matrix in our world.

As you magnetise yourself into this matrix so too there you will find us and can walk among us and we can enjoy each other more freely. It is a matter of a vibrational matching.

You will find as you match deeper into this common pattern we share, of living in an Essence dominated system, that while many of our forms may appear to be very different to your form, in truth we are the same on the baseline levels.

We are all wise, loving, peaceful, compassionate beings who operate in the field of the we, this means we operate with full awareness of the impact of our vibrational pattern on the whole of creation and so with compassion and care we are very conscious of how we choose to connect with and influence a field.

So beloveds, take yourself back to this baseline, allow this Essence pure nature that is breathing you to rise and dominate your bio-system, for that is your entry back into the intergalactic worlds and the zones of existence that will leave you in a state of joy, wonder and gratitude and so much more.

We are here to assist that is all.

You will find more and more of these channellings coming in giving you the technology as we have just done, as to how to match with us in the unified worlds where you will reconnect with long lost family.

We are here to love.

We are here to support you in this next phase of your evolution – we are not here to separate or divide.

However as you are aware, those forces on your planet that are still enjoying the illusion of the game of duality, will continue to perpetuate what is now known as fake news simply because they are too locked into, too enjoying their own games of the egoic mind as they too undergo their own pre-agreed initiations.

Remember beloveds, that the true power lies with you, it does not lie outside of you and hence this continuous stressing to use your discernment, to not give your power away to anything outside of yourself, instead we invite you to take time to be in silent stillness, to claim the truth of who you are, so that all the love, all the wisdom and all the power of your own pure Essence nature will rise within you so that you can be in a state of celebration and enjoyment of the next phase of your evolution.

And so it is.