The Shamballa Matrix and the True Beloved

The Shamballa Matrix and the True Beloved with Jasmuheen As we open to experience the purer flows of true unity consciousness on Earth and leave behind the density of duality, so much begins to be revealed to us, for that is the nature of the field of infinite love and wisdom that when we seek…

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French Retreat 2015

Message first in French then in English Bonjour mes amis, Je suis très heureuse de revenir en France pour une retraite de quatre jours en juin au moment du solstice d’été. Cette année je propose de vous accompagner dans les profonds changements que nous observons sur notre terre et en nous, et de vivre en…

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Sacred Art
Sarced Art – fabulous Times!
Sacred Stories of Transformation

Sacred Stories of Transformation In the below audio Jasmuheen shares a story of wonderful transformation that occurred during one of her Sacred Art Retreats. She writes – “I’ve learnt to never underestimate the power of Divine Creativity especially when we go deep into the intuitive right brain flows. This is just one story of many…

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Our Enlightening Evolution with Jasmuheen

Our Enlightening Evolution with Jasmuheen Mushrooming and Merging It is so interesting to scan through the fields of Earth and to sense what is happening now regarding the merging of various paradigms. The Coding for this has been in place and adopted, released in the fields and so there’s a new level of evolution unfolding…

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Our Fabulous Tour Time Focus

OUR JUNE – JULY TOUR TIME   Cosmic Coding – poetic insight with Jasmuheen   We tune the fields, when deemed the time, by heart’s sincere and open minds, for upgrades flow within life’s vine so Templates rise, as like we find.   We are Cosmic Coders, we all do it everyday, with feelings, intentions,…

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What a Wonderful Invitation!

Wow so nice to have the honour of our work by the Vögele Kultur Zentrum in Pfäffikon SZ in Zurich Swtizerland with their exhibition that will present what we do from the 17th May 17 until September 20th, 2015. For information see also: –    

The Matrix of Our True Beloved – the grandest love affair we can ever know – with Jasmuheen

YouTube video … Audio Article One of my love’s this life has just been personal experimentation within the metaphysical field. The drive for me behind this has just been this innate knowing of a substance, a quality, an experience that this available in embodiment, that we can have such a dynamic experience of, because we…

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New Darkroom Retreat video interviews & Contact!

2015 Darkroom Retreat! The below article also describes what some of our Darkroom reality is about …. Contact with Jasmuheen 1st April 2015 I remember a few decades ago when I first began to have not just telepathic contact but also visionary contact with different beings of light on the inner plane. To me it…

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Connecting with wonderful people & personal regeneration time

Are you in need of an energy boost? Do you feel you need to come back more to your true nature? Are you wanting to meet more like minded people who are kind hearted and open to living in a peace-filled state of being? Do you wish to add your own wonderful energies to positive…

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Darkroom Retreat Update

2015 Darkroom Retreat Update   In March 2015 in Thailand we will hold 2 Darkroom Retreats.   In 2015 Jasmuheen will do two 9 day retreats as follows …   Retreat 1 – 5th March – 16th March 2015; this is Jasmuheen’s most popular retreat! Email Anjie at this link:- Although this retreat is booked…

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