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The Channeling Process

This video forms part of Jasmuheen’s Alchemy of Contact course and covers some basics regarding the channeling process in all its various forms plus how to strengthen your own connections to the flows of wisdom and intuitive guidance.

Online Course – The Alchemy of Contact plus our Light Being friends at this link – https://jasmuheen.podia.com/online-course-the-alchemy-of-contact

2020-21 – Light Being Messages

In this section we share various video messages from our Light Being friends that are relevant to these changing times on Earth … enjoy …

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Online Course – The Alchemy of Contact plus our Light Being friends

This powerful and pragmatic Course will cover:-
  • Contact with and immersion deeper in the field of our own pure and perfect Ascended nature.
  • Contact with Devic, Gaia and Crystal Consciousness.
  • Contact with those who have passed on.
  • Contact with and field merging deeper with our loving Light Being friends from the Ascended Awareness.
  • Contact with our Intergalactic Family and friends who have always supported us since we first descended as Star Beings to Earth.
  • We will also cover life in the Unified Realms, Earth’s future, the Channeling process, activation of our higher abilities, telepathy and the Languages of Light plus much more.

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Light Being Message – A Bridge to a Brand New Future

Light Being Message – A Bridge to a Brand New Future – through Jasmuheen After a brief introduction with Jasmuheen she then channels an insightful message from our Light Beings friends regarding this next phase of our evolution and what is happening on Earth right now and why plus so much more.


Telepathy and the Languages of Light plus Recoding with Jasmuheen

Continuing on with her Inspiring Real Life Stories and responding to those asking for more data on being telepathic …

In this video Jasmuheen shares 5 insightful stories about telepathic communion – from thought imprinting plus more – as well as a clear and powerful heartfelt recoding program to connect only to those of the greatest light and love.

A natural telepath for over 50 years, Jasmuheen also shares other techniques to develop this skill set that each person is born with as it is part of the human design.
Again this is only for those sincerely interested as this video is 28 minutes long.

Jasmuheen’s Personal Journey being Pranic

In this section we wanted to share some of Jasmuheen’s personal Life Stories about how she became involved in Pranic Living and being Source fed and so we list them in a relevant time line flow below … we hope you enjoy what she shares from her heart.

Again we have created a YouTube playlist on these that you can also go direct to now at this link.

In this first video below, Jasmuheen begins this series of inspiring real life stories, with sharing of a time in her own life of many big challenges and how she dealt with them and also what she learnt . So many people in our world today are also dealing with huge life challenges – people dying, disease, loss or work or finances, ignoring our hearts call and dealing with the consequences – and as you can see by this video and series, all of this is part of Jasmuheen’s journey as well which she shares to help uplift those who may be suffering …

Meeting St Germain and Going Global with Pranic Nourishment – Jasmuheen

This next video is the second video in the Inspiring Real Life Stories playlist with Jasmuheen as it follows on from the video “Effectively dealing with a challenging life” that details her life before this meeting occurred. In this second story, Jasmuheen shares of almost being emotionally coerced into stepping out onto the global stage with her experiences of being nourished by Prana – source fed. This then triggered a massive global movement in the West that has seen over 90,000 people be able to enjoy this freedom of being nourished in a different way. Again Jasmuheen reveals things that may surprise or even have viewers doubting what she shares especially with her meeting with one of the Ascended Masters, Saint Germain and his role in this Pranic nourishment or Source feeding movement going global.

Meeting Babaji and Inner Net Power with Jasmuheen

In this third very personal story of Jasmuheen’s life she describes the magical web of the innernet that supports us all to fulfill what we are born to do. She also shares of how it was Babaji who helped to launch the Pranic Nourishment reality among his ashrams in Germany in 1997-98. Within a year there were 5000 people in Germany who had this freedom.
This video is part of her Inspiring Real Life stories playlist where in the previous 2 videos she shares about a deeply challenging time in her life and then connecting with St Germain who supported her emergence onto the global stage to share her source feeding experiences in the mid 1990’s.
Future Self Merging and Accessing What we Need for a Successful life – Jasmuheen
In this 4th story of Jasmuheen’s life she shares about how we can access all the gifts, talents and training from all simultaneous – and even parallel time lines – and how this occurred for her in a way that merged her with her future self in 1998. This has allowed her to understand and work with Interdimensional Energy Field Science to understand how Source feeding is possible along with the formula for personal, planetary and universal ascension.
The previous stories share her personal life challenges, being pushed onto the global stage, meeting with various Light Beings from the Ascended Master network and the magic of divine support when something is good for human evolution plus more.
and finally …
Also in the video below you will find Jasmuheen opening up about her lifetimes of training and past history with being Source fed or pranic during Q & A time in Brazil at the Embassy of Peace retreat. In English and Portuguese. Translation by Alvaro.

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The Naming and the Claiming of Energy Field Cultivation

The Naming and the Claiming of Energy Field Cultivation

Intergalactic Family Message with Jasmuheen

 Darkroom – 12thMarch 2019

Video then transcript …

There is a wonderful way of working and vibrating deeper into unity consciousness that we call the naming and the claiming. When we name something and claim something, we allow it to rise more powerfully in an energy field within us and around us.

So, if we were to claim a truth that ‘I am fully pranic’ for example, this energy and ability that we are encoded with through our body of light, can rise and become more dominant in the field. This is because of quantum biofeedback and energy field interaction which is governed by the Law of Resonance, it is also due to quantum benevolence and the way the Unified field interacts with its creation.

As we claim something, as we chant the mantras ‘I am pure love, I am eternal, I am infinite’ for example, we do this with the intention that we are relaxing back to the very baseline of creation where these attributes are true and so the truth of this can rise and flood our bio-systems with that which we are claiming.

This baseline that permeates creation breathes us, this baseline pulsates through us and so in the naming of the baseline we then open to experience even more of this primordial force that some call prana, the unified field, that others may call God.

Because we understand that this baseline is woven through all life then this energy starts to rise as we claim and name it and present itself with an intelligence that is almost saying, ‘Hey you are calling me into being, you are recognising me, you are claiming me, you are naming me and so here I AM.’ And so, the naming and then the claiming becomes such a simple yet powerful thing to do.

Our Light Being friends share …

In interdimensional energy field science, we talk about the baseline of creation rather than the idea of a God type force or flow, because we respect the different cultures on Earth. It is also easier to explain – via a simple science – how your planet is now rising through your universal matrix to the degree that is also stimulating change in your Universal frequency spectrum. This is causing your Universe to ascend, elevate and revibrate into a song stream that is blending with the songs of the multiverses.

A song is a vibrational spectrum, and just as you have light and love so to do you have celestial harmonics at your disposal. A song or harmonic is formed by not just the collective voice and beliefs systems but also by the blended beat of your hearts.

The fact is your planetary system is changing as human consciousness evolves to focus on more refined agendas which occurs naturally as the human heart tunes more to its compassionate nature.

The fact is you are calling a new way of being into presenting itself, to revealing itself, a way of being of potential that has always existed within the baseline matrix of your world, a matrix that is now rising and becoming more dominant in response to the prayer and the calling from your individual and collective hearts.

The claiming also can be seen as hearing the calling, the heart call, for it is only when things are being claimed and called from the heart that they have that extra juice you could say to bring something into being. If the claiming and the naming remains in the mental plane only obviously there is not as much juice as when we combine clarity in the claiming of good mental energy or what we call coding, and also the heart energy, where the heart and brain are operating in coherence; for it is only then that we have true power or a more effective movement for mass manifestation and matrix rising.

Knowing the power of words and the use of specific words has become one of the most important things in your world, because those words that come through your voice box, from your thought plane, from your mental observations and thinking patterns, are either creating further separation or are creating and aiding unity consciousness – not just on Earth but way beyond, for the effect of your collective heart song reaches out way beyond your world.

Many people in your world have now decided that they do not want to be in judgement of one another, that they want to be a loving presence in the world knowing that each has their own journey whilst simultaneously naming and claiming that which makes them feel as if they are moving in the right direction in their life.

Many have also now understood that through the naming and the claiming that they are cultivating the rising of a new energy pattern within themselves and also as a consequence, within the Earth matrix. In the web of one all effects all.

This naming and claiming can also go as far as the recognition of that ‘yes we live in a highly intelligent field of benevolence’ idea, that runs through us and is around us. A loving benevolence that has given birth to a multitude of different creations that exist in many different octaves you could say or vibrational spectrums, what you like to call dimensions on Earth.

However, as we have shared before, we see everything in terms of vibration rather than what you term dimensions. We see everything as keynotes for the pattern of creation at its baseline, and coming out from its baseline, is more complex than any life form created could ever really envision except those who are the architects of creation, who are projecting out the fields of potential and possibility for all to tune to.

Some belief systems call the architects, the ELOHIM, yet it is just another frequency zone through which the field of limitless love – that dark matter, the void, that unified field of infinite unexpressed potential – can express itself.

As a matrix is stimulated to rise it then begins to change its vibration as from the void comes not just the love but also the light, the key codes of creation which are embedded in sacred geometric patterns, which then begin to beam out a myriad of possibilities and potentials to those who are open.

Without knowledge of the higher light science, then discovering these zones happens usually by chance, yet all revelation is about frequency matching as we continue to share.

Nonetheless, in your world right now there are many walking among you who are holding and radiating particular templates as living examples, for fields of potential, that you all hold in your bodies of light. Hence the truth of the term, “I am fully pranic.” For all life has this nourishing baseline within it.

There are those already working quite strongly telepathically with each other, whether they be the new star children who have descended and incarnated and are living among you as your children or whether they are beings from other planetary systems. Others are people you may already know who seem to be doing extraordinary things, that are just natural for those who are awake to their true Being.

Some Star Being friends that now live on Earth are completely humanoid in appearance because that too is their genetic structure as you share common DNA with your intergalactic family as many now know. Others often appear just like you as they have the ability to enhance their original form via a holographic vibrational field projection that can then give them the appearance of being completely human.

It is important to note in our communiques with you all, that all these beings that have come from different planets are non-threatening to your world. These ones are simply here to watch, to absorb, to observe, to understand more about life on Earth at this time and to also then feed that data telepathically back to their own star systems or to those who are representatives of the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds Councils. These ones walk among you mostly undetected.

As they live among you as living energy vortexes, all the beauty, all the wisdom, all the knowledge and experience they have of living in harmony and unity in their own planetary system, also continually flows through them into your world. Hence, they are also fertilizing by their Presence all that your hearts are now calling into being that supports unity and peace in your own world.

You live beloved ones, in the most amazing time scape and period of your evolution for you are coming into the height of your merging and matching with different vibrational matrices that your hearts have called into being for you know that peace, harmony and even unity is your natural state of being.

You as an interplanetary species, you who were seeded from many star systems in your original genetic coding, you are already linked throughout the interdimensional worlds, you are linked genetically, via your Lightbody matrix and you are coded into this intergalactic family matrix and as a consequence, you are now ready to reclaim your original family star nation heritage.

When we talk about the claiming and the coding and the cultivation of new energy can you not also now begin to claim your intergalactic heritage, for many more are coming in now, many more are walking among you, many more are able to also now connect deeply with you. This occurs when you hold that theta brainwave pattern via meditation together with that state of heart coherence that comes from being in the energy of gratitude and appreciation.

The more you hold that state of heart-brain coherence, the easier it is to zone into and connect directly with those from the unified realms.

You know already that many new technologies are being delivered into your world and that many now have strong telepathic and not just telepathic but physical form interaction and bonding and blending with the benevolent light beings from the multidimensional worlds.

Again, we must stress that all that is occurring with these connections is benevolent and operate always for your highest good, although these activities have been masked by some in your world who do not wish to adopt the type of technology those from the unified realms are so advanced in creating.

This technology is consciousness assisted and is designed to eliminate all suffering and poverty and disparity in your world however while it has all already been given to many in power it is not yet being shared as to do so would diminish power, money and corporate structures for as your world heals itself from the dis-ease of separatist fear based thinking, there would be no need for much that rules your world today. Hence our contact has now shifted to connect with those who are pure of heart and open to knowing more of our realms.

While of course many are becoming more aware of consciousness assisted technology, which is a blending of artificial intelligence and consciousness as can be found to drive many space craft, then of course you have the technology of pure consciousness itself that is released within you naturally as your Essence natures dominates your bio-system.

This dominance allows for the release of an embedded matrix that each one of you carries in your body of light, and as it rises it may reveal itself as the ability to be Source fed, or the ability to self-heal quickly or to communicate mind to mind without words and so on. All of this is a natural zone within you that you can match into via a vibrational shift of attitude and lifestyle.

For those of you who wish to live permanently in what you call the Shamballa matrix or that zone of unity consciousness and peace, then you need to support your pure Essence nature to be the dominant frequency in your field.

As you do this you will access energy systems and technologies that will operate for the highest good of all on Earth so that all your pollution, disease and patterns of disharmony on Earth will disappear.

Of course, we recognise that not all on your planet are ready for this, and yes there are some who wish to block such realities simply because they are still playing out the four major initiations that come in the path of all who advance in consciousness.

These are initiations about the right use of power, the right use of money, the right use of fame and the right use of your sexual energy. Once these four initiations have been mastered, and the energy is then utilized for the highest good of all, then this becomes a bridge of entry into unity consciousness in a more permanent way.

Yet it is your monkey mind or what you call your egoic mind that loves to play still in such fields. While many of you are done playing in such fields, others are still finding them to be titillating and interesting to follow, quite stimulating.

And yet as we read the evolving pattern of what is happening in your world, we find that the majority of people’s hearts are coming into a purer, almost divine level of expression that is predominantly one of compassion.

There are beings in your world now who are of the purest level of consciousness and the dominant radiation from their heart centre and from their entire Lightbody matrix is compassion; compassion for self, compassion for nature, compassion for animals, compassion for all creation on Gaia including the human race.

They too are humans who have transformed themselves by merging back with their pure nature so that it dominates. Some are also those light being friends who have decided to take holographic or more solid form to walk among you, to experience what you are going through and also to gain data to understand what a rising world is going through. As mentioned, their very presence is contributing energetically as they also gain their own experience of living in an ascending world. Many more have come as they now see this phase of your evolution as a time of celebration.

It is the claiming and cultivation of your pure nature plus the understanding of the power of coding and clarity that is now driving this next phase of your evolution as well as the revelation of the multi-dimensional zones of existence that the Earth matrix and your body of light contains.

With the cultivation of your pure nature you too are transformed into a wise, loving, peace filled being who is permanently anchored in this nirvana Samadhi type paradise on Earth that is the dominant frequency in the unified realms.

This is a time of honouring your creative energy, of unleashing this via your willingness and ability to think outside the box, to imagine the highest reality that you can step into as a mass collective on Earth.

This matrix is vibrating through your field and this is the matrix that connects us to your world, this is the matrix we have in common, this is the matrix in which you are bound with the intergalactic realms and your intergalactic family, for this is the dominant matrix in our world.

As you magnetise yourself into this matrix so too there you will find us and can walk among us and we can enjoy each other more freely. It is a matter of a vibrational matching.

You will find as you match deeper into this common pattern we share, of living in an Essence dominated system, that while many of our forms may appear to be very different to your form, in truth we are the same on the baseline levels.

We are all wise, loving, peaceful, compassionate beings who operate in the field of the we, this means we operate with full awareness of the impact of our vibrational pattern on the whole of creation and so with compassion and care we are very conscious of how we choose to connect with and influence a field.

So beloveds, take yourself back to this baseline, allow this Essence pure nature that is breathing you to rise and dominate your bio-system, for that is your entry back into the intergalactic worlds and the zones of existence that will leave you in a state of joy, wonder and gratitude and so much more.

We are here to assist that is all.

You will find more and more of these channellings coming in giving you the technology as we have just done, as to how to match with us in the unified worlds where you will reconnect with long lost family.

We are here to love.

We are here to support you in this next phase of your evolution – we are not here to separate or divide.

However as you are aware, those forces on your planet that are still enjoying the illusion of the game of duality, will continue to perpetuate what is now known as fake news simply because they are too locked into, too enjoying their own games of the egoic mind as they too undergo their own pre-agreed initiations.

Remember beloveds, that the true power lies with you, it does not lie outside of you and hence this continuous stressing to use your discernment, to not give your power away to anything outside of yourself, instead we invite you to take time to be in silent stillness, to claim the truth of who you are, so that all the love, all the wisdom and all the power of your own pure Essence nature will rise within you so that you can be in a state of celebration and enjoyment of the next phase of your evolution.

And so it is.

Riding the Dragon of Change

Riding the Dragon of Change

with Jasmuheen

Audio then video of this message or scroll down to read …


There are many patterns of energy blossoming all around the world and these are unfolding according to the free will nature of each human system and what they hold to be important in their heart of hearts. When people are immersed in a pattern that is allowing them to live in harmony within themselves and with all life including Gaia, then they ride this dragon of change so smoothly, their ride is not bumpy at all.

However, for those who are still connected with patterns of energy that are keeping them from the truth of their pure nature, that are creating disharmony on any level in their own lives and within themselves, then riding this dragon of change becomes a different matter. Sometimes it feels as if the ride is so bumpy, as if you are almost just hanging on for dear life so to speak. The riding of this dragon of change is a skill that we learn yet it is important to understand that the dragon of change is here.

We have spoken often about Gaia’s own transformation and she has now revealed herself to so many in her much more expanded form, to the degree that you could say that if she had more physicalised human form, the whole of planet Earth would fit neatly as a small ball of energy within her heart centre.

Her energy is vast now, strong, and from her core she is pulsating the most beautiful harmonic. Firstly, compassion for all sentient life that have utilised her elements to take form and so they are like Gaia’s own children.

The sentient beingness that Gaia is loves us.

The second core energy pulsating from her is the harmonic that is required for her to go back into a more unified matrix that matches the truth of who she is at her core. We like Gaia, at our core, are vast multi-dimensional beings.

Our Light Being friends say,

“We have spoken often that this spirit energy that you call Mother Earth, Gaia, or Pachamama for some, is a pure cosmic beingness that is vibrating through Earth so that life in your realm of density can be experienced by so many. The story of this is not important now, regarding her descent into this denser reality so to speak.

“What is important is what she is transmitting, how strong she is becoming, for she has always carried great wisdom, strength and understanding and infinite patience for her creation in this your Earth world.

“As each one of you harmonises and unifies within yourselves, coming into a deeper state of true union with that which breathes you and that which you hold at your core, then will all ride this dragon of change more easily.

“Could we say perhaps that Gaia herself is like a dragon, that beautiful powerful benevolent energy that has long been present in your world, with her weaves and twists and complexity, you could say that of course.

“This dragon of change has come into being again not just from Gaia now ending a contract with your world and returning to a state of more Cosmic Beingness, but also because the people of your world have called this new evolutionary stage into being from their heart of hearts.

“So many in your world have been feeling a longing for harmonious co-existence with each other, with all life, with all brothers and sisters in your Earth world.

“This is a longing to experience finally what it is like to live with honour, respect and dignity while also enjoying the diversity of culture and enjoying what each culture brings to this complicated world. To no longer live in competition or in fear or in lack, but to share and care for each other, to make the human rights, as we have often invited, the number one priority in this world.

“Care and compassion towards yourself and towards each other, is rising now to match the care and compassion that Gaia is also holding for you all.

“Then of course there is the personal desire of so many people sensing the more, as this divine intuitive voice that all have within them whispers so lovingly, with such intelligent benevolence, that there is so much more to life on Earth than the struggles of survival and the consumer aspect that is offered. To engage in and enjoy the creation of your homes and families and work time can of course be a wonderful flow to be in and yet of course there is so much more.

“As many of you have discovered already, there are so many zones that exist within your Earth world and one of these zones is the harmonic of peace and compassion that so many long for deep within to be a more consistent experience in their day to day life.

“This more is now rising, the dragon is rising, benevolence is rising and calling everyone on Earth now to decide to make this journey in this next stage of evolution joyous, natural and organic.

“It is calling for the letting go of complication, of belief systems and models of reality that perpetuate separation, judgement and fear, for none are greater, all are born at their core the same, for at the core of all and breathing all, is this benevolence, this magnificence, this pure beingness of great love and wisdom.

“And when the love and wisdom combine great power comes as well, along with grace, synchronistic and joyous living.

“This rising then provides all with the ability to move through many zones, to choose to live where you wish, to be anchored in that zone of pure peace and more, to be fed by the compassionate heart, to be nourished by compassion, to have clarity, to make commitments to yourself and to others that you can be the best version of yourself and move in a world,  where all express the best version of themselves, for they’ve understood how amazing this can be.

“In this more aware and expanded state, Universal law is applied and lived by all, allowing for the redistribution of resources so all people in your world are taken care of lovingly, with the compassionate heart and so basic needs are taken care of so there is no longer a struggle to survive but life unfolds moment by moment for all in a joyous flow.

“This is where your world is headed now …

“Riding the dragon beloveds, this means so much to so many.

“For some, this dragon ride of benevolent change will still be bumpy in this next coming of time where chaos will reign for those who feel and operate from that energy of fear and lack.

“However, the Dragon ride becomes smoother when the commitments are made to have each presence, each one be in a state of mutually beneficial presence, not just through Earth but through all realms.

“This is such a simple commitment is it not? To choose to be, to ask how to be a beneficial nourishing energy so that everything you transmit as a system of energy benefits the greater whole, nourishes the greater whole, again, not just through Earth but through all realms.

“Clarity, commitment, compassion these are powerful keys for the transformation, the unification of any world, the decision to follow the call of the heart, the decision to make lifestyle changes so that the truth of who you are can rise and reveal itself and bring you into a different zone, where life can be enjoyed through the eyes of your pure Essence nature, where you can see the higher perspective of all as it unfolds through all realms.

“This all can now be such a beautiful period in your evolution!”

End transmission

The human being is just a vibrational construct yet its base design is unparallel in creation for it has been blessed with a superior mind that is capable of merging with a compassionate heart through which the most sublime frequencies constantly flow.

Add to this, a breathing mechanism that is driven by a benevolent source of endless free energy that keeps creation alive … plus an imagination, the ability to image in to an infinite array of realms that the mind and heart can access when coherent in expression.

Thus, the adventures to be had within this vibrational construct are so vast, so awe inspiring and so grand!

Once all know the capabilities they have, each life will know no bounds and each life will live in the ecstatic union of constant play and gratitude.

Jasmuheen – 9-2-2019

The Intergalactics

Who are the Intergalactics – Channelled through Jasmuheen

Tokyo, Japan – November 2018

And so beloved ones, we regather once again do we not? For it was not long ago that we were in your beautiful city, with another gathering similar to the frequencies that you carry here and those of you who have returned to be with us again, you know that the topic of our conversation at that time was the Grand Awakening but now another gathering has occurred with a slightly different blend of frequencies and so we continue to share and the theme of our sharing for this gathering is what we have been already touching upon and that is the Intergalactics and it is true this message will go out upon the World Wide Web, but there is an understanding required and this is of course part of a new holistic pattern of awareness as this one keeps sharing, the necessity for education is required for your world and her people are changing rapidly and yet many still choose to see the pattern of energy just through external eyes and yet the meditators among you the visionaries that are here, you know that you have another set of eyes with which to see and this ability to see higher perspectives, this ability to see beyond the external plane of manifestation of this external world, this ability is activated naturally during the course of your evolutionary path when you are ready.

There is much talk among you now about the different layering within your body of light, the healers among you are aware of your meridian system, others are aware of your chakra system, others aware of your light body matrix and when you go deep into the matrix of the body of light you will see the hardwiring of the human system. Perhaps it will be disappointing to some to hear that you are a computer construct.

Creation is a computer construct yet what drives creation and this construct is a grand benevolence, a loving intelligence like you have named upon your world with many different labels. Your Christians call this God, others call it the Unified Fields, without understanding the flavours that this Unified Field carry and these flavours of course are just musical notes, the note of benevolence, the note of pure love, the note of joy, the note of awakening and the joy of awakening, the note of pure peace, the note of harmony – all of these are dominant frequencies within the Matrix of Creation at its core and this frequency spectrum is embedded within the human construct.

Everything that is part of the divine matrix or the computer Matrix of Creation is reflected in the human design so as source energies create using those patterns of sacred geometry, using the vibration of love and benevolence, using the music of celestial choir so too can the human system create for the core of the human system is intergalactic by this we mean as above so below, all is within and this of course is a deep understanding among the metaphysicians and the meditators of the world who have found this to be a truth experientially and you know and see evidence of the mathematicians and the physicists and the quantum scientists as they too expand awareness and go deep into this inner matrix through silent contemplation on the mysteries of life.

It is there that they are met by this benevolence to start to glimpse the fields of potential that the human design can tap into. You already do this. We have spoken through this one about the triggering, what is being triggered? We watch all around your world, a powerful energy coming from the heart of humanity, this desire to be in permanent peace, this desire for harmonious cocreation and coexistence, this inner call of knowingness that there is so much more beyond your physical external realms.

All of this understanding is setting up the magnetic attractor pattern for the revelation of that which you seek and where will you pattern match into, for it is a Universal Law of Resonance that governs your journey. Of course, you pattern match into that which is in your heart’s desire and when that which you desire is beneficial for the totality of your species then this pattern match receives lubrication and, in our realms, we call this lubrication, Grace. It is not Grace perhaps but a synchronistic flow of alignment, pattern to pattern.

And so you are pattern matching all the time with this energy that you collectively seek in your world as an evolving species because there are zones within creation that have life form, sentient life, that exist in harmony, that exist in peace, that display a more enlightened flow of awareness then as the peoples of your world have sought this, so too have you begun to merge with such realms, a matching of patterns and because that which you seek is beneficial for your evolution the ability to match patterns is being sped along you could say through Grace.

The alignment is quicker and so your world is being flooded by intergalactic energy and now in this next period of your evolution this next period belongs to the intergalactics for all on Earth carry the matrix within their body of light that we would deem to belong to the intergalactics of the higher realms. In other words, you are encoded beloved ones to know pure peace, to know permanent peace, to live in harmony within yourself and with others of your species.

You are encoded with the knowledge of how to attain that which is your heart’s desire and this intergalactic matrix of knowledge and wisdom of harmonious coexistence, you could call this matrix the ‘Heaven on Earth’ reality bubble the ‘Heaven on Earth’ zone of potential, you could call it the ‘Shamballa Matrix’, you could call it ‘Buddha’s Pure Land’ and it so interesting is it not? That all through your history of linear time, Holy beings who were just human beings well-tuned to the truth of who they are, have declared the existence of such a matrix then through their own exploration of the multitudes of souls that each of you hold within that you access through the silent stillness, through this exploration they too have discovered this matrix, they too have discovered this zone that different ones have named in different ways.

So how interesting that at the core of the light body around which dense molecular structure is formed to create the human temple. At the core is a sacred geometric pattern that is destined to be activated by the call of your heart and your personal longing to know more and to collectively operate in a different pattern on Earth for this benevolence that is part of the core of creation delivers all to all when they are ready.

You are coming into a time, beloveds, of what we call full disclosure, of full revelation. First the revelation of the magnificence of your human design and second, the time of revelation of the magnificence of the universal design and the revelation of the magnificence of the multidimensional design for you are multidimensional beings and you are a multidimensional construct, by this we mean that you are hardwired to be free. You are not bound by your human form.

Many of you have realised that just one small drop of the vastness of your pure nature is vibrating in this human construct and having this human experience and yet the design of the template of duality is also a powerful construct.

It is so easy to be lost, to be mesmerised at the moment, so many of your world are mesmerised by a very small device that you call your smart phone and it is so interesting as we watch this period of your evolution and the mesmerisation of this tiny device. Yes, it is a beautiful mechanism and the design for such came from the intergalactics but it was designed to make your experience vaster and simpler, not to close you down to limit your awareness. This is the first global initiation you could say of balance with technology.

If you could see your smart phone device with your higher vision you would see behind that a delivery system lined up to deliver the most amazing technology to your world, free energy systems, free devices that will align the human body quickly to the pattern of health. There is device after device after device lined up like a cosmic delivery service ready to come into your world to bring you freedom, a new time. Freedom, it is not there to bind you to this technology as is currently happening, it is coming to your world to give you freedom and more time so that you can explore beloveds the smartest device that you will ever know, the smartest technology that you can ever access that is your human system.

You have not begun to access (the) potentiality that is there. Even the meditators and metaphysicians in your world, the revelation of what you carry is still in its very early stages as you allow the baseline energy within you to dominate your system. As it rises it will trigger the release of pattern upon pattern upon pattern that will in turn trigger the release of pattern within pattern within pattern of new energy systems and ways to dwell not just within you but around you for in the unified realms when the human system locks into the frequency of true unity there are endless zones to explore and endless gifts to receive; your natural telepathic abilities, what about the internal phone?

You are all connected to what this one laughingly calls your CNN your Cosmic Nirvana Network, you are all cosmically wired or hard wired for telepathic connectivity, you are all naturally hard wired for dematerialisation, transmigration, bilocation, spontaneous healing if required, being source fed and so forth and so we watch as you gather together to share of these fields of potential that many more are stepping into for that is the way forward, the experiential discovery of the intergalactic within you and of course beloveds we could share of many different realities yet we wish to keep it simple, who are the intergalactics? It is you. It is you. It is the ones of you who are intuitively knowing that there is a different way to exist on this planet you call Gaia and this intuitive knowing is rising up from deep within you for it is part of the pattern you already carry.

We must stress that the future that lies before the human species in this next phase of your evolution goes way beyond even that which we could have foreseen or imagined but as we have shared before that was and is the magnificence of the human design and what you carry in the pattern at your core. The way the sacred geometries are layered within the human design has never been done before, a new design beloveds, a new pattern, never before has such a layering been done for there is a particular arrangement of sacred geometric patterning that forms the baseline of the human design for pure love, infinite wisdom and benevolence to flow through and so this next time of your individual and your planetary blossoming is one that will never, has never been witnessed before and the potential of that expression, even those watching we cannot tell you how far it will go and so we wish to just simply complete this gathering to talk of the final trigger and that is the intuitive call.

Your pathway forward beloveds into this chapter of an enlightened evolutionary phase, the wisdom for the right step beloved is something that will be triggered by the call of your heart. Trust the voice of the intuition you carry for this is the voice of the great benevolence that breathes all creation.

And so, you can continue in the silence for a few moments, sense our energy, go directly beloveds, talk from your heart and see what answers come. We are present, we are with you, we are listening.


Contact – Unity Wisdom Book

Contact with Light Beings & the Book of Unity Wisdom

Darkroom Light Being Contact & Visitation – In this brief video Jasmuheen shares of yet another contact experience that is becoming so normal in her annual darkroom retreats.

Meditation, changing brain wave patterns, fasting and being nourished by prana, plus time in silence, all of this helps prepare the field for deeper communion with the intergalactics.

This particular journey that so many enjoyed there in March 2017, is just one of so many she is now revealing on her YouTube Contact Playlist.

DNA Upgrade Meditation

This upgrade of our DNA meditation came into our group in Brazil to help prepare us and tune us to the channel where our Light Beings friends could share more powerfully with us all. Sometimes it can take awhile for our whole group to get tuned so we can have a group and not just individual experience. Recorded live in Brazil in November 2017 – in English and in Portuguese.

The message that our Light Beings friends then brought through can be heard at this link


Gaia’s Heart of Compassion and her rising impact on Universal levels, life in their realms of unified awareness, earth’s ascension and future potential plus more with Jasmuheen – Message from our Intergalactic friends.

You also might enjoy this video that shares also about the new children coming in plus autism and more – great research with Mary Rodwell!

A new race of human beings has emerged. Whilst superficially they are undistinguishable however, they are the part of the next wave of rapidly advanced teachers, to assist humanity with the awakening of terrestrial consciousness. Human beings are awakening to their innate connection to the Universe.

This is the primary role for all the NEW CHILDREN, coming to planet earth. The profiles of the Indigo children share the same attributes or are strikingly similar. They are highly intelligent, creative, psychic, telepathic and posses healing and clairvoyant abilities.

This involves downloads of data such as our true genetic origins, using our psi skills with advanced technology, manipulation of matter, astrophysics and healing.

Coupled with genetic, and spiritual programs for awakening of human consciousness, to assist humanity to evolve into a fully functional multidimensional human; Homo Noetics, the New Humans.


Contact with Light Beings & the Book of Unity Wisdom – Jasmuheen

Darkroom Light Being Contact & Visitation
In this brief video Jasmuheen shares of yet another contact experience that is becoming so normal in her annual darkroom retreats. Meditation, changing brain wave patterns, fasting and being nourished by prana, plus time in silence, all of this helps prepare the field for deeper communion with the intergalactics. This particular journey that so many enjoyed there in March 2017, is just one of so many she is now revealing on her YouTube Contact Playlist.




Compassionate Heart Lock-In

The below channeled message was received by Jasmuheen during one of her meditations in August 2017 …

We speak to you in this transmission, as many voices, yet one voice, from a United and harmonized Federation of Worlds.

You have often seen the imagery of powerful people sitting around a table from the Knights of Camelot, to the business men who drive economies, to those philosophers who often gather in the name of peace, or a meeting of others sharing important research, you often see such networks and connections.

Just expand your imagination and awareness a little more and you will see also a matrix of beings of light who gather around you now, who represent many from the unified realms. These ones too are all shapes, forms and sizes, races you could say, with different genetic and DNA manifestations that are always chosen at will.

Our people in our evolving worlds, just like yours, came to that cross point as well, regarding the wise use of each planets resources, and the opening up to understand then utilize the less conventional free energy systems.

We knew that we could keep running in proverbial circles like mice on a treadmill; doing things that for some have become so hum-drum in the Earth world, that also became so uninspiring in our worlds, or we could be more open-hearted and work in a more balanced way.

Many in our realms, just like so many in your realm, were longing to enjoy a more unified and harmonious rhythm, a more ascended state individually and collectively; and so, we asked this Infinite Intelligence, that runs through all of Creation, for an upgrade for all our systems so that they operated for the highest good of all.

We asked and we received, this is Universal law.

So perhaps this is the first new paradigm to say yes to? To say here now, “yes, yes, yes, we ask now for an upgrading of all earth’s systems so that they operate for the highest good of all. May all who feel open to this upgrade in their heart of hearts, who are now ready, step in with us into this new upgraded field! We are the citizens of planet Earth and so we ask the quantum field to deliver the knowledge to all, to harmoniously deliver, instigate and manifest this upgrade here on earth, now!”

Of course, this upgrading has long been unfolding on your earth for many have often asked for this in their heart of hearts, in prayer.

It is true that many among the Federation of Worlds, have been where you are now, at this crossroad in your evolution; for in a more expanded state, we are you and you are us.

Because we are so interconnected, we have shared so much already with so many in your realms, who through their lifestyle and their wise use of thought and time, are able to connect with us in so many ways – telepathically and through the higher senses that come into play via the meditative state – so that all may be free to create and play in different ways, in other realms or holograms that are there to access when an evolving species is ready for new paradigms to reign.

The intergalactic worlds are fascinating to be sure, yet you’ve all had a glimpse of these from both the Star Trek and Star Wars series and many other movies, and more movies will come to re-educate and broaden your view of our realms.

We are now being prepared, all of us, to blend our systems – to blend your realm with ours, to harmoniously merge when you are open and ready, and fear free enough to do so and contact has long been made in preparation for this time.

Contact was made long ago on earth with many in various civilizations at various time zones in your evolution. Contact has always been made in the most diplomatic way for we are a united nations of peace, who are in truth intergalactic or interstellar family. You share our DNA and our genetic material and have done so for millennia yet this is not what we wish to speak of here, now.

As council representative for the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds, we are well blended with this one you call Jasmuheen. She is a very active part of our field as we are in hers and so we share through her now, that field merging is just a science.

Field merging, or ascending into a higher realm or mode of operation, is simply a matter of changing frequency spectrums so that a lock in and a match can be made. The changing of your lifestyles and the subsequent brain wave pattern changes for a new field match and merge are key to this, as is will and clear intention.

This is something that many in our realms do all the time, especially to make deeper contact with those in your realms who are ready for this, who are born to fulfil pre-agreed contracts for contact to be made at this point in your evolution.

So, let us go on to describe a little more on life in our realms …

In our realms, whether we be on board starships or dwelling on various planetary systems, we love each other quite unconditionally in true friendship – like a brotherhood, a sisterhood.

Among us there are some long time bonded ones, life-mated, though we do not marry as in your realms and so there is no divorce. People connect and share according to their pre-encoding and agreements made before they took form. These can be re-accessed anytime from the Akashic Records as required.

Also, having children is a service accorded to those who are advanced spiritually enough to ensure their care allows each child to develop in a highly sensitive and aware manner that serves the greater good. The choosing of life-mates, of being a parent, is also a pre-agreement prior to embodiment into a particular star system, as it is with you, however we have full memory of this whereas entry into your world often comes with amnesia although this forgetting will also lessen with the merging back into the unified realms.

In our star ships we live in an extended field of our energy bodies, which is so beautiful to see, for the whole ship is a living entity that represents the collective consciousness of all those who dwell within it. Everyone is highly prized for their unique expression as divine beings in form and everyone is highly skilled and aligned to offer willingly and be utilized for their skill sets.

Some Starships operate like a big cosmic hotel and yet we also have some very interesting research and training facilities, that help to prepare beings in both our realm and yours, to merge more smoothly and connect more deeply.

Telepathy, dematerialisation, bilocation, travelling in a body of light or as a flow of consciousness that has no form, these things are natural in our realms.

We can eat or not eat physical food, but we have found – as you will also –  that it is so much more civilised for long term planetary resource utilisation and also for our general health as well, when our people choose to fed by the free internal energy resource all human bio-systems carry within their body of light, what some in your world call being pranically nourished.

As such we are disease free and often choose to live for much longer time periods than you can currently live on earth. To be thousands of years old is not unusual in the unified realms where our vital life force remains strong.

Pollution – whether this be mental, emotionally or physical, whether this be individually or planetary, is also a thing of our past as we learnt how to utilize cosmic energy and also the vital life force that permeates creation, for our greater good.

We have also long moved on from the use of what you call money, as we have chosen to share our skill sets freely with each other and so there is no longer the need for asset accumulation, or consumerism as you know it, for all are freely provided for according to each one’s interest in learning and sharing.

Nor do we forget our cycles of birth, rebirth or simultaneous life expressions.

We also choose freely to adopt and live by Universal law which dictates all that we are and do.

And so right here, right now, we stand before you and we say welcome to our quadrant of the unified realms.

You have galactic kin, galactic family around you now, go deeper into the meditative state and sense them, some have already come in fully and you know their fields well, for you see them in the dreamtime or in the silent stillness when you withdraw from the external world.

Some of you listening to this message now, are fully anchored in the experience and remembrance of who you are and where you’ve been.

To all those who are now listening to these words, you are part of this matrix of which we speak and transmission in from, you already support it well according to your own pre-agreements to do so at this time and your light shines brightly to keep the connective grids aligned.

You intuitively know what to do and how to do it, you know the importance of purity of heart, you know how the master teacher that is perfect to listen to, lies deep within you.

You’ve learnt already to trust your intuition, to listen to the call of the singing heart, and while you have seen the chaos in many worlds, you are programmed for peace, for unity, for harmony and more. Like this one, you are educators, healers for this new time and you play many other roles as well.

You know and can see that many paradigms are changing, that many realms and fields are merging and that the upgrades you have longed for, prayed for and focused on for so long are now being made, remember the red dot zone is so small.

To others, to all we ask, “Can your heart just say yes to the perfect merging of our realms?”

We come to invite you to step into a matrix that so many of you will find the most fascinating one you could ever explore, for life is different when we have no hunger and feel whole once more and complete.

You are free to upgrade all your relationships on Earth, to say ‘yes’ to this right now.

To then upgrade all relationships on universal levels is a natural follow on.

To go into a state of higher revelation, as the veils of illusion fall away between our realms, is so rich and rewarding for all.

We live the life that supports clear connectivity and frequency matching in a harmonious, unified, mutually enriching way because for us it just makes sense. To achieve this, we collectively applied advanced coding which is clear, and precise, that has been used successfully to upgrade many worlds.

We also understood the power of the heart-felt yes and the power of the infinite wisdom and intelligence that infuses all realms and drives what you call quantum responses.

And so, we have codes of entry into unified realms, we have codes of exit from one hologram to another and coding to access free energy systems, coding to live and co-create harmoniously, plus coding to ensure that we operate in mutually beneficial ways with each other and so much more for in our understanding creation runs via Universal law and mathematical codes.

Coding of course is just quantum programming.

Recoding a life, or a planetary system, is so simple.

Firstly, all understand that each life experience is just a reflection of each being’s consciousness.

Then the question becomes, that if this life is your creation, then what and how do you want to play within each moment?

So much of course awaits us all for the flows of creative opportunity are never ending. We flow from one gateway to another, we travel on lines of light, we explore so much in simultaneous time, and while this may not excite many in your realms who may still be struggling to feel whole and loved, but this longing to feel whole and loved can also be the key to a new beginning.

Yes, it is possible for all to be flooded with something so pure and so perfect that every cell rejoices, rearranges itself back to the template of health in the body of light and we invite you to ask for this now, to say yes, I am ready align then lock-in to this template of perfect health. Yes, all can ask to shine so brightly with vital life-force so that each one can be free from concerns about dis-ease. Yet the asking must be matched with a long-term lifestyle alignment change so that the vital Essence life-force within can dominate all you are and do.

We too have chosen to walk as fully activated beings, upgraded to another level and yet these upgrades must continue on, for it is the nature of creation that creation is never static, never still, yet always still as well. Its depths are deep and infinite, our exploration knows no bounds and nor do the rewards this exploration brings.

And so, representing now the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds, we invite you, if you are ready for this upgrade and merge now, just say ‘yes, yes, yes’ with your heart; ‘yes, yes, yes lock this in now’ and then open in silent stillness for a few moments to sense how the unity fields are igniting or strengthening another matrix within you, that’s always been there, pulsating through your core, sense how its energy begins to move and stir like an ancient dragon alive deep within you, coming now to life.

This same vital Essence life force moves through the earth, it moves through all molecules and atoms and more. It repatterns every part of us and our planet as well, making all feel more unified, more whole.

Once your ‘yeses’ have been said, you can then relax as once you’ve said yes with your heart, this infinite vastness begins to claim you as one of its own. And so it is, and so it has always been.

This is Jasmuheen allowing my light being friends and colleagues to flow on in and through, sharing an interesting view that we know that some of you will respond to.

May we enjoy this incredible co-creation together. May all that we make manifest now, be for the highest good of all. This is the way of the compassionate heart to which we now lock in to. Yes, yes, yes!

Our E.T. friends

After so many meetings in my meditations with our Cosmic Colleagues and Light Being friends, my own hearts call now is to share all of this incredible research more freely ….

Here is the movie SIRIUS from Dr Steven Greer …

The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. They use energy propulsion systems that can bring us to a new era. Humans have also developed these systems, but those in power have suppressed them in order to keep us at the mercy of fossil fuels. It is time for you to know…and this documentary will let you in. Please enjoy “Sirius” for FREE and share with your friends and family.

Also a must see is his new Unacknowledged documentary at the Disclosure channel.

Our updated Contact series

Our new updated CONTACT series!

Introduction to series – A brief insight to our CONTACT series . So many exciting things are now occurring, so much contact with our Light Being friends, all solutions for peaceful co-existence are now here … all can tune in for more via meditation and clear intention … so many benevolent beings are with us from so many realms … Please watch Steven Greer’s new documentary UNACKNOWLEDGED to understand the bigger picture re global government contact and why our Cosmic Colleagues now prefer to connect with those who meditate whose hearts are pure.

Free for you! Cosmic Connection – Galactic Kin Meditation – A meditation with Jasmuheen on connecting with our Galactic Kin in the inter-dimensional realms & enjoying harmonious co-existence within higher paradigms. Many people who meditate share of meeting with beings from other dimensions when they are deep in the channel of pure love enjoying silent stillness. Others share of dream memories or of out of body experiences where they reconnect with different planetary systems that feel like ‘home’. This meditation is designed to take those open to this, deeper into this field of remembrance and experience for these ones exists beyond linear time and again these meditations are best utilized in conjunction with our Love Breath Meditation which tunes us more to the channel of pure love as by flooding our systems with pure love it is easier to align to the channels of these beautiful beings. The ability to be sensitive enough to tune to these realms is also a result of our day to day lifestyle and whether our right brain capabilities are active enough.

Purchase on iTunes for easier listening on your devices!

The Grand Awakening

The Grand Awakening

A Super POSITIVE Intergalactic Contact Message
thru Jasmuheen 9-2017
In this video message, they speak of the incredible energy that is radiating out from Earth, that is positively effecting other systems, plus our genetics, being Starseeded, our DNA, our Lightbodies, the merging of the realms, the sensitives, the languages of light and sacred geometry, infusion power and more.
After I received the “Red Dot Zone & The Golden Age” insight in Tibet, I gathered with a large group of meditators in Tokyo. After one of the participants saw and photographed a UFO one day, the talk flowed to discuss our Intergalactic family and so much more – here is the final message that we received in meditation from our Light Being friends and the collective that was overseeing our gathering.
This July 2017 message from our Intergalactic friends is both timeless and also carries great news for the Lightworkers and sensitives! Filmed in Tokyo, this live transmission In English and Japanese.

Here is a slightly edited written version that we have added to our new Unity Reset book.

The Grand Awakening

A Super Positive Intergalactic Contact Message 9-2017

And so, beloveds ones, we have been watching throughout your gathering, always close, and always present, we hear your thoughts …

Who are the we?

We are you … yet we are undifferentiated, a collective, for in the unified realms we are all about the collective, slightly different fragrances, slightly different musical notes, formlessness for some, more formed for others. Some would say that our collective oversees experimentation in evolving worlds …

You have entered, as has been shared, the most exciting time in your evolution and we would proclaim that this began now some 30 years ago, for the beginning of your Golden cycle began 30 years ago. Yet, there have always been the awakened ones, there have always been the bright shining ones, for all worlds have this, those who are born to shine, those who are born to love, those who are born to demonstrate that which your human beingness is capable of.

We could say that you are completing a cycle of experimentation to see what happens to Divine expression as individualised sparks who travel so deep into density … at what point do they forget?

And what happens when they choose forgetfulness?

Is their design so magnificent that they will remember?

We could say that was has transpired upon your planet was a collective decision to test the magnificence of the human design and magnificent you are! For while you have forgotten this magnificence from life time after lifetime of playing with energy, playing with universal law, of exploring balance and imbalance and the giving and the taking and all that comes from forgetfulness; still in your 1987 a collective paradigm began to form.

You call it the Harmonic Convergence where forces were aligned that then began the journey of your collective remembering and those that sat in silent stillness began to feel and remember the truth of who they are.

And so there has been this grand awakening, three focused decades of a grand awakening, promoted by a tiredness within the human heart, then the seeking then the remembering of the more as for many present here, you have played on Earth for so long – you have been rich, you have been poor, you have been lonely, you have been loved and now you have played enough.

This one has shared about the energy being transmitted from your world and how heart rich you have become from all your play and forgetting. Yet this is what happens in density and why so many choose to descend, just to gain this richness of heart.

We never expected your planet to have such a strong universal effect.

We have been watching, quite fascinated how in the forgetting so much can be gained.

It was not in the grand plan of this experiment to see the purity and the strength from this particular genetic combination – we knew when you were Starseeded with every one of you coming from intergalactic races, we knew with the genetics in human DNA – that one day you would shine more brightly than any other species, yet the collective emanation has been even more dazzling to behold, for this is an emanation that comes from being heart rich.

Your journey on Earth – we have also discovered – is about being able to nourish not just your solar system but the universal systems and beyond for what your Earth is now vibrating is affecting a multitude of planetary systems.

This emanation can be felt throughout the Pleiades, throughout Sirius and is as far reaching as the Andromeda system where there are planets still in disharmony and war yet what is collectively emanating from Earth is harmonising these systems, diffusing this disharmony.

As the watchers, for some within this collective voice play that role, we find it fascinating that the richness of the human heart can vibrate out so far with such compassion that it can bring warring planets into peace. This is not a complete process as yet but the effects are beginning to be felt and this is another reason apart from the prayer in your hearts, that your species and what is happening on planet Earth is now gathering so much attention, for the collective vibration is reaching much further than ever was anticipated and so you can understand our interest in your species.

So many planetary systems who are aware of energy transmissions are quite fascinated by the collective sound, the collective light and the collective love that is spiralling from your Earth.

It is true that the dominant force guiding this is the strength of the spirit of your Earth, for it is true that Gaia, as a powerful beingness has her own agenda, her beat of harmony is affecting not just you but also many other planetary systems. The fact that you have decided to live a life of greater harmony within yourself and with all sentient life, this too adds to the whole.

Many of you in silent stillness will sense our presence more, for it is there that you will feel more, sense more and know more of the more that your heart is calling for. This is why the dominant call in your world among the sensitives is for silent stillness. Here there can be an infusion, an immersion in the languages of light – these are beyond human language, these are the patterns that brought all ancient language into being, these are the patterns beyond the sacred geometric structures of Creation for this silent infusion can offer many things.

The languages of light are the universal language of the higher realms and this immersion in pure Essence in silent stillness has the power to unlock codes within your DNA, help the templates in your bodies of light to blossom and bring to your sensitives a freedom that you could not imagine.

We wish we could project to you all what awaits your species.

You will collectively be switched on to an inner television that will flow through your hypothalamus, across the screen of your third eye, when the time is right and there in silent stillness, you will sense and witness the full blossoming of the Golden Age and the beauty that awaits you.

Silent stillness beloveds, offers so much.

We prepare for your emergence through the veils and you are so close, the veils of illusion separating our realms are made thinner by the heart of compassion, by the claiming of true nature.

And so, let us complete here in this gathering yet know that as you gather in this realm so too do we gather in support in many other realms.

You can feel us now …

Slow your breath beloveds, open to feel us in the silence, where you can commune directly from your heart.

Once you are still and present, then we want you to take time to now sense how many presences are around you, four, five, six, seven, just sense them in a circle around you …

This is your first layer of connection to the interplanetary realms, these ones are known to you, just sense them, how many do you intuitively sense are there, just feel them as family, beings of love, light, you are bonded with …

Every day sit in silent stillness … then expand your awareness to sense the vastness of creation and your own multi-dimensional nature and those that support your journey with this remembrance …

As Earth expresses deeper levels of unity among her people, so much more about your intergalactic heritage will be known.

End of their transmission.


Our Enlightening Evolution with Jasmuheen

enlightening evolution-small

Our Enlightening Evolution with Jasmuheen

Mushrooming and Merging

It is so interesting to scan through the fields of Earth and to sense what is happening now regarding the merging of various paradigms. The Coding for this has been in place and adopted, released in the fields and so there’s a new level of evolution unfolding now in our world that is rather quite enlightening. When well thought through codes are in place after having been agreed upon and anchored, locked in, then pronounced into being, then it is a time of just stepping back a little and allowing what needs to occur to occur. This is just part of a natural merging process that is required when two paradigms are magnetised together and begin to blend into each other and harmonise with each other.

Whether this paradigm is about the merging of our own higher and lower natures into that state of Divine Marriage with the True Beloved, or whether it is the merging of earth back into more unified paradigms of true unity consciousness; a harmonious merge require focus and clarity plus good Coding.

The ability for different paradigms of reality to merge is an interesting science to compute and behold and after the initial attraction and lock in and triggering stage, a merging comes in to a state that we often call the mushrooming. It’s almost the same as if when you have a clear pond of water with mud at the bottom and you stir it all up and it all becomes swirly and mushrooming and muddy as if there is no clear direction. I also call this a state of being discombobulated because during this phase it is still not one thing or the other as everything blends together to create something new.

What is so interesting is that in this phase of mushrooming and merging there is nothing to do except to just really stay detached and be fully present in the moment and listen to what feels right deep within ourselves in the core of our being, to tune to what it is our heart of hearts is saying, and what our essence energy is sharing.

Right now it is all about alignment to our Pure Essence channel … How much are we feeling this vital life-force? Is it strong or within us or is it wishy-washy? Is it weak or clear or are we a little confused? Are we feeling discombobulated or has clarity come? Will it come? When will it come? These are questions that more and more seem to be seeking answers to especially those of us who have been feeling a little more of that discombobulated state that they usually do.

For me a new level of clarity and then total freedom from this discombobulated state came in so powerfully at the end of April 2015 as a direct result of the application of another level of heartfelt Coding.  For me this Coding was to simply to invite into my life now the next level of harmonics, to work with the right team, to be part of the right matrix, to be networked into the right channels to align, to lock-in, to be merged harmoniously with in mutually beneficial ways with not only the right networks, but also the right blue-print and paradigm that serves the greater good and keeps my life filled with joy and ease and grace, my heart filled with gratitude, health, happiness, living in harmony within myself with all.

Again all of these sincerely applied lock-in codes are just clear intentions that via Universal Law will deliver set outcomes and so the joy for me this year is to now be able to tour and travel and to once again offer a powerful interactive program with our audiences. So I’m looking forward to this new paradigm layer of “Contact and Coding” and all the joy that this can bring when we understand Inter-dimensional Energy Field Science and how everything is just a science, a formula, that can guarantee a result of action and alignment.

While some people are focused on finding the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony in life, others like myself enjoy a service paradigm that is designed to keep Earth moving through a very enlightening evolutionary stage that will deliver us not just into a more collective experience of true unity consciousness but also harmonize us into the Universal paradigm that will see us experiencing more interaction with our Light Being friends.

There is nothing mystical about the Divine as all that is Divine is so easy to access and experience when we are tuned to the right channels. For example meditation itself is a powerful way of changing brain wave frequencies – to activate the right brain hemisphere and allow both the left and the right brain hemispheres to work in harmony. We can then apply the 8 point Luscious Lifestyles Program so that we are magnetised automatically to the pure essence channel where there is that consistent state of health and harmony, that flow of permanent peace where infinite virtues flow through us, aligning us and radiating from us, so that we work effectively in this world, understand life and enjoy our existence and evolution from a bigger picture paradigm.

Yes it is true that we have entered into the most amazing new threshold of evolution that I call an “Enlightening Evolution” which is based on Inter-dimensional Energy Field Science – what I call the science of I.D. Adding specific coding, access and alignment to the field on our potential of our Pure Essence True Beloved nature, via lifestyle alignment, we can bath permanently in an ocean of energy where all human relationships are enhanced and all emotional, physical and even mental hunger disappears.

To step into the field of pure essence, the field of true potential, to create consciously from there, to be anchored there and enjoy evolution from that viewpoint, makes the whole reality of our existence so enlightening.

So there is such a wonderful dynamic for us all to enjoy this year, a wonderful program for us to lock-in to and share and for me it is such a joy to be able to gather together to enjoy and fertilise our evolutionary flows right now into a very enlightening direction.

So here are a few Suggestion for handling moving through the merging and mushrooming stage of life:-

1. Maintain your sense of humour – a sense of humour helps in every situation and walks hand-in-hand quite nicely with point number 2 …

2. Don’t take everything personally – in fact live the lifestyle that we promote at the Embassy of Peace so that you maintain a state of peaceful detachment in life. In this state of peaceful detachment that comes naturally by being more anchored in our pure essence nature, we are able to see the bigger picture, the many patterns of energy that surround every different situation and we maintain the ability to observe and be the witness.

Suggestion number three then is this …

3. To hold the intention that we be the witness to all that is unfolding at this point in life – knowing that our intentions and previous coding have resulted in the blossoming, the unfoldment of certain paradigms on Earth now that serve the greater good.

So … again maintain a sense of humour, don’t take things personally, be anchored in our pure essence nature and stay detached

Suggestion number four …

4. The clarity of intention – this is where we hold the commitment to being aligned into channels of energy that are nourishing for all. This too, is another helpful tip at this time for it ensures that we are merged into channels of reality that do just that – create mutually beneficial paradigms, relationships and networks that support the paradigm of a more enlightened evolutionary flow for all who are open to this.

5. We can of course add additional suggestions to make our lives flow with so much grace, joy and ease. The suggestion that we open to experience the True Beloved, that pure and perfect, intensely heavenly, loving part of us, that when released through the heart chakra energetically, has the ability to transform the whole physical body system into a new wave-length pattern, a new vibrational spectrum that is the most satisfying, completely nourishing and easily attainable to us all as human energy systems.

I have spent the last 40-odd years of my meditations in constant states of experimentation, experimenting with purity of physical food-diet, purity of emotional and mental food-diet and purity of spiritual food-diet, also the purity of time-diet being very aware of what I give my time and energy to in every moment of the day and also being experientially tuned to suggestion no 6 ….

6. To understand the power of each now moment – as posited by Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now.  This means developing the ability to be fully in each now moment and therefore able to explore and expand into the eternal now, the timelessness of the field of pure potential of the True Beloved.

This is also aligned with the other key points: the openness, the willingness to experience the True Beloved, the taking the time to live the sort of lifestyle that aligns us to the field of pure potential of the True Beloved and the consequence that comes from this alignment which is detachment, the ability to maintain a sense of humour and the ability to always see the bigger picture.

All of this helps any world and any civilisation through this merging and mushrooming stage with the blending of the different paradigms of reality that serve the greater good enough to make to evolutionary flow enlightening.

We know that when we look upon our world right now and see its future evolutionary course, that within the next 15 years we will hardly be able to recognise this planet due to all the positive changes that will have come through especially via the Indigo children networks as it is these ones that are encoded in their bodies of light to bring through many beneficial solutions that will transform our future.

We can also now predict that we will find ourselves connected more and more with extraterrestrial intelligence, who may or may not have and most possibly will have revealed themselves to be among us in their different forms. These ones too are beloved ones, star beings, galactic kin, family from unified worlds, who come from truly civilised existences and who are now helping with this merging-mushrooming state, because in our heart of hearts we have asked to experience the more consistent rhythms of peace and unity consciousness.

And so such it be … this is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace …

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